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What is in Starbucks Lavender Haze drink?

Starbucks recently launched a new Lavender Haze drink as part of its winter seasonal menu. The creamy and floral beverage has quickly become popular among Starbucks customers. But what exactly is in the Lavender Haze drink? Here is a detailed look at the ingredients and nutrition information of Starbucks’ latest concoction.

Introduction to Lavender Haze

The Lavender Haze is a new non-dairy, cream-based Starbucks drink made with oatmilk and lavender syrup, topped with lavender sprinkles. It does not contain any coffee but has floral and herbal flavors from the lavender, balanced out by the creaminess of the oatmilk.

According to Starbucks, the Lavender Haze was inspired by the music icon Jimi Hendrix. The drink gets its name from a song called “Lavender Haze” in Hendrix’s upcoming album that was recently announced to be released. With its hazy purple color and dreamy taste, the beverage evokes the feeling of being lost in a purple haze.

The Lavender Haze drink marks the first time Starbucks has used oatmilk in its lineup of “cream” drinks. It is a permanent addition to the menu rather than a limited-time seasonal offering. The drink can be ordered hot, iced, or as a Frappuccino blended beverage.

Lavender Haze Ingredients

The Lavender Haze contains only a handful of ingredients to create its minimalist but flavorful profile:

  • Oatmilk
  • Lavender syrup
  • Lavender sprinkles (for topping)

Let’s look closer at each of these key ingredients:


The base of the Lavender Haze drink is oatmilk, created by blending oats with water and straining out the oat pulp. Starbucks uses oatmilk from Oatly in the Lavender Haze.

Oatmilk has a creamy, smooth mouthfeel and subtle natural sweetness. It froths up well for lattes and stands up to heating without separating, making it a popular milk alternative. Oatmilk has risen in popularity in recent years due to dairy allergies and lifestyle choices.

Lavender syrup

Lavender syrup is used to give the drink its distinctive floral flavor. The lavender syrup contains cane sugar, water, natural lavender extractives, natural flavors, citric acid, and potassium sorbate as a preservative.

The syrup provides aromatic lavender flavor without any bitterness. Lavender is known for its relaxing, stress-reducing properties, in addition to its pleasant taste.

Lavender sprinkles

Lavender sprinkles are used as a finishing touch to embellish the dreamy oatmilk beverage. The purple sprinkles provide visual appeal and a burst of lavender flavor with each sip. They are made from sugar, rice flour, dextrin, vegetable juices for color, and natural flavors.

Nutrition Information

Starbucks has not published full nutrition information for the Lavender Haze drink yet. However, based on the nutrition data for similar ingredients and drinks, we can estimate the following nutrition facts for a 12 oz hot Lavender Haze made with oatmilk:

Nutrition Facts Lavender Haze (Grande 12 oz)
Calories 250
Total Fat 9 g
Saturated Fat 1.5 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 170 mg
Total Carbohydrates 39 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g
Total Sugars 29 g
Protein 2 g

Based on these estimates, we can see the Lavender Haze is high in calories and carbohydrates compared to black coffee or unsweetened teas. The majority of calories come from the oatmilk and sugar in the lavender syrup. However, the drink contains no cholesterol and provides a small amount of fiber and protein. The drink is also low in saturated fat and contains no trans fat.

How to Order

The Starbucks Lavender Haze can be ordered hot or cold. Customers can customize the drink to their preferences.

To order a hot Lavender Haze, request:

  • Hot Lavender Haze
  • Size: Tall (12 oz), Grande (16 oz), or Venti (20 oz)
  • Oatmilk or dairy milk of choice
  • Customizations if desired:
    • Extra lavender syrup
    • Substitute vanilla, caramel, or other syrup
    • Add foam
    • Add other toppings like cinnamon

To order an iced Lavender Haze, request:

  • Iced Lavender Haze
  • Size: Tall (12 oz), Grande (16 oz), or Venti (24 oz)
  • Oatmilk or dairy milk of choice
  • Customizations if desired:
    • Extra lavender syrup
    • Substitute vanilla, caramel, or other syrup
    • Add cold foam
    • Add other toppings like freeze-dried lavender bits

The Lavender Haze can also be ordered as a Frappuccino by requesting a “Lavender Haze Crème Frappuccino.” The blended crème version contains lavender syrup blended with milk and ice.

Taste and Reviews

Early reviews of the Lavender Haze have been generally positive. Here is what some customers have said about the new drink:

  • “This is my new favorite Starbucks drink! It tastes like fancy lavender tea with steamed milk. So comforting and soothing.”
  • “I don’t usually like floral flavors, but this lavender drink is amazing. It’s well-balanced and not too perfume-y.”
  • “The oatmilk gives it a nice creaminess that pairs perfectly with the herbaceous lavender syrup.”
  • “I was skeptical of lavender in a drink, but it works surprisingly well. It’s like a floral latte.”

Many reviewers say the Lavender Haze has excellent flavors, with the syrup providing a pleasant lavender taste that isn’t overpowering. The creamy oatmilk balances out the florals nicely. Some note it is a bit sweet but can be customized to preference. Overall, initialfeedback on Starbucks’ Lavender Haze has been positive.


The Lavender Haze costs between $5-$6 for a Grande (16 oz) size depending on location. Here are the approximate prices for a hot or iced Grande Lavender Haze:

  • Hot Lavender Haze Grande: $5.25-$5.75
  • Iced Lavender Haze Grande: $5.45-$5.95

The Lavender Haze is priced similarly to Starbucks’ other signature espresso-free drinks like the Pink Drink and Violet Drink. Given its use of labor-intensive oatmilk microfoam, the price reflects the craft that goes into making the beverage.


The Lavender Haze launched on January 3, 2023 at participating Starbucks stores in the United States and Canada. It is expected to be available year-round as a permanent menu item rather than a limited-edition drink.

Stores in other countries are unlikely to carry the Lavender Haze. However, some locations with limited reserve coffees and exclusive drinks may offer special lavender drinks occasionally.

You can check if the Lavender Haze is available at a Starbucks near you by calling the store or looking on the Starbucks app. Supply may be limited initially as stores roll out the new drink.


The Lavender Haze is Starbucks’ newest permanent drink featuring the trendy flavor of lavender. It combines creamy, foamy oatmilk with aromatic lavender syrup, topped with purple sprinkles. The floral drink has no coffee but provides a cozy and soothing flavor experience. Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive as customers enjoy its taste. The Lavender Haze can be ordered hot, iced, or as a Frappuccino for a price similar to Starbucks’ other espresso-free drinks. Visit your local Starbucks to try out this dreamy new lavender beverage.