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What is the name of the hard candy?

Hard candies come in many different varieties and flavors. Some of the most popular hard candy names include:

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers are a classic hard candy produced by The Hershey Company. These square candies have a hard outside shell and a soft, chewy fruit-flavored center. Jolly Ranchers come in a wide array of fruit flavors like cherry, grape, apple, watermelon, blue raspberry, and more. They are a nostalgic candy for many people.

Werther’s Originals

Werther’s Originals are a brand of hard caramel candies produced by the German company August Storck KG. These small round candies have a buttery smooth caramel center and are known for their distinctive gold wrapper. Werther’s Originals come in original caramel as well as assorted flavors like caramel with cream, chocolate caramel, coffee caramel, and more. They are a popular hard candy, especially among older generations.


Butterscotch is a type of hard candy with a sweet, buttery, toffee-like flavor. It often contains brown sugar and butter which gives it its distinctive flavor profile. Butterscotch candies come in various shapes and sizes from small round candies to large discs or squares. Some brands of butterscotch candies include Callard & Bowser and Atkinson’s. Butterscotch is a classic flavor that has been enjoyed for generations.


Mentos are a brand of small minty hard candies manufactured by the Italian company Perfetti Van Melle. They are typically sold in rolls containing individual candies. Mentos come in a variety of mint and fruit flavors like mint, fruit mix, strawberry, and lemon. The candies have a crunchy candy shell outside and a chewy interior. Mentos are popular for their fresh flavor and are commonly associated with soda geyser experiments.


Lifesavers are ring-shaped hard candies produced by the Wrigley Company. Their name comes from their distinctive life preserver shape. Lifesavers come in a wide range of fruit flavors like cherry, orange, pineapple, lemon, and lime as well as peppermint and wintergreen. Some varieties include gummies, mints, sweets, and sours. Lifesavers were first made in 1912 and are still popular today.

Candy Buttons

Candy buttons are small round disks of candy attached to a strip of paper. They come in assorted colors and flavors. Candy buttons can be popped off the strip and eaten individually. Common candy button flavors are cherry, grape, orange, lime, and lemon. They have a crisp, sugary shell that quickly dissolves in the mouth. Candy buttons appeared in the late 19th century and are still produced today by brands like SweeTarts.

Lemonhead Candy

Lemonhead is a brand of lemon flavored hard candy manufactured by Ferrara Candy Company. They are small round yellow candies that resemble lemon slices. Lemonheads have a tart lemon flavor and hard sugar shell exterior. The candies were first created in 1962 and also come in assorted sour flavors like apple, cherry, grape, and watermelon under the name Lemonhead & Friends.

Necco Wafers

Necco Wafers are disc-shaped hard candies produced by the New England Confectionery Company (Necco). These colorful candies have a formula that dates back to 1847. Necco wafers come in eight classic flavors like lemon, lime, orange, clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice, and chocolate. They are small candies with a chalky texture and subtle flavors. Necco wafers are a nostalgic candy that have been popular for generations.

Brand Name vs Generic Hard Candies

Many classic brand name hard candies like Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, and Werther’s Originals are still popular today. However, many stores also offer generic hard candies, often packaged in bulk bags. These candies emulate popular flavors like fruit mixes, butterscotch, peppermint, and sour picks. The brand name candies are typically higher quality with distinctive recipes and flavors. But generic candies can offer an affordable alternative while still providing that nostalgic hard candy experience.

Most Popular Hard Candy Flavors

When it comes to the most popular hard candy flavors, fruit and mint tend to dominate. Some of the most common hard candy flavors include:

  • Cherry – Ranging from sweet to tart cherry flavors
  • Grape – Typically a sweet concord grape flavor
  • Lemon – A tart, sour lemon flavor
  • Lime – A bitter, sour lime taste
  • Orange – A sweet, citrusy orange flavor
  • Watermelon – A sweet candied watermelon taste
  • Strawberry – An aromatic, sweet strawberry flavor
  • Peppermint – A cooling, refreshing minty flavor
  • Spearmint – A milder minty flavor
  • Wintergreen – A medicinal, minty flavor

Fruit flavors allow hard candy manufacturers to emulate popular fruit tastes and scents. Meanwhile, mint flavors provide a familiar cooling sensation. Other common flavors beyond fruits and mints include cinnamon, butterscotch, caramel, cream, chocolate, and cola.

Most Popular Hard Candy Brands

Some of the most popular national and international brands of hard candies include:

Brand Known For
Jolly Rancher Fruit-flavored square candies
Werther’s Originals Caramel candies
Lifesavers Ring-shaped mints and fruits
Necco Iconic flavored wafer candies
Brach’s Mint, fruit, and butterscotch candies
Storck Toffees and nougat candies
Ferrara Candy Lemonheads, Jawbreakers, and Boston Baked Beans
Ricola Herbal throat drops and candies
Swizzels Matlow Fizzing and popping candies
De Bron Liquorice and salty licorice

These major candy companies produce some of the most recognizable and popular hard candy brands across the globe. Their products can be found in candy aisles worldwide.

Most Popular Hard Candy in America

In the U.S. market, some of the most popular hard candies include:

  • Jolly Rancher candies
  • Werther’s Original caramels
  • Lifesavers mints
  • Charms Blow Pops
  • Tootsie Roll Pops
  • Starlight mints
  • Brach’s cinnamon hard candies
  • Chuckles jelly candies
  • Jawbreakers
  • Smarties candy rolls

Many of these candies evoke nostalgia in American consumers. Brands like Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, and Tootsie Pops have been popular for generations. The candies provide classic fruit, mint, and caramel flavors in convenient hard candy formats.

Regional Favorites

Certain hard candies also have strong regional followings in different parts of the United States:

  • Salt water taffy is popular in Atlantic coastal towns
  • Maple candy is beloved in New England
  • Idaho Spud bars are favorites in the Pacific Northwest
  • Peach blossom candies are popular in the South
  • Cherry Mash is iconic in the Midwest

These regional treats reflect local cultures, ingredients, and traditions.

Most Popular Hard Candies for Holidays

Certain hard candies have become iconic for holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas:

Holiday Popular Hard Candies
Halloween Candy corn, candy pumpkins, Ghost Sours candies
Valentine’s Day Conversation hearts, candy necklaces, red cinnamon hearts
Christmas Candy canes, ribbon candy, mint pillows
Easter Jelly beans, Peeps Marshmallow candies, Robin Eggs

Candy makers produce special themed candies annually for these major holidays. Creative shapes, festive colors, and seasonal flavors make these hard candies perennial favorites.

Most Popular Halloween Hard Candies

For Halloween, some of the most loved hard candy treats include:

  • Candy corn – Iconic triangular candy in fall colors
  • Candy pumpkins – Pumpkin-shaped peanut butter or marshmallow candies
  • Ghost Sours – Assorted sour fruit candies in ghost shapes
  • Creepy Crawlers – Gelatin candies in scary shapes
  • Gummy worms or spiders – Chewy gelatin candies
  • Halloween PEZ – PEZ bricks with pumpkin heads and bats
  • Candy skulls – Sugar skulls decorated with bright designs
  • Wax lips or teeth – Novelty candy made of wax

These festive candies appeal to trick-or-treaters’ Halloween spirit. The spooky shapes and flavors provide seasonal fun.

Health Benefits and Concerns with Hard Candies

Hard candies have few inherent health benefits as they are predominantly made of sugar. However, some benefits and health concerns associated with hard candies include:

Potential Benefits

  • Provide a quick energy boost from sugar
  • Can help relieve a sore throat or cough when medicated
  • Offer nostalgia and enjoyment in moderation
  • Minty flavors promote fresh breath

Potential Concerns

  • Eating too many can lead to cavities or other dental issues
  • Overconsumption may contribute to weight gain and other problems
  • Some ingredients like artificial colors and corn syrup are controversial
  • Choking hazards, especially for young children

Enjoying hard candies sparingly can be part of an overall balanced diet. But moderation is key, as with any sugary treat. Consulting a dentist and doctor can help assess any potential impacts of favorite hard candies.


Hard candies have delighted people for generations with their crunchy shells and chewy, flavorful centers. Iconic brands like Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, and Werther’s Originals are staples around the world. Fruit flavors, minty flavors, holiday shapes, and novelty candies keep consumers coming back for these tasty sugar treats. In reasonable amounts, these candies can be an enjoyable part of special occasions and everyday life.