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What will happen to Princess Anne when Charles becomes king?

The British royal family has long captured the fascination and intrigue of people around the world. With a rich history and a line of succession that stretches back centuries, the royal family’s role in society is ever-evolving. As we look towards the future, one question that arises is what will happen to Princess Anne when Charles becomes king? In this blog post, we will explore the implications of Charles ascending to the throne and the potential impact on Princess Anne’s position within the royal family.

Princess Anne: A prominent member of the royal family

Before delving into the future, let us first understand the significance of Princess Anne in the present. Princess Anne, full name Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Known for her dedication to public service and her strong work ethic, Princess Anne has been an integral part of the royal family for decades.

As a member of the royal family, Princess Anne has taken on numerous roles and responsibilities. She is actively involved in various charitable organizations and holds several patronages. Additionally, Princess Anne is known for her equestrian pursuits and has represented Great Britain in Olympic equestrian events. Her contributions to various spheres of society have earned her admiration and respect.

One significant aspect of Princess Anne’s position is her title as “Princess Royal.” The title of Princess Royal is traditionally given to the eldest daughter of the reigning monarch. Princess Anne received this honorary title from her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1987, making her the seventh Princess Royal in British history.

Implications of Charles becoming king

With the understanding of Princess Anne’s current role within the royal family, let us now explore the implications of Charles becoming king. As the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles is the immediate successor to the throne. When he ascends to the role of king, it is natural to wonder how his new position will impact Princess Anne.

Firstly, it is important to note that Anne’s title as Princess Royal is held for life. This means that even when Charles becomes king, Princess Anne will retain her title and position within the royal family. However, there are potential scenarios that may change the dynamics surrounding the Princess Royal title.

If Charles were to have a daughter, she would not be able to become the Princess Royal until Princess Anne passes away. This is because the title is traditionally held by the eldest daughter of the monarch, and Princess Anne’s lifetime tenure prevents her successor from assuming the title.

However, there is speculation that this tradition may be bypassed in the future. Some royal experts believe that if Charles’ daughter, Princess Charlotte, were to be given the title of Princess Royal, it could happen during Princess Anne’s lifetime. This would mark a departure from tradition and could potentially create a unique situation within the royal family.

The future of the Princess Royal title remains uncertain, and only time will reveal how it will unfold. It is important to remember that the royal family often embraces change and adapts to evolving societal norms.

Anne’s continued role within the royal family

While the future of the Princess Royal title is uncertain, Princess Anne’s continued role within the royal family is undeniable. Regardless of Charles becoming king, Princess Anne will undoubtedly remain actively engaged in her duties and engagements.

As a seasoned member of the royal family, Princess Anne has extensive experience in public service and representing the monarchy. Her commitment to various charitable causes and organizations is expected to continue, as she plays a crucial role in promoting social welfare and raising awareness about important issues.

However, there may be potential changes in Princess Anne’s role after Charles becomes king. With Charles assuming a more prominent position, there may be a redistribution of responsibilities within the royal family. This could provide an opportunity for Princess Anne to take on new initiatives or focus on specific areas of interest.

Additionally, Princess Anne’s role in the public sphere may also evolve. As the royal family navigates changing societal expectations and technological advancements, there may be an increased emphasis on modern forms of communication and engagement. Princess Anne, known for her no-nonsense approach and practicality, may play a pivotal role in adapting the royal family’s public presence to the demands of the 21st century.

Anne’s relationship with Charles as king

One aspect that is worth considering is Princess Anne’s relationship with her brother, Charles, as he assumes the role of king. While the dynamics between family members are private, it is natural to wonder how Princess Anne will support Charles in his new role.

Throughout their lives, Princess Anne and Prince Charles have shown a close and supportive relationship. Despite any potential differences or challenges, they have maintained a strong bond and have frequently appeared together at various royal events. It is reasonable to assume that Princess Anne will continue to provide her support and guidance to Charles as he fulfills his duties as king.

Additionally, Princess Anne’s extensive experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the royal family could prove invaluable to Charles. Her wisdom and dedication to public service may assist him in navigating the complexities of his new role.


In conclusion, the impending ascension of Prince Charles to the throne raises questions about the future of Princess Anne’s position within the royal family. While her title as Princess Royal will remain intact, potential scenarios and changing traditions may impact its significance. Nevertheless, Princess Anne’s contributions to public service and her ongoing dedication to her role are expected to continue. As the royal family embraces change and adapts to new circumstances, Princess Anne’s role may evolve, providing her with opportunities to showcase her skills, experience, and commitment to service. One thing is certain: Princess Anne’s presence in the royal family is invaluable, and her contributions will continue to shape the monarchy in years to come.


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