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What series is LOL Spice in?

LOL Spice is a character that originated in the LOL Surprise doll line by MGA Entertainment. She was first introduced in 2018 as part of the LOL Surprise OMG doll collection. LOL Surprise dolls have become incredibly popular over the years, spawning various toy lines, web series, movies, and more. With so many different LOL Surprise products out there, it can be confusing to keep track of which specific toy lines and entertainment franchises each character belongs to. This article will provide a quick overview of the LOL Surprise brand and then detail specifically which LOL Surprise series LOL Spice appears in.

Overview of LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise originally launched in 2016 with the release of the first LOL Surprise balls. These collectible balls could be opened to reveal hidden layers of surprises, including dolls, accessories, stickers, clothing, and more. The brand became massively popular, with over 800 million LOL Surprise toys sold globally by 2021.

After the success of the surprise balls, MGA Entertainment expanded the LOL Surprise brand into a variety of other toy lines, including:

  • LOL Surprise Dolls – Fashion dolls with accessories, pets, and surprise reveals.
  • LOL Surprise OMG Dolls – Larger “tween” style fashion dolls.
  • LOL Surprise Remix Dolls – Feature colorful hair and music functions.
  • LOL Surprise Boys – Male characters were introduced in 2019.
  • LOL Surprise Furniture – Dollhouses and playsets for the dolls.
  • LOL Surprise Pets – Pet companions for the LOL Surprise dolls.
  • LOL Surprise #OOTD – Outfit of the Day fashion packs.

In addition to the toys, the LOL Surprise brand has expanded into web series, movies, books, clothing, bedding, party supplies, and more. It is now one of the most popular doll franchises in the world.

LOL Surprise Series Overview

Within the larger LOL Surprise brand universe, there are a few key entertainment series that LOL Surprise characters may appear in:

LOL Surprise! (YouTube Series)

This animated web series premiered on YouTube in 2018. Each 5-7 minute episode focuses on the daily lives and adventures of the LOL Surprise dolls and pets. The series serves to develop the characters’ personalities and relationships as they attend school, throw slumber parties, form bands, compete in sports, and more.

LOL Surprise: The Movie

In 2021, an animated LOL Surprise feature film was released on Netflix. In the movie, the LOL Surprise characters are transported from their modern world into an alternate royal kingdom universe.

LOL Surprise Remix Music Video Series

Launched in 2022, this YouTube series features the LOL Surprise Remix characters starring in music videos for remixes of popular songs. Each 3-4 minute video shows the Remix dolls singing, rapping, and dancing.

Where LOL Spice Appears

Now that we’ve covered the main entertainment series in the LOL Surprise universe, we can detail exactly where the character LOL Spice appears:

  • LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Doll Line: LOL Spice was first introduced as one of the LOL Surprise OMG (Oh My Gosh) fashion dolls in 2018. The OMG dolls are larger, more mature-looking collectible dolls aimed at older children compared to the standard LOL Surprise dolls.
  • LOL Surprise (YouTube Series): As one of the OMG Fashion dolls, LOL Spice appears as a main character in the LOL Surprise animated web series. She can be seen in many episodes attending school with the other LOL dolls and having various adventures.
  • LOL Surprise: The Movie: LOL Spice appears as a supporting character in the 2021 LOL Surprise Netflix movie. She travels to the alternate royal kingdom universe along with the other LOL dolls.
  • LOL Surprise Remix Music Videos: LOL Spice stars alongside her fellow LOL OMG dolls in many of the LOL Surprise Remix music videos launched in 2022.

So in summary, LOL Spice originated as part of the LOL Surprise OMG doll line, and has gone on to appear regularly in the LOL Surprise animated web series, movie, and music video series. She is one of the core LOL Surprise characters that features across many of the brand’s entertainment franchises.

LOL Spice Doll Details

Since LOL Spice comes from the LOL Surprise OMG doll line, here are some more details on her specific doll:

  • LOL Spice has bright red hair styled in space buns with chopped bangs.
  • Her outfit includes a red zip-up top, black leggings with prints, black boots, and a black cap.
  • She comes with 10 surprises, including a secret message, bottle, accessory, shoes, outfit, and stickers.
  • LOL Spice dolls were first released in wave 1 of the LOL Surprise OMG dolls in 2018.
  • She is classified as a “Glam Club” doll within the OMG line.
  • Her nickname is “Spicy Babe.”
  • Her birthday is June 21.
  • Her interests include music, dancing, and Performing.
  • Her personality is described as confident, edgy, and passionate.

So in the LOL Surprise toy line itself, LOL Spice can be collected as one of the posable LOL Surprise OMG fashion dolls. Fans can play with her doll and accessories or display her in their collection.

Notable LOL Spice Moments

Throughout her appearances across LOL Surprise media, LOL Spice has had a number of memorable and noteworthy moments:

LOL Surprise Web Series Moments

  • Performing at the school talent show with a hip-hop dance routine.
  • Getting ready for a red carpet event with the other OMG dolls.
  • Trying to help her friend LOL Neonlicious get over her shyness.
  • Co-hosting a micro influencer competition with LOL Surprise boy Heartbreaker.
  • Letting LOL Surprise boy Punk Boi borrow her rare skateboard.

LOL Surprise Movie Moments

  • Battling Madame Queen’s guards when she first arrives in the alternate royal universe.
  • Teaching her friends hip-hop dance moves for an upcoming royal ball performance.
  • Discovering her magical royal kingdom power is the ability to manipulate fire.
  • Leading the LOL Surprise dolls in defeating Madame Queen and saving the kingdom.

LOL Surprise Remix Music Video Moments

  • Rapping alongside LOL Surprise boys in a remix of “Picasso” by Sfera Ebbasta & Rvssian.
  • Showing off fun dance moves in a “Juice” remix video.
  • Filming a punk rock music video for a remix of “Best Friend’s Brother” by Victoria Justice.
  • Performing impressive freestyle dance skills in a fast-paced “Level Up” remix.

Throughout all of her animated appearances, LOL Spice consistently displays confidence, style, and an affinity for music, dance, and performance. Her bold personality makes her a fan favorite character in the LOL Surprise universe.


In summary, LOL Spice originated as an LOL Surprise OMG fashion doll in 2018. As one of the core LOL Surprise characters, she has gone on to appear regularly across the LOL Surprise animated web series, Netflix movie, and music video remix series.

Spice’s signature red hair, edgy fashion sense, and confident personality help her stand out. Fans can collect her OMG doll and accessories or see her come to life in LOL Surprise entertainment. She delivers memorable musical and dance performances across the shows and music videos she stars in. LOL Spice continues to be a popular face of the wildly successful LOL Surprise franchise.