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What happened to pudding roll-ups?

Pudding roll-ups were a popular snack food item in the 1980s and 1990s, featuring a soft pudding filling wrapped in a thin crepe-like casing. However, over the past couple of decades, they have largely disappeared from grocery store shelves, leaving many people wondering – what happened to pudding roll-ups?

The History of Pudding Roll-Ups

Pudding roll-ups first emerged in the late 1970s and really took off in popularity in the 1980s. Some of the earliest and most well-known brands were Handi-Snacks and Kozy Shack. The soft, creamy pudding filling flavored with chocolate, vanilla or other sweet flavors was part of the appeal. The thin crepe-like wrapper allowed for easy portability as a snack or a lunchbox treat.

By the 1990s, pudding roll-ups had become a lunchbox staple for many kids. The small, handheld packages with their sweet flavors were an easy and satisfying snack. Popular flavors included chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip, chocolate marshmallow and rice pudding.

Why Were Pudding Roll-Ups so Popular?

There are several reasons why pudding roll-ups were such a hit in the 1980s and 1990s:

  • Convenience – They were portable, easy to carry and eat on-the-go.
  • Taste – The sweet flavors like chocolate and vanilla were popular with kids.
  • Novelty – The roll-up format was unique and fun.
  • Health halo – Some parents saw them as a healthier alternative to candy.
  • Marketing – Effective marketing campaigns positioned them as the cool snack.

With their kid-friendly flavors and fun packaging, pudding roll-ups were well-positioned to become a favorite snacktime treat for an entire generation of kids.

The Decline of Pudding Roll-Ups

While pudding roll-ups enjoyed strong popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, by the mid-2000s they had all but disappeared from store shelves. So what happened to cause their downfall?

Changing Snack Preferences

As we entered the 2000s, snacking trends began to shift away from pre-packaged snack foods. Consumer concerns about overly processed foods, artificial ingredients, added sugars and lack of nutrition grew. Parents began seeking out snacks they perceived as more wholesome and better for their kids, such as yogurt, granola bars and fresh fruit. Pudding roll-ups increasingly looked outdated next to the new varieties of portable snacks.

Shifting Grocery Trends

Grocery stores also underwent shifts in their snack aisles, devoting less shelf space to prepackaged kids’ snacks in favor of more “natural” options. As major brands like Handi-Snacks and Kozy Shack moved their focus elsewhere, there was less marketing and less incentive for stores to continue stocking pudding roll-ups.

Loss of Novelty

The uniqueness of the roll-up format that once made pudding roll-ups so intriguing ultimately proved to be short-lived. As other snacks imitated and iterated on the idea, it no longer seemed so fresh and innovative. This loss of novelty factor contributed to pudding roll-ups fading from popularity.

Who Still Makes Pudding Roll-Ups Today?

While their heyday has passed, it is still possible to find some pudding roll-up options on grocery store shelves today if you know where to look. A few brands continue to carry on the tradition:

Brand Details
Hunt’s Snack Pack Makes a few pudding roll-up varieties under the Snack Pack brand name, usually found in the kids’ snack aisle.
Kozy Shack This longtime brand scaled back but still offers a few pudding roll-up options, usually near the yogurt section.
Various store brands Some grocery store chains offer store brand versions of pudding rolls, often under their health-focused organic/natural brand.

While selection is limited compared to decades past, determined pudding roll-up fans can still seek them out for the occasional burst of nostalgia.

Could Pudding Roll-Ups Make a Comeback?

There are some signs that the nostalgic treat could potentially stage a comeback in the coming years:

Wave of 90s Nostalgia

The cyclical nature of nostalgia means the 1990s are back in retro style. Brands are capitalizing on millennial fondness for the trends of their childhood. Pudding roll-ups fit right into this wave of nostalgia.

Snack Innovation Resurgence

The snack aisle is seeing renewed creativity and innovation after a decade of focused on healthy but boring snacks. Fun new formats like pouches, crisps and layered snacks could pave the way for pudding roll-ups to reemerge.

Alternate Distribution Methods

With online grocery shopping and delivery, innovative brands have more ways than ever to get their products to consumers without relying solely on traditional retail stores. Pudding roll-ups may find new life through these alternate retail channels.

While a full-scale pudding roll-up revival is far from guaranteed, there are some promising signs that they could regain a following in the coming years. A few bold companies may attempt to bring back this lunchbox classic to tap into shopper nostalgia.

The Legacy of Pudding Roll-Ups

So what lasting impact have pudding roll-ups had, despite their diminished presence today?

Pioneered Portable Pudding Snacks

Pudding roll-ups paved the way for other types of packaged squeeze pouches and tubes that allowed soft or liquid foods to be eaten conveniently on-the-go. It showed that pudding could be reinvented in fun new formats.

Inspired Generations of Snack Lovers

For those who grew up with them, pudding roll-ups represent a comforting taste of childhood. They were a bright spot of the snack aisle for kids who craved sweet flavors and novel packaging.

Influenced Healthy Snack Movement

As concerns about processed snacks grew, pudding roll-ups fell by the wayside. But they helped spur the healthy snack movement by highlighting the need for more wholesome, nutritious snack options for kids.

Though short-lived, pudding roll-ups had their moment in the spotlight and still hold nostalgic appeal for generations who grew up with them in the 80s and 90s. Their ultimate fate remains uncertain, but their influence on snacks and lunchbox culture will not soon be forgotten.


Pudding roll-ups were once an incredibly popular snack, but faced a rapid decline as concerns around processed foods and artificial ingredients grew. While it is still possible to find some pudding rolls today, they are nowhere near as ubiquitous as they were in their 80s and 90s heyday. Nostalgia and innovation may potentially revive pudding roll-ups to a degree, but they are unlikely to regain their widespread popularity. Still, they hold a special place in the memories and hearts of generations of snackers. The pudding roll-up’s story is one of swift rise and fall in response to changing attitudes – an interesting chapter in the evolution of snacking.