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What to put on a BLT sandwich from Subway?

A BLT sandwich is a classic sandwich that features bacon, lettuce, and tomato as the main ingredients. BLT sandwiches are commonly served on toasted bread and often include mayonnaise or other spreads. Subway, the popular sandwich franchise, offers a BLT sandwich on their menu, allowing customers to customize it to their preferences. When ordering a BLT from Subway, there are a variety of ingredients and options to consider to create the perfect sandwich.


The first decision to make when ordering a BLT from Subway is which type of bread to get. Subway offers several bread options, including:

  • Italian (white)
  • Italian herbs and cheese
  • 9-grain wheat
  • Honey oat
  • Flatbread

The classic choice for a BLT is white bread, which has a light taste that doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. Italian or Italian herbs and cheese bread also work well. For a healthier option, customers can choose whole wheat breads like the 9-grain wheat or honey oat. Flatbread can provide a nice change of pace from regular sandwich bread. When choosing the bread, think about flavor and texture preferences.


Adding cheese is an easy way to make a BLT more filling and flavorful. Subway offers the following cheese choices:

  • American
  • Monterey cheddar
  • Pepperjack

Any of these cheese choices pair nicely with a BLT. American cheese is a classic option with its mild flavor. For a sharper, bolder cheese taste, opt for the Monterey cheddar or pepperjack. The amount of cheese can also be customized, from just a sprinkle to several slices.


Of course, the “B” in BLT stands for bacon. Subway offers a few bacon options:

  • Classic bacon strips
  • Turkey bacon
  • Double bacon (double portion of bacon strips)

The traditional choice is regular bacon strips. For customers looking to limit fat and calories, turkey bacon is a good alternative with a similar smoky and salty flavor but less fat than pork bacon. The double bacon option satisfies truly bacon-loving customers!


Aside from lettuce and tomato, adding extra vegetables can provide more nutrition, crunch, flavor, and color to a BLT. Subway allows customers to load up their sandwiches with veggies. Some delicious options include:

  • Spinach – gives a flavorful green base under the sandwich toppings
  • Red onion – provides a sharp, pungent crunch
  • Avocado – creamy and full of nutrients
  • Banana peppers – tangy pickled peppers with mild heat
  • Jalapeños – fresh sliced jalapeños if you want some spice
  • Cucumbers – cool, crisp flavor and texture

Load up the veggies or just stick with lettuce and tomato for a classic sandwich.

Sauces and seasonings

Sauces and seasonings can really bring all the flavors of a BLT together. Here are some tasty options for spreads and seasonings from Subway:

  • Mayonnaise – The classic BLT spread, adds a creamy tang
  • Mustard – Yellow mustard delivers a zesty kick
  • Chipotle Southwest or Sweet Onion Sauce – For bolder, smokier flavors
  • Ranch – A creamy, herby flavor
  • Hot sauce – Dash of heat and vinegar taste
  • Oil and vinegar – Brightens up the sandwich
  • Salt, pepper, oregano – Standard sandwich seasonings

Mayonnaise and mustard are typical go-to sauces for a BLT. For something different, try flavors like chipotle Southwest or sweet onion sauce. Oil and vinegardrizzled over the sandwich provides flavor without the calories and fat of mayo. And don’t forget to season with salt, pepper, and oregano.

Toasting the Sandwich

Warm, crispy toasted bread takes a BLT to the next level. Subway sandwiches are toasted by default, but customers can request non-toasted bread if preferred. Toasting is highly recommended as it provides:

  • Crispier bread with crunch
  • Warmth that slightly melts the cheese
  • Enhanced flavor as the bread browns
  • Better structural integrity as the bread firms up

Toasting both pieces of bread makes the sandwich easier to eat without creating a soggy mess. The crispness and warmth of toasted bread complements all the ingredients of a BLT for a more satisfying sandwich experience.


Subway sandwiches come in one standard length – the classic 12-inch sub sandwich. Customers can opt to order a 6-inch mini sub for a smaller portion. The 12-inch sub is a good size for a filling meal, while the 6-inch mini sub works well as a snack or side.

When contemplating the sandwich length, consider appetite and number of people sharing the sandwich. The 12-inch sub easily splits into two halves for sharing. Order the number of subs needed based on how hungry you are!

Ingredient Quantities

One benefit of Subway sandwiches is the ability to customize the amount and ratio of ingredients. Sandwich artists will add ingredients according to customer requests. Some tips on quantities:

  • Bacon – 2-3 strips is standard. Opt for double bacon if wanting extra.
  • Cheese – Start with 1-2 slices, adding more if desired.
  • Lettuce and tomato – Get a few tomato slices and a handful of shredded lettuce as a base.
  • Extras veggies – Add sparingly or pile them on based on preferences.
  • Sauces – Start with a stripe down the center and extra on the side for dipping.

The quantities can be adjusted up or down for each ingredient. Don’t be afraid to ask for more or less of something!

Ordering Tips

Here are some tips for ordering the perfect BLT sandwich at Subway:

  • Select bread type based on taste preferences and dietary needs
  • Choose bacon or turkey bacon based on preferences
  • Add cheese for extra flavor and heartiness
  • Pick additional veggie toppings to make it healthier and more filling
  • Use sauces and seasonings to enhance flavor
  • Opt for toasting bread to make sandwich crispier
  • Choose 6-inch or 12-inch based on appetite
  • Customize amounts of each ingredient
  • Specify preferences clearly to the sandwich artist

Following these tips will result in a delicious customized BLT sandwich from Subway to satisfy lunchtime cravings!

Nutrition Information

When customizing a Subway BLT sandwich, it’s important to consider the nutritional value as well. Here is the nutrition information for a standard 12-inch BLT sandwich on Italian bread with the following ingredients:

  • 3 strips of bacon
  • 2 slices of Monterey cheddar cheese
  • Lettuce
  • 2 tomato slices
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 670
Total Fat 36g
Saturated Fat 14g
Trans Fat 1.5g
Cholesterol 75mg
Sodium 1830mg
Total Carbohydrates 57g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 6g
Protein 32g

As you can see, even a standard BLT has a good amount of fat and sodium. Customizing the sandwich with lower fat ingredients and extra veggies can help improve the nutrition profile. For example, choosing turkey bacon, whole wheat bread, less cheese, and more veggie toppings will make the sandwich healthier. But most importantly – enjoy the sandwich in moderation as an occasional treat!


Subway sandwich prices vary by location, but a 12-inch BLT typically costs between $4.99 and $8.99. Here are some factors that affect the price:

  • Bread – Specialty breads like flatbread cost more
  • Protein – Double bacon is more expensive than regular bacon
  • Cheese – Extra cheese adds to the price
  • Veggies – Each additional veggie costs a little more
  • Location – Major cities are more expensive than suburbs or small towns

Coupons and specials can help bring down the sandwich cost as well. The best value is to start with a simple bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich and add on ingredients judiciously. Ultimately, the customize-it-how-you-like it experience makes Subway BLTs worth the price!

Takeaway Lunch vs. In-Store Dining

Subway BLT sandwiches can be ordered for takeaway or to eat inside the restaurant. Here is a comparison:

Takeaway In-Store Dining
  • Quick grab-and-go convenience
  • Eat anywhere – office, home, park, etc
  • No worries about finding seat or parking
  • Better for busy days when short on time
  • Hot sandwich right off the press
  • More relaxed dining experience
  • Drinks and sides available
  • Good for leisurely lunch or dinner

In general, takeaway fits quicker meals during busy times, while in-store dining allows enjoying the BLT hot and fresh in a restaurant setting with time to spare. Customer dining preference and schedule often dictates which option works best.

Sides and Drinks

To make a meal of the BLT sandwich, customers can add sides and drinks from Subway’s menu. Here are some tasty options to consider:


  • Fountain drink – sodas, ice tea, lemonade
  • Bottled water
  • Bottled juices – orange, apple, cranberry
  • Coffee and hot tea
  • Milk – white or chocolate

Chips and Cookies

  • Baked Lays or classic Lays potato chips
  • Doritos nacho cheese chips
  • Chocolate chip, sugar, or oatmeal raisin cookies

Side Salads

  • Garden side salad
  • Caesar side salad

Pairing the BLT with crunchy chips, a cold drink, or fresh salad creates a satisfying meal. Cookies make a nice sweet treat afterwards.


A customized BLT sandwich from Subway makes for a quick, tasty lunch or dinner any time of day. With a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, veggies, sauces, and add-ons to choose from, the options are nearly endless to create your perfect sandwich. Following the recommendations in this article will lead to BLT sandwich happiness from your neighborhood Subway. Enjoy experimenting with different ingredient combinations to find your go-to order. So head to Subway, get creative with a customized BLT, and fuel up in delicious style!