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What prayer should I say every night?

Every night, a good prayer to say is a prayer of gratitude. Thank God for another day of life and all of the struggles and joys that have come along with it. Thank Him for the people in your life who bring you comfort and joy, for your health and for the opportunities that He has provided for you.

Ask for guidance and His wisdom to help make important decisions and to make the most of each day. Ask for His protection from any dangers or setbacks that may come your way.

And finally, end your prayer with a request for peace both within yourself and with your fellow man. May all of the people in your life be guided by God’s light and may the world around you find peace.


What are the 3 powerful prayers?

The three powerful prayers that many people turn to for guidance and support are the Lord’s Prayer, the Serenity Prayer, and the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The Lord’s Prayer, also known as the “Our Father Prayer,” is one of the most widely known and recognized prayers in Christianity. It comes from the New Testament book of Matthew, where Jesus teaches it to disciples.

The basic outline of the prayer is a request to God to provide guidance, strength, and protection. The prayer also asks for forgiveness, mercy, and healing.

The Serenity Prayer, written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, is often quoted to provide strength and calm in times of distress. It asks for the serenity to accept the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that can be changed, and wisdom to know the difference.

The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi is a prayer that is focused on love and humility. It declares the quest for inner peace and understanding of God’s will. The prayer encourages readers to strive for the love of God and neighbor and to seek the inner peace that God promises.

These three powerful prayers provide comfort and strength to those who turn to them for guidance. They offer hope and assurance of God’s presence and grace, and many people find solace in their words.

How should a beginner pray?

For beginners, prayer can be intimidating or overwhelming. It is important to take it slow and not feel like you have to do it perfectly or get it right. Here are some suggestions for how a beginner might approach prayer:

1. Establish a Set Time: One of the first steps in prayer is to find a set time to do it. It can be once a day or several times throughout the day depending on the individual.

2. Set the Space: Creating a dedicated space to pray can make the experience much more meaningful and powerful. It can be anywhere, such as a room in your home, a chair outside, or a park.

3. Start Small: Start with simple prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer as a basis. Don’t feel pressure to do better or longer prayers right away. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow in your prayer life.

4. Speak From the Heart: Prayers don’t have to be long or eloquent. Instead, use language that is honest and from the heart. Speak from the truth of your own experience, even if it is difficult.

5. Listen and Reflect: Once you are finished speaking, take the time to sit in stillness and reflect on what you said. Listen to how you felt and allow yourself to wholeheartedly accept what comes.

6. Develop a Dialogue: Prayer isn’t a one-way conversation. Talk to God like a trusted friend, express your joy and sorrow, and listen for answers or insights.

Above all, it is important to remember that praying does not have to be long and complicated. Keep it simple and continue to practice over time to build a strong relationship with God.

What is a good night prayer for God protection?

Dear Lord,

I come before you in prayer tonight asking for your divine protection and care. I thank you for watching over me and keeping me safe from harm. I pray that you would keep me and my family safe throughout the night and guard us from any danger.

I thank you that you are a shield and a fortress, and no evil can prevail against me while I am in your presence.

I ask that you would cover us with your love and grace and help us to trust in you utterly. I pray that you would bless us with an abundance of joy, peace and contentment and fill us with the joy of your salvation.

Help us to sleep deeply and soundly throughout the night. May your angels of peace watch over us and protect us throughout the dark hours of the night.

In Jesus’s name I pray.


How do you pray over your bed?

Praying over your bed is a great way to invite God’s peace to enter your bedroom and to reflect on His goodness and grace. Here are a few suggestions on how to pray over your bed:

1. Start with thanksgiving: Take a few moments to thank God for the blessings in your life, especially praising Him for His love and grace.

2. Invite God’s presence into your bedroom: Invite God’s presence into your bedroom by asking Him to dwell in your room.

3. Pray for protection: Pray for protection for you, your family, and your household. Ask God to keep away any negative influences or sources of temptation.

4. Pray for His guidance: Ask God to guide and direct you and your family in everything you do.

5. Pray for peace: Pray that God would fill your bedroom with peace, providing a place of rest and refreshment.

6. Conclude by offering your love to God: Finally, thank God for everything He has done and offer your love and devotion in return.