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What is Zoro 9 sword style called?

Roronoa Zoro, one of the main characters in the popular anime and manga series One Piece, is known for his unique fighting style that utilizes three swords. This has led fans to wonder what this three sword style is officially called in the One Piece world. In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and look at the details of Zoro’s signature technique.

Zoro’s Santoryu Sword Style

Zoro’s three sword style is officially known as “Santoryu” in the original Japanese series. This can be translated to “Three Sword Style” in English. Santoryu is a style that Zoro uniquely created and employs in battle, allowing him to wield a sword in each hand and one in his mouth simultaneously. Only the most skilled swordsmen are able to effectively use three swords at once in combat.

By using three swords, Zoro can unleash various powerful techniques that take advantage of the multiple blades. With Santoryu, he can attack with three swords simultaneously for devastating damage. Or he can use two swords for attacking while defending with the third. The additional sword also allows for combos and techniques that would not be possible with just two swords. Overall, Santoryu provides Zoro with much greater offensive capabilities, versatility, and defense compared to regular one or two sword styles.

Origin and Development

According to the One Piece storyline, Zoro developed Santoryu because he felt that two sword style was not sufficient for his goals. As a young boy training at a dojo, Zoro challenged his teacher Koshiro to train him in the art of swordsmanship. Recognizing Zoro’s passion, Koshiro agreed to pass down his two sword styleNitoryu to Zoro.

Zoro trained diligently in Nitoryu and soon mastered the techniques. But he came to realize that to reach his full potential as a swordsman, he needed to go beyond Nitoryu. After developing the physical strength to use three swords, Zoro began creating the movements and techniques of Santoryu. Through extensive solo training and battle experience, he innovated various attacks to take full advantage of three simultaneous blades.

As Zoro grew stronger in One Piece, he continued to refine Santoryu by inventing new moves and increasing his speed and precision. His Santoryu skills progressed until he became an extremely formidable swordsman feared by enemies and respected by allies. Even other powerful swordsmen are astonished at Zoro’s ability to expertly wield three swords at once in combat.

Unique Aspects

There are several unique aspects that characterize Zoro’s Santoryu style:

  • Using three swords – The core of Santoryu is fighting with a sword held in each hand and one in the mouth. This allows for multiplied striking power.
  • High speed techniques – Zoro can execute blindingly fast attacks by coordinating his three swords.
  • Powerful projectile techniques – Zoro can use the air pressure from his sword swings to create slicing projectiles that act as ranged attacks.
  • Creative use of third sword – The third sword can be used in conjunction with the other two for innovative techniques.
  • Enhanced versatility – Santoryu provides more options for attacking, defending, and countering compared to traditional styles.

It is these characteristics that make Santoryu such a versatile and dangerous style in Zoro’s hands.

Signature Techniques

Throughout One Piece, Zoro has revealed a number of powerful signature techniques that he employs using his Santoryu style. Here are some of his most iconic moves:

Oni Giri (Demon Slash)

One of Zoro’s earliest Santoryu techniques. He holds his two swords horizontal and perpendicular, then performs a descending slash with both simultaneously. This move forms a cross shape and can deal heavy damage.

Tora Gari (Tiger Hunt)

Zoro leaps forward while spinning rapidly with his swords extended. This turns him into a ferocious slicing cyclone that shreds anyone caught in the technique.

Santoryu Ogi: Sanzen Sekai (Three Thousand Worlds)

One of Zoro’s most powerful attacks. He holds two swords in front of him pointing at the enemy, then rapidly spins them while rushing forward. This creates a vortex of slicing attacks capable of shredding foes. The name implies the victim is cut thousands of times.

Hyakuhachi Pound Ho (108 Pound Phoenix)

Zoro swings his swords so forcefully that he generates a flashy orb of spiraling air pressure that can inflict severe damage and rend steel.

Santoryu Ogi: Rokudo no Tsuji (Crossing of Six Paths)

Considered by enemies as the ultimate Santoryu technique. Zoro manages to slice through six thick steel bars instantaneously while calmly walking past them. Showcases his unparalleled skill.

Strengths and Advantages

There are several key strengths and advantages that Zoro’s Santoryu sword style provides him in battle:

  • Offensive Power – With three swords attacking at once, the amount of force and damage inflicted is multiplied compared to one or two swords.
  • Simultaneous Attack and Defense – Zoro can defend with one sword while attacking with the other two. This compensates for the lack of shield.
  • Unpredictability – Having three swords makes Zoro’s attacks more complex and unpredictable.
  • Wider Range of Techniques – Santoryu allows a vast assortment of techniques not feasible with just one or two swords.
  • Quicker Flow Between Techniques – Transitions and combinations happen rapidly by coordinating three blades.
  • Adaptable Fighting Style – Zoro can modify his techniques based on the situation, going all-offense or focusing on counterattacks.

Against most enemies, these advantages make Zoro almost unstoppable in close quarters sword fighting.

Weaknesses and Limitations

However, Santoryu also comes with some disadvantages that can potentially be exploited:

  • Physically Demanding – Requires enormous strength, stamina, and endurance to constantly maneuver three swords.
  • Delayed Draw Time – Takes longer to initially draw and prepare three swords compared to one.
  • More Complex Coordination – Controlling three blades simultaneously is extremely difficult and can leave openings if not mastered.
  • Lower Defense – No free hand to block, so dependent on dodging, parrying with sword, or attacking to defend.
  • Higher Risk Factor – Greater chance of self-harm due to managing multiple swords.
  • Crippling If Disarmed – Becomes much less effective if disarmed of one or more swords during battle.

Facing opponents who can avoid his attacks or exploit these weaknesses can give Zoro trouble, forcing him to improvise.

Role and Significance in One Piece

In the context of the One Piece story, Zoro’s Santoryu sword style plays an important role and has great significance:

  • Crucial to his goal of becoming the greatest swordsman – Santoryu provides the offensive power and versatility needed to defeat the world’s best swordsmen.
  • Define him as one of the crew’s top fighters – His Santoryu skills make Zoro one of the Monster Trio capable of taking on the toughest opponents.
  • Uniquely represents his Bushido samurai spirit – The style embodies concepts like discipline, skill perfection, and fight-ending strikes.
  • Solidifies place as a Supernova – His mastery of such an unorthodox style boosted his reputation entering the Grand Line.
  • Integral to many key battles – Victory often depends on Zoro being able to utilize his full Santoryu potential.
  • Strengthens leadership as first mate – Zoro’s Santoryu reinforces his role as second-in-command who has captain Luffy’s trust in difficult fights.

Without his signature Santoryu sword style, Zoro would likely not be the same feared swordsman and right-hand man to Luffy that fans admire.


Zoro’s unique three sword style Santoryu allows him to stand out as one of the most capable swordsmen and combatants in the One Piece universe. It synergizes perfectly with his Bushido mentality, grants him multiplied striking power and options in battle, and enables him to pull off amazing techniques. While difficult to master and not without weaknesses, Santoryu is a crucial part of what makes Roronoa Zoro the Pirate Hunter fans love watching slice up enemies with his blades.