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What kind of cheese is used in Cajun cooking?

If you’re a fan of spicy Cajun cuisine, you might be wondering what kind of cheese is typically used in this style of cooking. While cheese isn’t always a prominent ingredient in Cajun dishes, it can add a welcome burst of flavor and texture to many dishes. In this post, we’ll explore some popular types of cheese used in Cajun cooking, as well as some delicious recipes that incorporate cheese.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Sharp cheddar cheese is a popular choice for Cajun cooking because it’s tangy and bold flavor pairs well with the spicy and savory flavors of this cuisine. This type of cheese goes well in dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and traditional Cajun mac and cheese. In mac and cheese, the sharp cheddar creates a creamy and rich sauce that complements the spiciness of Cajun spices like cayenne pepper and smoked paprika.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese isn’t typically associated with Cajun cuisine, but it’s actually a great addition to many dishes. This Italian cheese has a nutty flavor that pairs well with the earthy and spicy tastes of Cajun food. It works well in dishes like blackened fish with Parmesan grits, where the cheese is mixed into the savory grits to add depth of flavor.

Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere cheese is a milder option that still adds a welcome flavor to Cajun dishes. It is a Swiss cheese with a rich and buttery taste that complements the spicier notes of Cajun spices. Gruyere cheese is often used in dishes like Cajun quiche, where the cheese binds together the flavors of the eggs, peppers, onions, and sausage.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a stronger cheese that is typically used in moderation in Cajun cuisine. Its pungent flavor can be overpowering if used in large quantities, but when used sparingly it adds a unique kick to dishes like blackened steak salad with blue cheese dressing. The creamy dressing made with chunks of blue cheese complements the spicy flavors of the steak and adds a tangy note to the dish overall.

Recipes Featuring Cheese in Cajun Cooking

Here are some delicious recipes that showcase the different types of cheese used in Cajun cooking:

Cajun Mac and Cheese with Sharp Cheddar

– Ingredients:
– 1 ½ cups elbow macaroni
– 2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
– 1 cup milk
– 2 tbsp. flour
– 1 tsp. smoked paprika
– 1 tsp. garlic powder
– Pinch of cayenne pepper
– Instructions:
1. Cook the macaroni according to the package instructions and set aside.
2. In a saucepan, whisk together the flour, paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.
3. Slowly add the milk, whisking constantly to prevent clumps.
4. Add the shredded cheddar cheese and continue to stir until it melts into a smooth sauce.
5. Mix the cooked macaroni into the cheese sauce.
6. Serve hot with a sprinkle of Cajun seasoning on top.

Cajun Quiche with Gruyere Cheese

– Ingredients:
– 1 piecrust
– 3 eggs
– 1/2 cup milk
– 1/2 cup heavy cream
– 1/2 cup cooked andouille sausage
– 1/2 red bell pepper, diced
– 1/2 onion, diced
– 1/2 cup Gruyere cheese, shredded
– Salt and pepper to taste
– Instructions:
1. Preheat the oven to 375 F.
2. Bake the pie crust for 10 minutes and then remove from oven.
3. In a skillet, sauté the onion and red bell pepper until soft.
4. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, and heavy cream.
5. Mix in the cooked sausage, sautéed onions and bell peppers, and the shredded Gruyere cheese. Season the mixture with salt and pepper.
6. Pour the mixture into the prepared pie crust.
7. Bake the quiche for 35-40 minutes, or until the eggs are fully set.

Blackened Fish with Parmesan Grits

– Ingredients:
– 4 boneless, skinless fish fillets
– 2 tsp. Cajun seasoning
– 1/4 cup butter
– 2 cups chicken broth
– 1 cup grits
– 1 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
– Salt and pepper to taste
– Instructions:
1. Season the fish fillets with Cajun seasoning on both sides.
2. In a skillet, melt the butter over medium-high heat.
3. Add the seasoned fish fillets and cook for 5-6 minutes on each side, or until fully cooked.
4. In a separate pot, bring the chicken broth to a boil.
5. Add the grits and reduce the heat to low, stirring consistently for 15 minutes.
6. Once the grits are cooked, remove from heat and add the Parmesan cheese. Stir until the cheese is fully melted and incorporated into the grits.
7. Serve the blackened fish on a bed of Parmesan grits.


While cheese may not be the first ingredient that comes to mind when thinking about Cajun cuisine, the right cheese can add a wonderful boost of flavor to many delicious and spicy dishes. Whether you opt for sharp cheddar, Parmesan, Gruyere, or blue cheese, these cheeses can all add a unique and memorable twist to your favorite spicy Cajun recipes.


Does cheese go in gumbo?

The answer to whether cheese goes in gumbo is a bit more complex than a simple yes or no. First of all, it depends on the type of gumbo you are making. Gumbo is a traditional stew or soup that originates from Louisiana, where it is typically made with seafood, sausage, and a roux-based sauce. However, there are many variations of gumbo that incorporate different proteins, vegetables, and spices.

In some versions of gumbo, particularly those that feature seafood such as shrimp or crab, cheese is not commonly added. This is because the delicate flavor of the seafood can be easily overwhelmed by the strong taste and texture of cheese. Additionally, many traditional gumbo recipes do not call for cheese as an ingredient.

On the other hand, there are some variations of gumbo that do include cheese as a key ingredient. For instance, chicken and sausage gumbo is a popular recipe that often calls for a combination of cheddar and Parmesan cheeses to be added to the roux-based sauce. The cheese helps to add creaminess and depth of flavor to the dish, without overpowering the other ingredients.

Whether or not you include cheese in your gumbo is entirely up to personal preference. If you enjoy the rich, warm flavor of gooey melted cheese, you may want to experiment with adding it to your favorite gumbo recipe. However, if you are a purist when it comes to traditional Cajun or Creole cuisine, you may prefer to stick with a cheese-free recipe.

What does Cajun cheese taste like?

Cajun cheese is a flavor-packed cheese that is popular in the Southern United States and especially in Louisiana. It is a type of cheese that is made by mixing spices and herbs, commonly found in Cajun cooking, with cheddar cheese curds. The result is a cheese with a distinctive taste that combines heat with creaminess.

When you taste the Cajun cheese, the first thing that you will notice is the spice. The blend of cumin, oregano, garlic, thyme, and paprika gives Cajun cheese a unique taste that is not too overpowering but definitely brings the heat. The spice provides a smoky flavor that is evident in every bite. Cajun cheese is not particularly sharp but rather has a soft, slightly salty flavor that is perfect for snacking.

Another notable feature of Cajun cheese is its texture. It has a slightly crumbly texture that makes it perfect for snacking by itself or as a topping for various dishes. Additionally, when heated, it becomes soft and slightly melted, which is perfect for melting over dishes like chili or nachos.

Cajun cheese has a unique and delectable taste that is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of spice to their life. It is both creamy and spicy, and its flavor profile pairs well with other Southern dishes like gumbo and jambalaya. So, whether you’re from the South or just looking to try out a new type of cheese, give Cajun cheese a try and enjoy its rich and creamy flavor with a hint of spice.

What is the secret ingredient in gumbo?

Gumbo is a famous Southern American dish that originated in Louisiana. It is a thick and flavorful stew that can be made with a variety of ingredients, such as meats, seafood, vegetables, and spices. One of the most interesting things about gumbo is that every cook seems to have their own unique take on the recipe, and this includes adding their secret ingredient.

When it comes to the secret ingredient in gumbo, opinions vary. However, one ingredient that consistently pops up in conversations with gumbo aficionados is chicken stock. It is commonly known that making gumbo requires a dark roux, which is made by browning flour and oil in a pan. The roux provides a nutty flavor, thickens the gumbo, and gives it its signature dark color.

While the roux is essential, the right stock can take the dish to a whole new level. Chicken broth is rich in flavor and adds a depth of savory taste to the gumbo. Chicken stock is made by simmering chicken bones, vegetables, and herbs in water for a long period, and it helps to achieve that authentic gumbo taste. The use of chicken stock adds a complexity of flavor and creates a depth that beef and vegetable stocks just can’t provide.

It is also worth noting that the quality of the ingredients used plays a big role in the outcome of the dish. Some people believe that the secret ingredient is a particular spice or fresh seafood. Others swear by adding a touch of file powder or a mix of hot sauces. While all of these things can undoubtedly add their own unique flavor, the use of chicken stock is consistently mentioned by some as being a crucial component.

Although many people have their own take on the recipe, it appears that using chicken stock is a secret ingredient that has a significant impact on gumbo’s flavor. It is not essential, of course, and you can certainly create a tasty gumbo without it, but a rich and flavorful chicken stock can take your dish to new heights.