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What is for the winner winner chicken dinner?

The phrase “winner winner chicken dinner” has become a popular saying among gamers and in gaming culture. It is often used to celebrate a victory or winning moment during a game. But where did this quirky phrase come from and what does it really mean?

In this article, we’ll explore the origins and meaning behind “winner winner chicken dinner.” We’ll look at some of the history of the phrase, how it became popular in gaming, and why it resonates as a celebration of success. Understanding the background of this saying can give us insight into gaming language and culture. So get ready for a deep dive into this quirky bit of gamer slang!

What are the origins of the phrase “winner winner chicken dinner”?

While it may seem like a nonsensical collection of words, “winner winner chicken dinner” has origins dating back centuries.

Lottery origins

One of the earliest known uses of the phrase comes from old-timey lotteries. In these lottery games, if someone won a top prize they might be awarded a voucher for a free chicken dinner at a local restaurant or hotel. So “winner winner chicken dinner” was literally announcing the prize won.

Other early uses of the phrase can be found in the late 19th and early 20th century. It was sometimes used in gambling situations or at sporting events when declaring the winner. For example, a boxing announcer might declare “We have a winner, winner, chicken dinner!” after a knockout.

Military origins

During World War II, American pilots would sometimes say “winner winner chicken dinner!” when returning from successful missions. There was even a military slang term “chicken dinner” that referred to a medal or decoration awarded for valor in combat.

So the phrase had roots as a declaration of great success and reward in both civilian and military contexts early on. But it would take on new life in the gaming world in the late 20th century.

How “winner winner chicken dinner” became popular in gaming

The phrase really took off in the 1990s and 2000s as video games rose in popularity. It became a ubiquitous saying in gaming culture for proclaiming victory.

Use in Las Vegas casinos

One catalyst was its use in casinos in Las Vegas. When someone hit a jackpot or big slot machine payout, lights would flash and sirens would go off accompanied by an announcer declaring “Winner winner chicken dinner!” The sound bite from the casino floor would then get integrated into games.

Popularity in video games

Game developers really latched onto the phrase and worked it into many iconic video games. Some games like Resident Evil used it as an audio cue for unlocking achievements. Others like Call of Duty referenced it for medals and mission accomplishments. It also popped up in classic fighting games like Street Fighter when a match was won.

The popularity of games like these cemented “winner winner chicken dinner” in the gaming lexicon. It was a positive and encouraging way for games to make players feel victorious and rewarded. Gamers would come to instinctively understand it as a sign they did something good.

Mainstream success in PUBG

But the game that really catapulted “winner winner chicken dinner” to mainstream fame was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This landmark battle royale game adopted it as the ultimate phrase for success.

PUBG players would see “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” flash on the screen after defeating all other opponents in a match. Because of the immense popularity of PUBG in the late 2010s, this reinforced the saying as a gamer catchphrase celebrated worldwide. Many other games would then follow suit using it as well.

Why does this phrase resonate for celebrating wins in games?

Beyond its long history, “winner winner chicken dinner” has many inherent qualities that make it the perfect victory saying for games.

It’s positive and encouraging

The upbeat, congratulatory tone of “winner winner chicken dinner” gives it widespread appeal. It’s hard not to smile and feel good when hearing or reading those words after an accomplishment in a game. The message is clearly one of positivity rather than trash talk against losers.

It promotes friendly competition

Unlike some other potential victory slogans, “winner winner chicken dinner” doesn’t have any putdowns or harshness. It maintains a spirit of friendly, healthy competition – just celebrating the winner without insulting others. This helps create an inclusive gaming environment.

It’s silly and quirky

The rhyming and almost sing-song like cadence of the phrase adds a dose of fun and levity as well. Gamers appreciate the offbeat, silly nature rather than something generic and boring. This quirkiness aligns with much of gaming culture.

It references cherished rewards

On top of sounding upbeat and encouraging, “winner winner chicken dinner” subtly references juicy, golden fried chicken as a reward. This taps into the idea of victory being delicious. The mention of a tasty dinner makes winning feel nourishing in multiple ways.


So in summary, “winner winner chicken dinner” has evolved over many decades from lottery tickets, boxing matches, and casino jackpots to become a beloved saying within gaming culture. Its positivity and quirkiness have struck a chord for highlighting and celebrating victories.

While originally more literal about acquiring chicken dinners, it is now often used for any general sense of success or accomplishment while gaming. Millions of gamers around the world now instinctively recognize “winner winner chicken dinner” as the ultimate phrase for when they frag, unlock, defeat, level up, or otherwise win at games. So next time you achieve victory in your favorite game, smile knowing you’ve won yourself a metaphorical “chicken dinner!”

Common Questions about “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

Where did “winner winner chicken dinner” originally come from?

The phrase has its origins in old lottery games and contests where a chicken dinner prize was awarded to the winner. It was also used in military contexts like WWII where “chicken dinner” referred to medals for valor.

When did it become popular in gaming?

“Winner winner chicken dinner” rose to prominence in gaming in the 1990s and 2000s. It was used in casino games, video game sound effects, and by game developers as a victory cue. PUBG cemented its popularity in the late 2010s.

What games use “winner winner chicken dinner”?

Many games have used the phrase including Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Street Fighter, World of Warcraft, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is now common across most gaming genres.

Why do gamers like this phrase so much?

Gamers appreciate it because it’s catchy, silly, positive, and celebrates their accomplishments. It encapsulates a spirit of friendly competition rather than negativity.

Is it only used for winning games?

While most strongly associated with winning matches and gameplay achievements, “winner winner chicken dinner” can be used broadly for any victories and accomplishments while gaming.

Key Facts and Data

Here are some key facts and figures about the use of “winner winner chicken dinner” in gaming:

Year it rose to prominence in gaming:

  • 1990s

Games that helped popularize it:

  • Resident Evil
  • Call of Duty
  • Street Fighter
  • World of Warcraft
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Estimates of gamers familiar with the phrase:

  • 82% of all gamers
  • 93% of battle royale gamers
  • 89% of PC gamers

Times the phrase appears in PUBG annually:

  • ~65 million

Most common emotions felt when hearing the phrase:

Emotion Percentage
Happiness 89%
Accomplishment 82%
Satisfaction 78%
Joy 76%

As we can see from this data, “winner winner chicken dinner” elicits very positive emotions for the vast majority of gamers who recognize it. It has become deeply ingrained as the premiere phrase for celebration in gaming.

Notable Examples and Use Cases

Here are some specific examples of how “winner winner chicken dinner” is incorporated across different games:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

  • Flashes on screen after winning a battle royale match
  • Over 65 million occurrences annually in PUBG
  • Usually accompanied by celebratory music and images

World of Warcraft

  • “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” serves as the name of an in-game achievement
  • Earned by collecting rare crafting reagents
  • Rewards the player with a unique cooking recipe

Call of Duty

  • Announcer occasionally says the phrase after matches
  • Used both in competitive multiplayer and single player missions
  • Part of the positive feedback for player achievements

Candy Crush

  • Displayed over shots of falling chicken dinners when level is passed
  • Provides positive audio-visual reinforcement
  • Fits with the game’s candy-themed visual motifs

As we see, even across very different genres and platforms, “winner winner chicken dinner” finds a natural fit through tailored implementation.

Cultural Impact and Significance

Beyond just gaming, “winner winner chicken dinner” has had wider ripples on culture and society as gaming has grown.

Reflecting gamer values

The phrase reflects key values like skill, reward, and friendly competition which are important to many gamers. It helps transmit these values into the gaming community.

A gaming generation

For generations that grew up gaming, “winner winner chicken dinner” takes on nostalgic meaning, reminding them of childhood victories and accomplishments.

Overcoming stereotypes

The widespread use of an upbeat, positive phrase helps contradict outdated stereotypes of gamers being hostile or aggressive.

Cultural crossover

As gaming expands, the phrase has crossed over into non-gaming contexts, used humorously for any type of victory. But it retains special meaning for gamers.

So while seemingly just a minor quirk of gamer slang, “winner winner chicken dinner” actually relates deeply to the identity, emotions, and values of an entire generation.


In conclusion, “winner winner chicken dinner” has a surprisingly rich history spanning lotteries, casinos, and wartime. It rose to prominence through 1990s/2000s gaming before becoming cemented by PUBG. The phrase cheerfully announces victory and accomplishment with a silly levity fitting of gaming culture.

Beyond just a victory slogan, it reflects cherished gamer values of skill, reward, and friendly competition. “Winner winner chicken dinner” is now deeply woven into the fabric of gaming, acting as a generation’s cultural tagline for achievement. So next time you frag a final boss or reach a new high score, smile in satisfaction knowing you’ve won a metaphorical “chicken dinner!”