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What name means sunshine for a girl?

There are many beautiful girl names that mean or are related to sunshine. Sunshine evokes feelings of warmth, brightness, and positivity – all wonderful meanings for a baby girl’s name. Parents looking for a happy, uplifting name for their daughter may want to consider one of these sunshine-inspired names.

Girl Names Meaning Sunshine

Here are some of the top girl names that directly translate to the meaning “sunshine” in various cultures and languages:


Aditi is a name used in India that means “the shining one” or “sun goddess” in Sanskrit. In Hindu mythology, Aditi is the mother of the gods. This cheerful name gives off a vibrant, luminous vibe.


Alba is a name with Latin roots meaning “bright, white” and is the Italian word for “sunrise.” It’s currently ranked in the top 200 girl names in Spain. Another related option is Alva, a Scandinavian name derived from the Germanic element “albh” also meaning “white, bright.”


Helia is a modern Greek name meaning “sun ray.” In Greek mythology, Helia was a maiden associated with sunshine. For an ancient Greek feel, Helia is a unique and radiant pick.

Huo Jing

Huo jing is a Chinese name that means “fire sunshine.” It has a fiery, powerful energy perfect for a little girl full of spark. The character 火 in Huo Jing is also used in other Chinese girl names like Xiahui meaning “summer sunshine” and Xiaohui meaning “little sunshine.”


Marisol is a Spanish name meaning “sea and sun.” It comes from Mary/Maria and sol meaning “sun.” Marisol has a bright, cheerful sound and rhythmic flow. It was most popular from the 1960s to 1980s and is still used frequently today.


Nuru is a Swahili name meaning “born at sunrise” or simply “sunshine.” It’s a natural, earthy choice with deep African roots. Actress Nuru Mass has brought attention to this radiant name.


Samia is an Arabic name meaning “exalted” or “high in rank.” It comes from the Arabic root “s-m-y” relating to “sunshine” or “sun at noon.” Samia is pronounced sah-MEE-ah. It’s currently a Top 20 girl name in Saudi Arabia.


Solana comes from sol meaning “sun” in Spanish. Full of warmth and positivity, it’s similar to names like Stella and Luna but with its own distinct vibe. Solana ranks in the Top 500 names and is trending upward.

Names Related to Sunshine and Light

Here are additional bright, sun-inspired names for girls:


Apollonia comes from Apollo, the Greek and Roman god of sun and light. Famously used in the movie “The Godfather”, this ancient name is seeing a comeback.


Aurelia is a Latin name meaning “golden one.” It conjures radiant golden sunshine. The related Aurelius was the name of a Roman emperor.


Dawn represents the fresh beauty of sunrise, a new beginning every day. As a name, Dawn peaked in the 1970s but still sounds bright and hopeful.


Elaine comes from French origins meaning “sun ray, shining light.” Elaine was the name of mythic Camelot queen paired with King Arthur. Lucy or Elena could also fit the “light” theme.


Eliana is a modern Hebrew name meaning “my God has answered.” It has ties to Elijah and means “God of the sun” in its masculine form. Eliana entered the Top 100 in 2021.


Eliora is a fresh take on Ellie and Nora meaning “the Lord is my light” in Hebrew. It’s a creative spin with built-in nickname options like Ellie, Elly, or Liora.


Ember has ties to a glowing spark or flame. It carries a fiery, luminous vibe while still fitting in with other popular nature names like River, Willow, and Luna.


Lucia comes from the Latin lux meaning “light.” Saint Lucia was known as the saint of light. It’s hugely popular in Scandinavia as well as Italy. Lucy, Luciana, Lucille are related picks.


Malia is a Hawaiian name meaning “probably gentle, possibly calm.” In Hawaiian mythology, Malia was a goddess of the dawn. It shares roots with the Hawaiian word “malie” meaning “serene.”


Nora traces back to the Latin/Greek eleanor meaning “light.” Popularized by writer Nora Ephron, it fittingly means “light” like its counterpart name Eleanor.


Phoebe comes from Greek mythology – it was another name for the goddess of the moon Artemis. But it’s related to Phoebus, meaning “radiant, shining one.”


Rory has Irish Gaelic roots and derives from “ruadh”, meaning “red” and “regal.” The connection to “red” gives it solar vibes. Rory is rising in popularity for girls.


Soleil is the French word for “sun”, making it a direct sunshine name pick. Made famous by actress Soleil Moon Frye, it’s a natural choice for Francophiles.


Stella is a traditional Latin name meaning “star.” But its association with stars also gives Stella a sunny, celestial vibe. Stella was popular in the early 1900s and is on the rise again.

Sunshine Names By Origin

Here is an overview of sunshine-inspired baby girl names sorted by origin:

Hebrew Sunshine Names

  • Aliza – “joyful”
  • Daniella – “God is my light”
  • Eden – “place of delight”
  • Noa – “movement”
  • Ori – “my light”
  • Orli – “light of God”

Spanish Sunshine Names

  • Alba
  • Alma – “soul”
  • Clara – “clear, bright”
  • Diana – “divine”
  • Iris – “rainbow”
  • Lucia

Greek Sunshine Names

  • Helia
  • Phoebe
  • Apollonia
  • Helios – “sun”
  • Photina – “light”
  • Thea – “goddess”

Native American Sunshine Names

  • Aponi – “butterfly”
  • Willa – “resolute protector”
  • Wyanet – “ray of sunlight”
  • Chaska – “first born daughter”
  • Wakanda – “magical, mystical”
  • Catori – “spirit”

Hawaiian Sunshine Names

  • Leilani – “heavenly flower”
  • Malia
  • Lani – “sky, heaven”
  • Kai – “sea”
  • Akela – “noble”
  • Keala – “the pathway”


A baby name meaning “sunshine” or bringing sunshine to mind is a joyful, meaningful choice for a baby girl. Names like Alba, Samia, Apollonia, Nora, Solana, and Stella capture the essence of light and positivity. From origins like Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Hawaiian, and more – there are sunshine-inspired names from cultures around the world. Considering your heritage, style, and preferences will help you find the perfect warm, bright name for your little ray of sunshine.