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What is frozen espresso called?

Frozen espresso is commonly referred to as either frozen espresso cubes or espresso ice cubes. Espresso that has been brewed hot and then frozen into cube-shaped pieces is called frozen espresso cubes or espresso ice cubes. This allows the espresso to be preserved for later use.

What Are Frozen Espresso Cubes?

Frozen espresso cubes, also known as espresso ice cubes, are small, cube-shaped pieces of frozen espresso. They are made by:

  1. Brewing espresso either by machine or stove-top moka pot
  2. Letting the freshly brewed espresso cool to room temperature
  3. Pouring the room temperature espresso into an ice cube tray
  4. Freezing the espresso in the ice cube trays until solid
  5. Popping the frozen cubes out of the tray for storage and later use

The result is miniature cubes of concentrated frozen espresso that can be stored in bags or containers until needed.

Benefits of Frozen Espresso Cubes

There are several advantages to freezing espresso into cubes:

  • Preserves the espresso for longer storage life
  • Allows you to make chilled espresso drinks without having to brew hot espresso
  • Provides convenient pre-portioned amounts of espresso for drinks
  • Lets you enjoy iced espresso drinks at home without expensive espresso machines
  • Gives you the ability to add bold espresso flavor to cold coffee drinks, desserts, etc.

Overall, freezing espresso into cubes is an easy way to save leftover espresso and have cold espresso drinks anytime.

How to Use Frozen Espresso Cubes

Frozen espresso cubes can be utilized in several ways:

Iced Espresso Drinks

Drop 1-2 frozen espresso cubes into a glass and pour over cold milk, ice, and your choice of flavorings for homemade iced lattes, mochas, etc. The cubes dilute as they melt to create chilled espresso drinks.

Baking and Cooking

Add frozen espresso cubes to recipes instead of brewed espresso for an intensified coffee flavor. The cubes can go into cakes, brownies, chocolate ganache, tiramisu, and more.


For an extra caffeine kick, add a frozen espresso cube or two to your favorite protein shake or fruit smoothie recipe.


Use frozen espresso cubes to make chilled espresso martinis or coffee cocktails at home.

Other Frozen Espresso Products

In addition to frozen espresso cubes, there are other forms of frozen espresso on the market:

Espresso Ice Pops

Espresso ice pops are made by pouring brewed espresso into popsicle molds along with milk or other ingredients, then freezing into single-serve ice pops.

Bottled Iced Espresso

Some coffee companies manufacture bottled iced espresso drinks that have been brewed hot, chilled, and bottled for refrigerated storage.

Instant Espresso Powder

Instant espresso powder can also be mixed with water and frozen into cubes. This creates a similar effect to using brewed espresso.

Storing Frozen Espresso Cubes

To maintain quality and flavor, frozen espresso cubes should be stored properly:

  • Place cubes in airtight freezer bags or containers
  • Exclude as much air from the containers as possible
  • Store at a consistent freezer temperature, 0°F if possible
  • Use cubes within 2-3 months for best flavor

With proper storage, frozen espresso cubes can last up to 4-6 months before deteriorating in taste and potency.

Troubleshooting Frozen Espresso Issues

Issue Cause Solution
Weak espresso flavor Cubes stored too long Use cubes within 2-3 months
Cubes melt too fast Stored at wrong temperature Store cubes at 0°F
Espresso oils look separated Espresso not cooled before freezing Cool espresso to room temp before freezing
Cubes have bland taste Low quality espresso used Use high quality, fresh espresso
Cubes stick together Stored improperly Store cubes in airtight container


Frozen espresso cubes provide an easy way to preserve espresso for later use in chilled coffee drinks, baking, smoothies, and more. The key is brewing high quality espresso, cooling it properly before freezing, storing the cubes airtight at stable freezer temperatures, and using within 2-3 months. With proper handling, frozen espresso cubes can deliver delicious intense espresso flavor anytime.