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What state has the kindest people?

Determining which state has the kindest people is not an easy task. Kindness is a subjective trait that can be challenging to quantify and compare across large populations. However, by looking at factors like volunteering rates, charitable giving, and courtesy towards strangers, we can get a sense of where the kindest spirits reside.

In this article, we will explore the available data on kindness across the fifty U.S. states. We will consider volunteering statistics, donation rates, and surveys about courteous behavior. By synthesizing this information, we can make an informed argument about which state demonstrates the most kindness. Of course, kindness exists everywhere, and these rankings simply aim to highlight places where good will and generosity seem most abundant.

Volunteer Rates

One way to measure kindness is by looking at volunteerism. Volunteering requires giving one’s time to help others without expectation of reward. High volunteer participation indicates communities that care for each other.

According to 2018 data from the Corporation for National and Community Service, here are the top 10 states for volunteer rates:

Rank State Volunteer Rate
1 Utah 51.0%
2 Minnesota 39.3%
3 Wisconsin 38.6%
4 South Dakota 38.4%
5 Maine 38.3%
6 Kansas 37.7%
7 Iowa 36.9%
8 Alaska 35.9%
9 Vermont 35.7%
10 Nebraska 35.6%

The top five states for volunteering are all located in the Midwest and Northern Plains regions. Utah has the highest rate by a significant margin, with over 50% of residents volunteering their time each year. This indicates that a spirit of service and community engagement is strong across this region.

Some possible reasons for high volunteering in these states include:

– Strong church communities that promote service
– Civic organizations and nonprofits active in engaging volunteers
– Tight-knit towns where people look out for each other
– Culture of pitching in to help neighbors in farming communities
– Long winters that encourage finding indoor volunteer activities

Next, we’ll look at charitable giving rates, which can also demonstrate kindness and concern for others.

Charitable Giving

Charitable donations are another way to measure kindness in a community. Giving money to charity without expectation of anything in return represents true altruism.

The following table shows the top 10 most generous states by percentage of disposable income given to charity, according to 2018 data from the Philanthropy Roundtable:

Rank State Amount Given as Percentage of Income
1 Utah 10.6%
2 Mississippi 9.1%
3 Alabama 8.0%
4 Tennessee 7.6%
5 South Carolina 7.4%
6 Idaho 7.3%
7 Arkansas 7.2%
8 Oklahoma 7.1%
9 Louisiana 7.0%
10 Georgia 6.9%

Again we see Utah at the top of the list, giving over 10% of income to charity. Southern states with strong religious traditions, like Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina, also rank highly for generosity.

Reasons for higher giving in these areas may include:

– Religious tithing practices that encourage regular donations
– Strong social pressure within congregations to give charitably
– Gospel of charity prominent in religious teaching
– Tight-knit communities where giving back is emphasized
– Lower costs of living so excess income can be donated

While the amounts given provide insight, it is also important to consider that low-income regions may appear less generous but are not necessarily less kind – they simply have less discretionary income to give away. But the consistency of Utah ranking first in both categories reinforces that it stands out for charitable giving.

Courtesy and Honesty

To round out our evaluation of kindness by state, let’s examine some survey data about courteous and honest behavior. This can provide a more direct look at how warmly and ethically people treat each other in daily life.

A Reader’s Digest survey in 2019 asked residents of each state about the kindness and ethical behavior they witness in their communities. Participants ranked the courtesy and honesty of people in their state on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

Here were the states receiving the highest scores for general courtesy:

Rank State Courtesy Score
1 Kentucky 4.17
2 Tennessee 4.13
3 South Carolina 4.08
4 Oklahoma 4.04
5 Alabama 4.00

And here are the top states for everyday honesty:

Rank State Honesty Score
1 Hawaii 4.56
2 Maine 4.48
3 Vermont 4.31
4 Alaska 4.25
5 Minnesota 4.22

This survey points to Southern hospitality ranking well for courtesy, while more Northern areas like Hawaii, Maine, and Minnesota scored highest for everyday honesty.

Factors contributing to these ratings may include:

– Cultural values of etiquette and chivalry in the South
– More relaxed pace of life allowing friendliness with strangers
– Close-knit rural communities where reputation matters
– Northern practicality and lack of pretense
– Cultural prioritization of sincerity and straightforwardness

While subjective, this survey data adds some on-the-ground insights to our quantitative metrics. Taking a holistic view, certain states like Minnesota perform well across all categories.


Based on the metrics and data considered, the state demonstrating the greatest kindness appears to be Minnesota.

Minnesota ranked 2nd for volunteer rate at 39.3%, indicating a strong spirit of community service and engagement. It also scored 4.22 for everyday honesty, showing consistent sincerity and integrity. And qualitatively, Minnesota has a reputation for “Minnesota Nice” – a cultural emphasis on friendliness and helping others exemplified in actions like shoveling out elderly neighbors’ cars in winter.

Other kind states include Utah which topped the volunteering and charitable giving metrics but trailed for courtesy/honesty, and Southern states like Kentucky which may lack resources but create warm communities. Hawaii and other New England states also merit mention for ranking well across factors like courtesy and volunteerism.

Ultimately, Americans across the nation exhibit kindness in varied ways. Minnesota may take the composite crown for exemplifying an ethical, engaged, and caring population. But kindness grows everywhere it is cultivated, and all communities have opportunities to spread more goodwill. This ranking simply aims to highlight places getting it right, setting examples for neighborly love that we could use more of nationwide.