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What is the TikTok trend baked beans?

The baked beans TikTok trend refers to videos where users show themselves eating cans of baked beans in abnormal, silly, or surprising ways. This odd trend became popular in mid-2022 and continues to gain views and new iterations on the platform.

How did the baked bean trend start?

The exact origins of the baked bean TikTok trend are unclear, but it seems to have started sometime in Spring 2022. Some of the earliest baked bean videos came from TikTok user @420doggface208, who filmed himself happily eating beans in his car and dancing to catchy songs. His bean videos went viral, racking up millions of likes.

The ridiculousness of enthusiastically eating plain canned beans resonated with the TikTok community’s weird sense of humor. Soon after, more users began posting their own silly bean videos, often with the caption “What flavor beans are those?” as an inside joke referring to @420doggface208’s original. Eating beans quickly became a popular meme and trend.

What do baked bean TikTok videos show?

While baked bean videos may seem nonsensical to outsiders, they have become a whole subgenre on TikTok. Common themes and tropes have emerged within the trend:

  • Exuberantly eating beans from the can, sometimes spilled all over themselves
  • Bizarre mukbang videos featuring mountains of beans or bean recipes
  • “Bean hacks” like making baked beans on toast, bean brownies, jelly bean sandwiches
  • Absurd situations like eating beans at inappropriate times or places
  • Dancing or lip-syncing while eating beans
  • Reviews and rankings of different bean brands or flavors

Often these videos feature someone happily consuming beans in excessive amounts or in funny contexts. The beans themselves take center stage as the star of the show.

Why did baked beans become a trend?

There are a few factors that may explain why baked beans caught on as a viral TikTok meme:

  • Beans are an inexpensive, accessible food that most people have tried
  • Eating them straight from the can feels silly and childish
  • Their texture and look makes them interesting on camera
  • Beans have a association with fart jokes and crude humor
  • Absurdity and randomness are popular forms of humor on TikTok

Beans are a food most people have opinions on, so they make for an easily relatable and meme-worthy subject. Silly bean videos resonate with Gen Z’s surreal sense of humor.

Notable baked bean TikTokers

Certain TikTok creators have risen to prominence through baked bean videos and become well-known “bean Tokers.” Some of the most popular include:

  • @420doggface208 – Originator of the trend with videos dancing to Fleetwood Mac songs while eating beans in his car
  • @beantoes88 – Posts mukbangs featuring absurd amounts of baked beans or bean recipes
  • @charlesbestdressed – Added his own comedic twist by reviewing bean flavors in a suit and fancy attire
  • @bakedbeansprincess – Leans into “bean queen” persona with videos focused solely on beans
  • @sisterbean – Popular duo who incorporate beans into funny skits and songs

These are just a few of the most watched bean accounts. There are hundreds more creators who have joined in on the bean hype and accumulated thousands of followers in the process.

Baked bean trend controversy

While mostly lighthearted, the online baked bean craze has spurred some minor controversies:

  • Wasted food: Some viewers criticize bean videos as excessive or wasteful when showing edible cans of beans being dumped on the floor.
  • Messiness: Videos of people pouring beans on themselves in cars or public places also frustrate commenters who view it as making unnecessary messes.
  • Overeating: Concerns have been raised about promoting overconsumption or binge eating in bean mukbang videos.

However, most baked bean TikTok creators view the videos as just silly fun. The trend shares similarities with mukbang and food challenge YouTube trends that also involve indulgent eating on camera for entertainment.

Impact on bean sales and consumption

The viral baked bean TikTok videos have had a measurable impact on bean sales. Some statistics include:

  • Heinz reported a 9.7% boost in baked bean sales in 2022 directly attributed to TikTok trends.
  • According to data analytics firm Afsy, global searches for “baked beans” increased over 300% after the trend took off.
  • Waitrose supermarket chain saw baked bean sales rise 11% in April 2022 compared to the previous year.

Both major bean brands like Heinz and more regional or organic brands have benefited from beans’ new star status thanks to TikTok. Grocery stores have taken notice and sometimes limit bean purchases to keep up with demand.

Some restaurants have also added baked bean menu items or partnered with TikTok bean influencers on promotional bean recipes.

It’s clear the TikTok videos have boosted interest and consumption of baked beans among Gen Z consumers.

Baked beans nutrition facts

So what exactly are in those cans bringing so much TikTok joy? Here are some nutrition facts on baked beans:

Nutrient Amount (in 1 cup serving)
Calories 255
Protein 14.4g
Carbohydrates 44.9g
Fiber 11.3g
Sugar 8.7g
Fat 0.9g
Sodium 447mg

Beans are packed with protein and fiber. They make for a nutrient-dense, budget-friendly food. Eating them moderately can be part of a healthy diet.

Benefits of beans

Some of the top health benefits of beans include:

  • High in protein and fiber which promotes feelings of fullness
  • Low in fat
  • High in key vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium and folate
  • May help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Because they are so filling they can aid in weight loss by displacing other higher-calorie foods

Beans are truly a nutritional powerhouse and worthy of their revived TikTok fame.

The future of the baked bean TikTok trend

It’s unclear if baked beans will remain the talk of TikTok, or if the bean love will eventually fade. Most viral video trends come in waves of popularity. However, because beans are such an accessible, versatile food, creative TikTok users will likely find new ways to incorporate them into content.

Some possibilities for the future of the bean trend include:

  • More bean mukbangs pushing the limits of excess
  • Using beans in absurd situations for shock humor
  • Reviewing newly launched bean brands or flavors
  • Trying cooking hacks like making bean cakes, desserts or alcohol
  • Branded content partnerships between bean companies and bean influencers

Beans also lend themselves well to evolution into more video formats like skits or music videos. Overall, expect the legume to maintain a steady presence within the unpredictable world of TikTok trends.


The TikTok baked bean trend highlights the platform’s power to ignite waves of fascination in everyday items. What started as one man flavorfully eating beans in his car spawned a whole viral genre with its own subculture. Brands have benefited from the exposure, as bean sales are up across the board.

At its core, the trend taps into the human desire for lighthearted humor about food. Beans simply serve as an accessible prop for that comedic impulse. While the trajectory of any TikTok trend is uncertain, the baked bean movement showcases the app’s ability to shape pop culture in surprising ways.