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What happens when you are your true self?

When you are your true self, you live authentically and express your real personality, values, and desires. This leads to greater self-awareness, confidence, fulfillment and stronger relationships. However, being your true self requires overcoming fear, societal conditioning, and a false identity. Ultimately, living authentically enables you to create a life you love.

What Does It Mean To Be Your True Self?

Being your true self means honoring your inner voice and living according to your core values and beliefs. It requires self-acceptance, self-love, and commitment to personal growth. Here are some key aspects of being your true self:

  • Knowing yourself deeply – understand your personality, passions, values, desires, emotions, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Expressing yourself genuinely – communicate openly and behave in alignment with who you really are.
  • Following your own path – make life and career choices based on what is right for you, not others.
  • Pursuing your dreams – work toward your own goals and fulfill your unique potential.
  • Speaking your truth – share your authentic thoughts, feelings and perspectives.
  • Owning your story – accept your past experiences and let them guide you, not define you.

When you are your true self, you do not pretend to be someone you are not. Your outside life matches your inner world. You have integrity, take responsibility for yourself, and continue growing into the best version of you.

Why Is It Important?

Living authentically as your true self is vital for well-being and fulfillment. Here are some key benefits:

Improved self-esteem and confidence

When you are your real self, you build self-knowledge, act on your values and express yourself genuinely. This boosts self-trust, assertiveness and an internal locus of control. As you gain self-acceptance, you worry less about others’ approval.

Stronger relationships

Being your true self fosters authenticity that others appreciate and respect. People connect more deeply with the real you. Close relationships thrive on mutual understanding, vulnerability and intimacy.

Greater resilience

Knowing your core self provides an inner compass to guide you. During hardship, connecting to your strengths and values gives you resources to cope and recover. You can tap into your resilient true nature.

Clarity of purpose

Your true self motivates you and gives your life meaning. Understanding your passions and priorities allows you to set goals and make choices that excite you. Living with purpose drives happiness.

Life satisfaction

When your daily life aligns with your true personality and desires, you feel more engaged, fulfilled and satisfied overall. You create an authentic existence rather than struggle against yourself.

Barriers To Being Yourself

Despite the benefits, many people struggle to show their real selves. Common obstacles include:

Fear of rejection or judgment

You may worry that others will criticize, shun or attack you for being different. Fear of not fitting in or seeming weird stifles self-expression.


Seeking everyone’s approval makes it hard to act sincerely. You become so focused on pleasing others that you lose touch with your inner self.

Lack of self-awareness

Without understanding your core self, it is difficult to make choices that reflect who you are. You may not know what you really want or need.

Negative self-talk

Internal criticism or self-doubt creates fear and prevents you from sharing your abilities and perceiving yourself positively.

Trauma and emotional wounds

Painful experiences may cause you to shut down parts of yourself. Healing is required to integrate those pieces of your true self.

The more you practice self-acceptance and assertiveness, the easier it becomes to overcome these barriers. Supportive relationships where you feel safe to be yourself also facilitate the process.

How To Reveal Your True Self

Here are some tips for aligning your life with your real personality and honoring your authenticity:

Get to know yourself

Reflect on your values, passions, temperament, likes/dislikes and visions for your future. Consider enlisting a therapist or coach to gain deeper personal insight. The more you understand your true self, the easier it is to make aligned choices.

Let go of people-pleasing

Work on valuing your needs equally to others’ and realizing you cannot control how people respond. Stay grounded in your truth while being respectful. Those who appreciate the real you will stick around.

Practice self-compassion

Notice critical inner voices and respond with kindness and empathy. Counter negative self-talk with encouragement to express your uniqueness. Be your own best friend.

Improve emotional regulation

Anxiety and defensiveness make it harder to show your real self. Build skills to manage difficult emotions like anger, shame and sadness. This enables more authentic interactions.

Align your environment

Surround yourself with people who support your being real. At work and home, create space to explore and discuss your identity. Make choices that reflect your needs and values.

Take small risks

Gradually reveal more of who you are, even when it feels uncomfortable or scary. Start small by sharing a little about your real thoughts, feelings, or interests. Going outside your comfort zone will get easier.

Keep growing

View yourself as continually evolving. Question old narratives about who you are supposed to be and how you should live. Learn from your experiences while staying open to self-discovery.

What Happens When You Live Authentically?

The rewards of embracing your true self are immense. Here is what you can expect:

Increased confidence and courage

As you act in alignment with your inner compass, you trust yourself more. Knowing your capabilities and facing fears makes you bolder and more resilient.

Greater sense of freedom

When you release limiting beliefs about yourself, you feel liberated to create a life you enjoy. You make choices based on your own values rather than others’ rules.

More energy and motivation

Pursuing dreams that reflect what you care about gives you energy. Your life has purpose driven by your authentic aspirations.

Stronger connections

Relationships improve through expressing your real feelings, opinions and experiences. You attract people who appreciate the true you.

Improved mental health

You have fewer thoughts and emotions in conflict within yourself. Letting your real self emerge diminishes anxiety, depression, anger and loneliness.

Increased self-awareness

Owning all parts of yourself – even the imperfect ones – deepens your self-knowledge. You become more attuned to your needs and learn how to care for yourself.

A life you love

When you are your true self, you get to create an existence aligned with your core values. You feel engaged, excited and fulfilled.


Being your authentic self is the path to joy, meaning and flourishing relationships. Although overcoming barriers takes courage, the benefits are immense. You deserve to live, act and speak in alignment with your inner truth. The more you reveal your real self, the more you can create a life you truly love.

Benefit Explanation
Improved self-esteem Acting on your values builds self-trust and confidence
Stronger relationships People connect more deeply with the real you
Greater resilience Your true self provides an inner compass in hardship
Clarity of purpose Your passions give your life meaning
Life satisfaction An authentic life aligns with your desires


  • Fear of rejection or judgment
  • People-pleasing tendencies
  • Lack of self-awareness
  • Negative self-talk
  • Unhealed emotional wounds


  1. Get to know yourself deeply
  2. Let go of people-pleasing
  3. Practice self-compassion
  4. Improve emotional regulation
  5. Align your environment
  6. Take small risks
  7. Keep growing