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What food goes well with biscuits?

Biscuits are a staple food in many cuisines around the world. Flaky, buttery, and oh so delicious, biscuits have a versatility that allows them to be served at any meal. But what foods pair best with biscuits to make a well-rounded and mouthwatering dish? Here we will explore some quick answers to this question before diving deeper into the best savory and sweet foods to serve with biscuits.

Quick Answers

Some quick answers to “What food goes well with biscuits?” include:

  • Gravy – Sausage, chicken, pork, or beef gravy is a classic biscuit topping.
  • Jelly/Jam – Sweet jellies and jams complement biscuits for a breakfast treat.
  • Honey – Drizzle some honey butter over warm biscuits straight from the oven.
  • Fried chicken – A southern tradition, fried chicken and biscuits go hand in hand.
  • Sausage/Bacon – Savory breakfast sausage and bacon are biscuit favorites.
  • Eggs – Eggs cooked any style pair nicely with fluffy biscuits.
  • Chili – Hearty beef or bean chili is excellent served over split biscuits.
  • Chicken stew – Chicken and dumplings are close biscuit cousins.

Savory Foods for Biscuits

Biscuits have a buttery, flakey texture that goes well with many savory flavors. Here are some of the top savory foods that pair deliciously with biscuits:


One of the most classic biscuit pairings is gravy. Typical gravy styles include:

  • Sausage gravy – Made from sausage, milk, flour, and spices for flavor.
  • Chicken gravy – Uses chicken broth and drippings for flavor.
  • Beef gravy – Made with ground beef and beef broth.
  • Pork gravy – Uses pan drippings from cooked pork.
  • Turkey gravy – Made from turkey drippings.
  • Mushroom gravy – Uses mushrooms, broth, and seasonings.

Biscuits are the perfect vehicle for soaking up delicious gravy flavors. To serve, split a warm biscuit and top with hot gravy. This combination is a staple in Southern U.S. cuisine.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken and biscuits is another match made in Southern cuisine heaven. Crispy, juicy fried chicken served alongside fluffy, soak-up-the-flavor biscuits is hard to beat. Some popular ways to serve fried chicken with biscuits include:

  • Fried chicken breasts or thighs with split biscuits and honey.
  • A piece fried chicken on top of an opened biscuit for a chicken sandwich.
  • Southern chicken and dumplings, using pieces of fried chicken in a thick stew with biscuit dough dumplings.

The spices and flavors of fried chicken combine with the biscuit’s flakiness into a comforting and delicious meal.

Breakfast Meats

Biscuits are a breakfast staple, and pair nicely with popular cooked breakfast meats like bacon, sausage, and ham.

Breakfast Meat Serving Suggestion
Bacon Crispy bacon between a split, toasted biscuit makes a perfect bacon sandwich.
Sausage patties A fresh baked biscuit topped with a hot sausage patty and egg makes a satisfying handheld breakfast.
Country ham Salty sliced country ham served with fluffy biscuits and redeye gravy makes a savory southern biscuit pairing.

The fat and flavors of these breakfast meats bring out the best in a freshly baked biscuit.

Stews and Soups

Hearty stews and chunky soups are excellent topped with a warm split biscuit. The biscuit can soak up savory broth flavors. Some top-rated stew and soup pairings include:

  • Beef stew topped with cheddar cheese biscuits.
  • Chicken and vegetable soup served with buttermilk biscuits.
  • Chili mac – Beef chili served over torn open biscuits topped with cheese.
  • Biscuits and country chicken stew with vegetables.

Dip your biscuit top in the hearty broth for maximum flavor. Biscuits also pair well with lighter soups like tomato, chicken noodle, and vegetable.

Sweet Foods for Biscuits

While biscuits are known for pairing with savory foods, they can also be topped with sweet ingredients for a morning or dessert treat. Sweet biscuit combinations include:


Fruit preserves like jams, jellies, and marmalades complement the flavor of fresh baked biscuits. Some fruit preserve ideas:

  • Strawberry jam and biscuits
  • Orange marmalade and biscuits
  • Apricot preserves and biscuits
  • Grape jelly with cheddar cheese biscuits

Look for biscuit recipes with a hint of sugar to match the sweetness of the fruit preserves.


Drizzling honey over a split, warm biscuit results in the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Some ways to serve biscuits with honey include:

  • Warm biscuits with butter and honey.
  • Honey butter – Mix honey into melted butter then brush over biscuits.
  • Morning biscuits topped with honey and cinnamon.

The floral flavors of honey pair nicely with the dense, buttery texture of freshly baked biscuits.

Dessert Biscuits

Biscuits can also be baked with sweet ingredients added to make them a dessert treat on their own. Some examples include:

  • Chocolate chip biscuits
  • Biscuits with dried fruit and nuts
  • Cinnamon sugar biscuits
  • Lemon poppyseed biscuits

Turn your standard biscuits into a sweet dessert by adding chocolate, fruit, cinnamon, lemon, or other flavors.


Biscuits deserve a place at any dining table thanks to their versatility. They pair deliciously with breakfast staples like eggs and gravy, as well as fried chicken, stews, sandwiches, and even dessert! Flaky, buttery biscuits soak up flavors and textures from savory to sweet foods. With endless biscuit variations from traditional buttermilk to sweet cherry, there’s a biscuit to match any meal or craving. So next time you enjoy biscuits, try pairing them with something new for an instant classic combination.