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Where is Shields rest?

Shield’s Rest is an island that you may have come across in your explorations of World of Warcraft. Situated off the coast of Stormheim, it is a place of great beauty and also great danger. In this blog post, we will explore what Shield’s Rest is, where it can be found, and what you can expect to see if you venture there.

Where is Shield’s Rest?

Shield’s Rest is located in the north-eastern part of Stormheim, one of the zones in World of Warcraft. It is a small island and is separated from the mainland by a narrow stretch of water. The island itself is quite rugged and hilly, and it is home to a variety of creatures, including elite enemies.

If you are familiar with the zone of Stormheim, then you can find Shield’s Rest easily on the world map. It is situated on the eastern side of the zone, and you can reach it by flying or swimming from the nearby landmass. If you haven’t explored Stormheim yet, then you will need to venture there first before you can see Shield’s Rest for yourself.

The Dangers of Shield’s Rest

As mentioned above, Shield’s Rest is a dangerous place. It is home to many elite creatures, including giant crabs, sea lions, and spiders. These enemies are much stronger than the average creature that you may encounter in the game, and they pose a threat to lower level players.

In addition to the elite enemies, Shield’s Rest also features the Tomb of the Old Kings. This is a series of interconnected rooms that house powerful enemies such as the Soultakers. These enemies are even stronger than the elite creatures on the island, and they require a group of players to defeat.

The Beauty of Shield’s Rest

Despite the dangers, Shield’s Rest is a place of great beauty. The island is covered in lush vegetation, and there are many scenic spots that you can visit. From the top of the island, you can see the surrounding ocean and nearby landmasses. The Tomb of the Old Kings is also an intriguing location to explore.

If you are a fan of screenshots or photography, then Shield’s Rest is a must-visit location. There are many stunning vistas that you can capture and share with your friends or on social media.


Shield’s Rest is a small island located off the coast of Stormheim. It is a dangerous place, home to many elite enemies and the Tomb of the Old Kings. However, it is also a beautiful location, with scenic vistas and lush vegetation. If you are an avid explorer or screenshot enthusiast, then Shield’s Rest is definitely worth a visit.

So next time you are in Stormheim, why not make a detour to Shield’s Rest and see it for yourself? And if you haven’t explored Stormheim yet, then what are you waiting for? Venture forth and discover this exciting zone today!

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