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What ice cream does the Queen eat?

As the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II has access to luxuries that most people can only dream of. One of those luxuries is being able to enjoy delicious ice cream whenever she pleases. But what flavors does the Queen prefer when satisfying her sweet tooth?

The Queen’s Favorite Dessert

Ice cream has long been one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite desserts. She usually enjoys it after dinner, and particularly likes flavors made with fresh fruit or nuts. The Queen reportedly has ice cream every day – she believes it is good for her health and digestion. Ice cream has been served at Buckingham Palace since the time of Queen Victoria in the 1800s. The royal family’s preferred ice cream supplier is luxury brand Fortnum and Mason.

Her Majesty’s Palate

When it comes to ice cream flavors, the Queen likes traditional options – nothing too unusual or exotic. Some of her favorites include vanilla, chocolate, and honeycomb. She enjoys the simple flavors and old-fashioned recipes at Fortnum and Mason. The Queen also likes ice cream featuring fresh strawberries when they are in season during summer. Other fruits she enjoys in ice cream include peaches, bananas, and lemons. Nuts are another favorite ingredient, especially almonds and walnuts.

Childhood Memories

The Queen developed her enjoyment of ice cream in childhood. As a young princess she would eat ice cream served in glass bowls and kept chilled on ice at the royal residences. Her nanny would give her ice cream as a treat. The Queen and Princess Margaret were big fans of the dessert growing up. Their favorite flavors as children were caramel and chocolate. The Queen continues to enjoy these classic flavors to this day.

The Royal Ice Cream Parlor

There is a special royal kitchen at Buckingham Palace dedicated solely to making ice cream. The royal chefs use traditional recipes and ingredients to hand make ice cream for the Queen and other members of the royal family. It’s called the Royal Collection Ice Cream Parlour. The parlor has been operating since 2002 within the extensive kitchens at Buckingham Palace. It produces a variety of ice cream flavors using milk and cream from the royal herds at Windsor.

Gourmet Recipes

The ice cream parlour makes over 20 flavors of ice cream and sorbets. They use original recipes perfected over decades of serving the royal family. The chefs use fresh eggs, milk and cream from the Windsor estates. Fresh fruits come straight from the palace gardens to make sorbets and ice creams bursting with flavor. Some of the gourmet flavors include lemon cheesecake, cinnamon, ginger, honeycomb, and chocolate perfection.

Royal Warrant of Appointment

The Royal Collection Ice Cream Parlour has been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment. This recognizes companies that supply goods or services to the royal households. Brands like Fortnum and Mason carry the royal coat of arms to publicize their royal warrant. The Ice Cream Parlour’s warrant certifies that it meets the high standards required to serve Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal Catering

When catering a royal event, the kitchens will make sure to have plenty of the Queen’s favorite ice cream flavors on hand. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams are always available if she would like some for dessert. The chefs pay careful attention to the Queen’s preferences. She still eats ice cream every evening, so they ensure her bowl and spoon are ready after dinner is served.

State Banquets

Lavish state banquets are held at Buckingham Palace to welcome visiting heads of state and monarchs. Up to 170 guests attend these formal dinners. The menu always includes refreshingly light ice cream sorbets served between courses. It allows guests to cleanse their palate before the next culinary delight. The royal chefs craft innovative ice cream flavored with fresh fruit purées, herbs, and edible flowers.

Garden Parties

The Queen hosts garden parties at Buckingham Palace to recognize public service and exemplary achievements. At these events attended by over 8,000 guests, afternoon tea is served on the lawn. The menu features dainty finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and an assortment of cakes and pastries. The royal chefs also prepare ice cream treats in case the Queen would like some on a hot summer’s day.

Does the Queen Really Eat That Much Ice Cream?

While the Queen certainly enjoys an occasional ice cream treat, rumors that she eats it every single day are likely an exaggeration. The Queen understands that moderation and balance are important in one’s diet. As she has gotten older, she has reduced her sugar intake for health reasons. While ice cream remains one of her favorite desserts, the 95-year-old monarch might only indulge once or twice a week these days.

Royal Etiquette

There are strict protocols surrounding royal dining. According to etiquette experts, the Queen would not eat large bowls of ice cream at the end of heavy multi-course meals. She would likely take just a small taste of ice cream or sorbet as a palate cleanser during lavish banquets. The Queen is served food in modest portions, and she adheres to etiquette even when eating her favorite treats.

Fitness and Health

The Queen stays active by walking outdoors daily and riding horses well into her 90s. She understands moderation when it comes to sweets and rich desserts. While she enjoys the occasional serving of ice cream, her diet mainly consists of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The Queen eats to live, not the other way around. Her disciplined upbringing and dedication to health means ice cream is an infrequent luxury.


Queen Elizabeth II definitely enjoys the refreshing sweetness of ice cream, a lifelong favorite treat. Her preferred flavors include vanilla, chocolate, honeycomb, and strawberry. She developed a taste for this classic dessert in childhood. Today special royal parlors handcraft ice cream using fresh dairy and fruits for the Queen and her households. While she may not eat it every single day as some rumors suggest, ice cream remains an important royal tradition and special indulgence that Her Majesty looks forward to.