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What is Rocco DiSpirito known for?

Rocco DiSpirito is an American celebrity chef who rose to fame in the 1990s and 2000s. He is known for his Italian-American fusion cuisine and his cookbooks and TV shows which popularized his innovative cooking style.

Early Life and Career

Rocco DiSpirito was born on November 19, 1966 in Queens, New York. His mother Nicolina was a cook and his father Ralph worked as a jail clerk. DiSpirito graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1986 and went on to work at several acclaimed restaurants in Boston and New York City including Union Pacific, Lespinasse, and Rakel.

In 1997, DiSpirito opened his first restaurant, Union Pacific, in New York City. The restaurant earned a three star review from Ruth Reichl of the New York Times and was named the best new restaurant of the year by both Esquire and New York Magazine. This thrust DiSpirito into the spotlight as an up and coming star chef known for his innovative Italian-American fusion cuisine.

Rocco’s On Madison

After the success of Union Pacific, DiSpirito opened his signature restaurant Rocco’s On Madison in 1999 in New York’s Flatiron district. Rocco’s On Madison was an immediate hit, blending DiSpirito’s creative Italian-inspired fare with a celebrity studded dining room.

Rocco’s became known as a see and be seen hotspot for models, actors, and socialites as much as for its acclaimed cuisine. Some signature dishes DiSpirito became known for at Rocco’s included his chocolate mousse cake with passionfruit sorbet, black sea bass in citrus with jasmine rice, and rigatoni with spicy vodka sauce.

Emeril Lagasse Connection

In 1999, DiSpirito competed against fellow rising star chef Bobby Flay on an episode of Food Network’s Iron Chef America. Though Flay won the competition, DiSpirito’s talent caught the eye of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.

Lagasse was launching a new show, Emeril Live, showcasing his high energy cooking demos and invited DiSpirito to be the first guest chef to cook alongside him in the show’s signature kitchen. DiSpirito’s guest appearance introduced him to Food Network’s national audience and further cemented his status as an up and coming celebrity chef.


Capitalizing on his newfound television fame, DiSpirito released his first cookbook in 2000, titled Rocco’s Italian American. The book featured recipes for updated Italian-American classics along with personal stories and family anecdotes. It became an immediate bestseller, praised for making often intimidating Italian dishes approachable for home cooks.

Over his career, DiSpirito would go on to write 9 more cookbooks including:

  • Rocco’s Five Minute Flavor (2004)
  • Rocco Gets Real (2008)
  • Now Eat This! (2012)
  • Rocco’s Healthy & Delicious (2014)

His books were known for marrying Italian flavors with lighter, healthier ingredient swaps in line with early 2000s food trends. Several like Now Eat This! became New York Times bestsellers.

The Restaurant

In 2003, DiSpirito launched his first reality show on NBC, The Restaurant. The show followed DiSpirito and business partner Jeffrey Chodorow as they launched a new restaurant called Rocco’s on 22nd Street in New York City.

The Restaurant offered viewers an inside look at all the drama and chaos that went into opening a high profile New York restaurant. It attracted over 10 million viewers but was canceled after 2 seasons due to ongoing clashes between DiSpirito and Chodorow over the restaurant’s management.

Post-Show Career

After the cancellation of The Restaurant in 2004, DiSpirito’s star began to fade. His company Rocco’s On 22nd Street filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and closed shortly after.

DiSpirito continued to make appearances on Food Network shows like Top Chef, Chopped, Kitchen Nightmares, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. He also launched a syndicated radio show called Now Eat This! Rio with Rocco Dispirito in 2012.

In 2017, he returned to TV with Rocco’s Roadhouse on A&E featuring DiSpirito travelling across America looking for inspiring regional chefs and dishes.

Advocacy for Healthy Eating

In the later stages of his career, DiSpirito has repositioned himself as an advocate for healthy cooking and eating. After struggling with his own weight, he shifted to focus on lighter Mediterranean inspired dishes using fresh whole foods.

DiSpirito partnered with HealthCorps, a non-profit focused on health education, and launched the Pound a Day Diet in 2014 based around his insights on healthy weight loss. He continues to promote homemade versions of traditionally unhealthy dishes using ingredient swaps through initiatives like his Now Eat This! franchise.

Innovative Italian-American Fusion Cuisine

Though his popularity has waxed and waned, DiSpirito made an indelible mark on the food world by pioneering innovative Italian-American fusion cuisine in the 1990s. Dishes like his chocolate mousse cake and spicy rigatoni exemplified his skill at blending Italian flavors with modern twists and inspirations from other world cuisines.

His restaurants, TV shows, and cookbooks in the early 2000s made him one of the most visible celebrity chefs promoting this updated take on Italian cooking. While he did not invent Italian fusion entirely, he played a major role in popularizing it for mainstream home cooks and restaurant goers.

Bringing Theater and Excitement to the Kitchen

Beyond innovative recipes, DiSpirito also stood out for his sense of theatricality in the kitchen. His flair for flambéing dishes tableside and whipping up complex plates with speed earned him the nickname “Rocco the showman”.

Appearances on shows like Emeril Live highlighted DiSpirito’s skill at engaging audiences and turning cooking into entertainment as much as sustenance. His high energy, passionate presentations caught viewer attention and made him a natural fit for television.

Challenging Fine Dining Norms

Throughout his 1990s heyday, DiSpirito was part of a movement of young rising star chefs challenging the fine dining establishment. His menus featured newer ingredients like lavender, verjus, and lemongrass not commonly found in stuffier French influenced kitchens.

The playful celebrity vibe of hotspots like Rocco’s and Union Pacific also eschewed the formality of traditional haute cuisine temples. DiSpirito embodied a new guard of chef focused equally on great tastes as on creating a fun, lively ambiance.

Popularizing Healthy Cooking and Eating

In later years, DiSpirito pivoted towards healthy cooking as public awareness grew around food and diet’s impact on wellness. His initiatives like the Pound a Day Diet book and Now Eat This! franchise promoted fresher ingredients and better-for-you takes on comfort food favorites.

DiSpirito used his media presence to showcase how cooking creatively at home could be a powerful tool for weight loss and wellness. His continued work as a nutrition advocate has made healthy eating principles more accessible to the average person.

Key Takeaways

  • Became famous in the 1990s as an innovative Italian-American fusion chef in NYC restaurants like Union Pacific and Rocco’s on Madison
  • Pioneered updated Italian cuisine using new ingredients and techniques, captured in bestselling cookbooks like Rocco’s Italian American
  • One of first celebrity guest chefs on Emeril Live, which cemented his fame and “showman” reputation
  • Launched hit reality show The Restaurant in 2003, though left after clashes with his business partner
  • Resurgent media presence in the 2010s around healthier cooking initiatives like Pound a Day Diet
  • Known for flair, excitement, and modern twists on Italian classics as much as specific dishes
  • Played major role in popularizing Italian fusion food and healthy eating principles for the mass public


Over 3 decades in the spotlight, Rocco DiSpirito made lasting impacts on America’s culinary scene. His restaurants introduced innovative Italian-American cuisine to New York’s dining elite. His television shows and cookbooks then broadcasted these sensibilities to everyday home cooks.

Though a polarizing figure, few can deny that DiSpirito’s flair and showmanship brought excitement and theater to the kitchen. And his later work promoted healthy cooking for weight loss and wellness at the height of diet fad popularity.

For both his technical recipes and his role in culinary culture, DiSpirito will be remembered as one of the most influential chefs of his era. His mark can be seen across dining rooms, cooking shows, and home kitchens – wherever Italian flavors meet modern twists and accessibility.