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What’s the biggest tip on DoorDash?

DoorDash allows customers to provide tips when placing food delivery orders through the app. Tips can make up a significant portion of earnings for DoorDash drivers, so drivers are often curious about the biggest tips they can realistically expect.

What is the typical tip amount on DoorDash?

The typical tip amount on DoorDash orders is around $5. According to a 2021 survey by Bloomberg, the average DoorDash tip was $5.04. However, tip amounts can vary significantly based on the total order amount, distance traveled, and other factors.

Here are some statistics on typical DoorDash tip amounts:

  • For small orders under $20, the average tip is around $3.
  • For medium orders between $20-$50, the average tip is around $5.
  • For large orders over $50, the average tip is around $8.

So while $5 is the overall average, tip amounts tend to scale up with larger orders. But there is still a lot of variation between customers.

What are the recommended tip amounts on the DoorDash app?

When customers place an order on the DoorDash app, they are given three default tip amount options to choose from:

  • 15% of the order total
  • 20% of the order total
  • 25% of the order total

However, the customer also has the option to enter a custom tip amount. The default options provided by DoorDash suggest tipping between 15-25% is considered an appropriate amount.

What is the biggest tip percentage reported by DoorDash drivers?

While most tips fall in the 15-25% range, some generous customers leave much larger tips. In driver reports and forums, the biggest tip percentages mentioned range from 50-100% of the total order amount.

Here are some examples of large tip percentages DoorDash drivers have reported receiving:

Tip Percentage Order Total Tip Amount
50% $40 $20
75% $60 $45
100% $100 $100

While tips over 50% are rare, some extremely generous customers do tip 100% or more of their total order cost. This tends to happen more often around the holidays or in cases where a customer wants to make a driver’s day.

What are the biggest dollar amount tips left on DoorDash?

When it comes to the biggest dollar amount tips, reports vary widely. Here are some of the highest DoorDash tips drivers have claimed to receive:

  • $50 tip on a $200 catering order
  • $100 tip on a $500 office lunch delivery
  • $200 tip on a large holiday meal order

The largest tips often come from big catering orders or special event deliveries where the customer has a large overall bill. While tips over $100 are rare occurrences, drivers do occasionally report receiving them for extra large orders or special deliveries.

What delivery situations prompt big tips?

While big tips can come from any generous customer, drivers report a few delivery situations that tend to result in larger tips:

  • Bad weather – Customers tend to tip more when drivers are delivering in heavy rain, snow, or cold temperatures.
  • Holidays – Holiday spirit leads to higher tips around Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.
  • Catering/large orders – Big orders over $200-300 often result in large dollar amount tips.
  • Difficult drop-offs – Customers tip more for deliveries to apartments or businesses with tricky access.
  • Running late – If an order is delivered late due to long restaurant wait times, tips may increase.

Understanding when customers are most likely to leave big tips can help drivers provide excellent service during those key situations.

Does the tipped amount ever get reduced later?

In most cases, the tipped amount entered by the customer is final and will not be reduced later. However, there are a few rare situations where the tip could be lowered:

  • The customer contacts DoorDash support to manually reduce the tip after delivery. This is uncommon and only allowed in cases of poor service.
  • The tip was an unusually high percentage, so DoorDash lowered it to investigate potential fraud. They will contact the driver in this case.
  • The customer specified a tip percentage but the order total changed after placement. The percentage tip would be recalculated.

Outside of exceptional cases, the DoorDash app does not allow customers to remove or reduce a tip after delivery. So drivers can count on receiving the tipped amount shown at the time of acceptance.

Does DoorDash limit how much a customer can tip?

DoorDash does not impose any limits on how much a customer can tip. Customers are able to enter any dollar amount they choose as a tip.

However, if an extremely large tip amount is entered, such as $500 on a $20 order, the DoorDash app may show an error asking the customer to confirm the amount. This is simply a fraud prevention measure to make sure the customer did not accidentally add an extra digit.

But once confirmed, there is no limit and the full tip will be paid out to the driver. So big spenders are able to leave massive tips if they truly want to.

Are there ways for drivers to increase their likelihood of big tips?

While big tips are mostly dependent on the customer’s generosity, drivers can take some steps to maximize their chances:

  • Provide excellent customer service with quick, friendly communication.
  • Double check orders for accuracy and completeness.
  • Keep hot food hot and cold food cold in insulated bags.
  • Carefully follow all delivery instructions.
  • Wish the customer a good day/enjoy their meal when handing off delivery.

Going above and beyond on every delivery results in better reviews and higher tips. While not every customer will leave a huge tip, providing great service maximizes the chances.

Should drivers ever ask for bigger tips?

DoorDash strongly advises drivers not to request bigger tips from customers. Begging for larger tips is likely to backfire and result in complaints from customers.

However, drivers may politely point out any difficulties with the delivery that the customer may not have realized, such as long distances, traffic delays or bad weather. This gives the customer context to consider when deciding on a tip.

But directly asking for a larger tip crosses a line and violates DoorDash policy. Drivers risk deactivation if they solicit or demand bigger tips from customers.

Is there a way to see if a customer regularly leaves big tips?

Unfortunately there is no way for DoorDash drivers to identify customers who regularly leave large tips. Each delivery request is anonymized so drivers cannot see names, addresses or past tip amounts.

This is to protect customer privacy and prevent discrimination. Drivers must accept or decline delivery requests based only on the information provided in the app.

Experienced drivers may start to remember locations that have tipped well. But there is no guarantee a past big tipper will tip well again, since different household members may place orders.

Should drivers avoid orders with no tip?

Customers are able to place orders without providing a tip upfront. In these cases, drivers need to carefully consider whether the offered base pay is enough compensation for the time and mileage required.

  • Small orders under $10 going less than 2 miles may be worth taking even without a tip.
  • Medium orders would need to pay at least $1/mile without a tip.
  • Large orders should be declined if no tip is offered.

Keep in mind the customer can always choose to add a tip after delivery is completed. So no-tip orders don’t necessarily mean the driver will receive zero tip, it just has higher uncertainty.

Is tip-baiting a problem on DoorDash?

Tip baiting refers to when a customer adds a large tip to entice drivers to accept the order, but then removes the tip after delivery. This misleading practice is prohibited by DoorDash.

Tip baiting became an issue during the COVID-19 pandemic when some customers used large tips to jump ahead in long queues. However, DoorDash has since changed its systems to prevent tip reductions after delivery.

Tip baiting is rare on current DoorDash orders. If customers reduce tips, they must contact support and provide an explanation for the change. Intentional tip baiting can lead to account deactivation.

Should drivers keep a record of their biggest tips?

It can be motivating and fun for drivers to keep track of their biggest tips earned on DoorDash. This provides a sense of accomplishment and gives drivers something to strive for.

Apps like Google Sheets or Everlance make it easy to record details like the tip amount, order total, customer address, or any other useful context. Drivers should omit any private customer information.

Keeping records of big tips can help drivers remember the types of situations that result in better earnings. It can also provide helpful documentation should any payment issues ever need to be resolved with DoorDash support.


DoorDash customers have complete flexibility with tipping, so it is possible to receive massive tips. However, tips above $20 are still considered extremely generous. Typical tip amounts range from 15-25% of the order total. While every driver dreams of that elusive $100 unicorn tip, providing quality service is the best way to increase average earnings over time.