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What happened to Stouffer’s Chicken Marsala?

Stouffer’s is a well-known brand of frozen food, and one of their popular dishes is the Chicken Marsala. However, some customers have noticed that the Stouffer’s Chicken Marsala they used to buy has undergone a slight name change, and they’re wondering what happened.

It turns out that Stouffer’s has removed the words “and Mushrooms” from the title of their Family Size Chicken Marsala dish. So now, instead of being called “Stouffer’s Family Size Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms,” it’s simply “Stouffer’s Family Size Chicken Marsala.”

It’s still the same dish that people know and love – tender chicken pieces simmered in a marsala wine sauce with sliced mushrooms and linguine pasta. The recipe hasn’t changed, just the name.

While some customers may be confused by the name change, it’s possible that Stouffer’s made the adjustment to appeal to a wider audience. By removing the mention of mushrooms from the title, they may be making the dish more appealing to those who don’t care for mushrooms or have a mushroom allergy.

It’S important to remember that even though the name has changed slightly, the Stouffer’s Chicken Marsala still offers the same great taste and convenience that customers have come to expect from the brand, and it’s still worth trying for a quick and easy meal.