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What is a tortilla blanket made of?

A tortilla blanket, also known as a burrito blanket, is a fun and novelty type of blanket that looks like an oversized tortilla or burrito wrap. Tortilla blankets have become popular in recent years, with many different designs and styles available from various retailers. But what exactly are tortilla blankets made from?

What is a Tortilla Blanket?

A tortilla blanket is shaped and stitched to resemble a large, round tortilla or burrito wrap when unfolded. The classic design features a white or tan exterior to mimic a flour tortilla, with lines of stitching to represent folds. Some tortilla blankets have additional decorative details like salsa stains, cheese drips, veggie slices, meat chunks and more printed on the fabric.

When folded up, a tortilla blanket forms a rounded bundle just like a wrapped burrito or burrito-style sleeping bag. The defining characteristic of a tortilla blanket is this wrap-like appearance and bundled tortilla shape when not in use.

Tortilla Blanket Uses

Tortilla blankets are comfy, oversized blankets perfect for:

– Lounging on the couch
– Snuggling while watching TV
– Staying cozy while reading
– Adding fun decor to a college dorm room
– Light-hearted gift giving for burrito lovers
– Camping or sleepovers thanks to the sleeping bag shape
– Keeping warm without restricting movement

The stuffed burrito look when folded up makes tortilla blankets easy to store and carry around. When unrolled, the round and oversized shape is perfect for wrapping your whole body in warmth and comfort.

Tortilla Blanket Materials

Most tortilla blankets are made from soft, plush polyester or microfiber fabrics. Here are some of the most common materials used:

Polyester Fleece

Many tortilla blankets feature an exterior made of polyester fleece. Polyester fleece is a synthetic fabric made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester. It is lightweight, soft and designed to mimic the feel of wool fleece.

Polyester fleece is a popular blanket material because it is:

– Durable
– Resistant to pilling
– Retains heat well
– Quick to dry
– Machine washable and dryable

The polyester fleece shell gives tortilla blankets a soft, warm, burrito-like texture.


Other tortilla blankets have a microfiber fabrication. Polyester microfiber starts with very fine synthetic polyester fibers woven into a lightweight, plush fabric. The finer fibers create extra surface area to better trap body heat.

Microfiber tortilla blankets offer these benefits:

– Ultra soft and plush handfeel
– Effective insulation that is lightweight
– Stays smooth rather than wrinkling
– Quick-drying compared to cotton
– Easy care since it’s machine washable

Microfiber tortilla blankets mimic the softness of cotton while retaining heat better and resisting wrinkles.

Sherpa Fleece

Some tortilla blankets feature a double-sided construction with sherpa fleece lining the underside.

Sherpa fleece has a thick pile of faux shearling fibers that add plush texture and warmth. The fluffy, fur-like pile is patterned to mimic genuine wool shearling fleece. But it’s made of synthetic fibers for cost savings and practical properties like machine-washability.

The sherpa fleece lining makes these tortilla blankets extra soft and cozy. The polyester or microfiber shell keeps decorative details visible while the sherpa side nestles into skin for unbeatable comfort.


For an old-fashioned, rustic vibe, some tortilla blankets use super soft flannel. Flannel refers to a gently brushed cotton fabric that provides lightweight warmth.

The flannel tortilla blankets retain the breathability of cotton while offering reassuring weight and insulation. Flannel tortilla blankets may appeal to those who prefer natural cotton over synthetic fabrics. They also have a lovely visual texture from the napping process.

Tortilla Blanket Fillings

In addition to the external fabric shell, tortilla blankets contain an inner filling for warmth and plush thickness. Polyester is the most common tortilla blanket fill material, but down and cotton alternatives are also used sometimes.

Polyester Fiber Fill

The majority of tortilla blankets are stuffed with a polyester fiber fill. This synthetic filling consists of chopped polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers formed into a lofty batting. Polyester fiber fill is lightweight, resilient, hypoallergenic and extremely affordable.

Polyester fill offers these advantages in tortilla blankets:

– Maintains insulation and thickness after washing
– Quick to dry
– Does not shifted or clump like down
– Budget-friendly filling option
– Enables machine washing and drying

The main downside to polyester fill is that it lacks the cloud-like plushness of down. But improved manufacturing techniques have made polyester fill much softer and fluffier than in the past.

Down Feathers

Some premium tortilla blankets contain down feather fillings. Down refers to the fine, fluffy clusters under the exterior feathers of ducks and geese. This natural material offers unbeatable softness, warmth and cushioning.

Advantages of down filled tortilla blankets include:

– Incredible lightness
– Luxurious plushness and softness
– Impressive warmth for the weight
– Natural hypoallergenic properties

The disadvantages of down are:

– Higher price point
– Requires special dry cleaning care
– Loses insulation value when wet
– Potential allergies for sensitive individuals

For the snuggliest, cloud-like tortilla blanket, splurging on down fill may be worthwhile for some shoppers. But the special care requirements make polyester or synthetic down alternatives more practical for most tortilla blanket owners.

Cotton Fill

Some tortilla blankets contain allergen-free cotton fill. Shredded cotton fill provides a natural, breathable alternative to goose down at a more affordable price.

The benefits of cotton-filled tortilla blankets are:

– Hypoallergenic for allergy sufferers
– Soft and breathable natural cotton
– Stays fluffy through repeated washing
– Lower cost than down feather fill

The disadvantages of cotton fill are reduced warmth, loft and cushiness compared to down blankets. But cotton fill is ideal for shoppers wanting natural materials without the high price tag.

How Large Are Tortilla Blankets?

One of the defining features of tortilla blankets is their impressively oversized dimensions. Most measure 4-6 feet across when laid flat – much larger than standard throw blankets.

Larger tortilla blanket dimensions allow you to fully wrap yourself within the blanket like a human burrito! The ample surface area means tortilla blankets can accommodate more than one person sharing.

Some common tortilla blanket dimensions include:

– 4 feet diameter (circular)
– 5 feet by 5 feet (square)
– 6 feet diameter (circular)
– 6 feet by 4 feet (rectangular)

No matter what specific measurements you choose, tortilla blankets are designed to wrap, cocoon and engulf you in softness!

Tortilla Blanket Fabric Weight

In addition to large dimensions, tortilla blankets feature thick, hefty fabric for extra coziness and warmth. Most tortilla blankets have a fabric weight between 2-5 pounds.

Heavier tortilla blankets around 4-5 pounds mimic the weight of a weighted blanket. The reassuring heft provides comfort and eases anxiety while snuggling.

Lighter 2-3 pound tortilla blankets offer warmth without as much weight. These are ideal for warmer climates or anyone who prefers a more breathable, lighter feel.

No matter which weight you prefer, tortilla blankets offer noticeably thicker, warmer fabric compared to regular cotton throws. The plush fill keeps you extra cozy while lounging or sleeping.

Cleaning and Care

One of the biggest perks of tortilla blankets is how low-maintenance they are. Most are safely machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning.

Read the Care Instructions

Always check the specific tortilla blanket’s care tag for washing, drying and other care recommendations. Instructions vary slightly based on fill material and shell fabric.

Polyester tortilla blankets can generally be machine washed warm and tumbled dry on low. Down-alternative and cotton-filled blankets may require gentler cold washing and air drying.

Use a Large Capacity Washer

Since tortilla blankets are so oversized, choose the largest washer size available. Top loaders with a central agitator should be avoided as they can damage the blanket’s stitching. Front loading washers are ideal.

If needed, wash tortilla blankets in multiple lighter loads to make sure the machine can properly clean and rinse the whole blanket.

Air Dry When Possible

While most tortilla blankets can go in the dryer, air drying is gentler. Lay blankets flat or hang to fully dry. This helps preserve the softness and prevent clumping of the fill.

Spot Clean When Needed

Between full washes, occasional spot cleaning keeps tortilla blankets fresh. Use a gentle upholstery cleaner and damp cloth to spot treat minor stains or soiled areas. Let the blanket fully dry before using or storing.

With proper care, a tortilla blanket should last for years of enjoyment! The durable synthetic materials resist wear, fading and staining through repeated use and washing.

Tortilla Blanket Styles

While the wrapped burrito shape defines all tortilla blankets, you can choose from diverse styles. Here are some top tortilla blanket design options:

Classic Flour Tortilla Style

This style replicates a simple white or tan flour tortilla texture. It may include replicated folds and creases like a real wrapped tortilla. Great for minimalists or foodies.

Printed Details

Many tortilla blankets add colorful prints that mimic salsa stains, southwest motifs, taco fixings or other fun burrito-inspired designs. Great for adding personality.

Hooded Tortilla Blanket

Some tortilla blankets feature an attached hood to wrap your head in softness. Perfect for colder weather or fully immersing yourself in the tortilla experience.

Jumbo Size

For ultra-snuggling, jumbo tortilla blankets measure up to 8 feet across! This size envelops your whole body or fits multiple people with room to spare.

Taco Cat Tortilla Blanket

Feline burrito lovers will adore tortilla blankets printed with happy taco cats. Purrfect for cat owners.

Round vs. Oval Shape

While circular is most common, oval tortilla blankets offer a change of shape. Great for taller users or two people lying end-to-end.


Bring Home Blanket Bliss

With plush sherpa lining, silky soft shell and oversized burrito shape, tortilla blankets are the ultimate in cozy comfort. Polyester and microfiber shells are durable, easy to care for and family-friendly. Down alternative or cotton fillings complete the tortilla blanket’s irresistible snugness.

Fun, Unique Gift

Looking for a memorable, lighthearted gift? A tortilla blanket is sure to get smiles. The quirky food-inspired shape and supersized dimensions add playful personality to any living space.

Mexican Flair

Spice up your home decor with a hint of southwestern flair thanks to the tortilla blanket’s taco-inspired styling. Use your tortilla blanket while enjoying Mexican date nights at home for added ambiance.

Whatever your style, a tortilla blanket lets you surround yourself in softness while unleashing your inner burrito. Stay deliciously warm and comfortable thanks to the smooth polyester, microfiber or flannel shell. Then snuggle up in the oversized burrito-wrap shape anytime you need extra coziness.