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What is cupcake in Italian?

Cupcakes are a beloved dessert in many countries around the world, including Italy. While cupcakes are originally from the United States, their popularity has spread across the globe. In Italian, cupcakes are called “cupcake” which is pronounced “koop-keh-keh.”

The History of Cupcakes in Italy

While cupcakes originated in the United States in the 19th century, they did not become popular in Italy until relatively recently. Some sources suggest that cupcakes were likely introduced to Italy in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their sweet taste, small size, and colorful decorations made them appeal to Italians of all ages.

Bakeries in Italy started offering elaborate and creative cupcake recipes to customers. Italian cupcakes often feature ingredients like mascarpone cheese, Nutella, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, and amaretto. Popular Italian cupcake flavors include tiramisu, cappuccino, hazelnut, pistachio, and lemon cream.

Translating Cupcake into Italian

The Italian word for cupcake is “cupcake.” This is a loan word taken directly from English. Some other ways to refer to cupcakes in Italian include:

  • “Tortina”: Small cake
  • “Dolcetto muffin”: Small sweet muffin
  • “Dolcetto al forno”: Small baked sweet

However, the English loan word “cupcake” is most common and universally understood in Italy when referring to cupcakes.

Ordering Cupcakes in Italy

When visiting a bakery or cafe in Italy, here are some tips for ordering cupcakes in Italian:

  • Use the phrase “Vorrei un cupcake” or simply “Un cupcake” to say “I would like a cupcake.”
  • Specify the flavor you want by saying “al cioccolato” for chocolate, “al caffè” for coffee, “alla vaniglia” for vanilla, etc.
  • Ask “Avete cupcake?” to check if they have cupcakes available.
  • Say “Con/Senza frosting” to request it with or without frosting.

Here is an example conversation in Italian to order a cupcake:

Cliente: Vorrei un cupcake al cioccolato per favore.
Cameriere: Certamente. Con o senza frosting?

Cliente: Con frosting alla vaniglia.
Cameriere: Ottima scelta!

The Popularity of Cupcakes in Italy

While cupcakes reached Italy much later than other parts of Europe and the Americas, they have quickly become a beloved treat. Bakeries across Italy offer gourmet cupcake flavors and decorative cupcake displays to attract customers.

Cupcakes are especially popular among Italian children. The small size and vibrant decorations appeal to kids. Cupcakes have become a trendy choice for dessert at children’s birthday parties in Italy. They are also commonly found at Italian weddings and other celebrations.

Additionally, cupcake making classes and cupcake-focused bakery tours have emerged in Italian cities like Rome, Milan, and Florence. These allow both tourists and locals to learn more about the art of Italian cupcake baking.

Unique Italian Cupcake Recipes

Italy has put its own spin on beloved cupcake recipes. Some cupcakes with an Italian twist include:

Cupcake Name Description
Tiramisu cupcakes Sponge cake flavored with espresso and rum, mascarpone frosting dusted with cocoa powder.
Lemon cream cupcakes Vanilla cupcakes filled with lemon cream and frosted with lemon buttercream icing.
Pistachio cupcakes Pistachio cake with a sweet pistachio nut frosting decorated with chopped pistachios.
Amaretto cupcakes Almond cake made with amaretto liqueur, topped with an amaretto buttercream frosting.
Cannoli cupcakes Sponge cake with ricotta frosting and mini chocolate chips dusted with powdered sugar.

Italian cupcakes feature the country’s iconic flavors like coffee, almond, lemon, and pistachio. Creative bakers are constantly innovating new Italian-inspired cupcake recipes for customers to enjoy.


While originally from America, cupcakes have become a beloved Italian dessert. In Italian they are called “cupcake,” adopting the English name. Bakeries across Italy offer gourmet and creative cupcake options with Italian flavors like tiramisu and lemon cream. Their small size makes them popular for parties and celebrations. Cupcakes join gelato, tiramisu, and cannoli as staples of Italian baking and confectionary. When visiting Italy, be sure to try some unique Italian cupcake recipes during your stay!