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What is Shikamaru IQ?

Shikamaru Nara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is known for his high intelligence and strategic abilities.

What is Shikamaru’s IQ score?

Shikamaru’s IQ is over 200. During Part I of the series, Asuma Sarutobi says Shikamaru is the smartest person in the Hidden Leaf Village and has an IQ of over 200. Later in Shippuden, his intelligence is stated to have grown even higher.

Evidence of Shikamaru’s high intelligence

There are many examples throughout the series that demonstrate Shikamaru’s intellectual abilities:

  • As a child, he would regularly beat grown men at strategy games like shogi and go.
  • He was the only participant to become a chunin during the Chunin Exams in Part I.
  • He uses highly complex strategies in his battles, like his fight with Temari during the Chunin Exams.
  • He is regularly put in charge of organizing and leading teams on missions due to his strategic skills.
  • He serves as a strategic advisor to the Hokage and helps formulate defense plans for the village.
  • He uses his intelligence to analyze opponents’ techniques and weaknesses during battle.

Shikamaru’s intelligence compared to other characters

Here is how Shikamaru’s intelligence compares to some other genius characters in the series:

Character Stated IQ / Intelligence Feat
Shikamaru Nara Over 200 IQ
Kakashi Hatake As a child, graduated the Academy in a single year at age 5
Itachi Uchiha Mastered the Sharingan by age 8
Orochimaru Created multiple forbidden jutsu and conducted human experiments

Based on their demonstrated abilities, Shikamaru has one of the highest confirmed IQ scores in the series. Only a few other characters like Kakashi and Orochimaru demonstrate similar levels of intellectual prowess at a young age.

How does Shikamaru use his intelligence in battle?

In battle, Shikamaru leverages his high IQ in several ways:

  • Careful analysis of opponents: He will often spend time studying opponents’ fighting style and techniques to identify weaknesses.
  • Complex strategies: He plans out detailed battle strategies anticipating many possible scenarios and contingencies.
  • Adapting on the fly: If part of his plan fails, he can quickly adjust his strategy as needed to still gain an advantage.
  • Taking advantage of the environment: He utilizes terrain, shadows, weather etc to execute maneuvers like trapping or misleading enemies.
  • Supporting allies: He strategizes how to best position teammates and make use of their skills in combination with his own.

This allows Shikamaru to regularly out-maneuver and defeat stronger opponents who may have greater raw power but lack his strategic abilities.

Examples of Shikamaru’s battle strategies

Some examples of Shikamaru leveraging his intelligence in battle include:

  • Immobilizing Kin Tsuchi by sneakily using his Shadow Possession Jutsu on her after pretending to be incapacitated.
  • Forcing Temari to retreat by manipulating her position so the sun is in her eyes right as his shadow is about to capture her.
  • Defeating Hidan along with his team by leading the immortal foe into a range of tactical traps.
  • Distracting dozens of White Zetsu clones long enough to enable his allies to use their formation against them.

Why does Shikamaru have such a high IQ?

There are a few factors that contribute to Shikamaru’s genius-level IQ:

Inherited intellect

The Nara clan is known for producing intelligent ninja with expertise in strategy. So Shikamaru likely inherited much of his analytical abilities from his lineage.


Despite his laziness, Shikamaru enjoys playing strategy games that exercise his mental faculties. His hobby aligns well with his natural strengths.


Growing up during times of war and conflict, Shikamaru was encouraged from a young age to cultivate his strategic thinking for the sake of the village.


His training as a ninja under Asuma and others provided a foundation to apply his intellect for practical purposes like combat tactics.


When motivated, Shikamaru works hard to develop his abilities. After Asuma’s death, he was inspired to create even more complex battle strategies.

Does Shikamaru retain his high IQ as an adult?

Yes, Shikamaru maintains his reputation as a genius even into adulthood. Some examples include:

  • He continues serving as a trusted strategist for Naruto when he becomes Hokage.
  • He is appointed as Naruto’s advisor for the chunin exams, using his intelligence to help reform the exam system.
  • He plays a key role in devising the strategy to defeat Jigen and protect Konoha as a member of Team 7.
  • He oversees the ninja academy curriculum and training programs, using his expertise to educate future generations.

So while Shikamaru remains as lazy as ever, he continues leveraging his high IQ in service of the Leaf Village throughout his adulthood.


In summary, Shikamaru Nara has one of the highest confirmed IQs in the series at over 200. This genius-level intelligence is demonstrated through various feats and comparisons with other gifted characters. His intellect plays a crucial role in battle by allowing him to strategize victory against stronger foes. Though lazy by nature, Shikamaru utilizes his IQ in important ways to support his allies and contribute to the Leaf Village, maintaining his reputation as a master strategist even as an adult.