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Which signs are good at keeping secrets?

We all have secrets that we want to keep private. While some zodiac signs are open books who have a hard time keeping things to themselves, other signs have no problem taking a secret to the grave. So which zodiac signs are the best secret-keepers?


Cancers are one of the best zodiac signs when it comes to keeping secrets. They are very sensitive and intuitive, and they understand the value of privacy. Cancers will never betray a secret or break a confidence. You can tell a Cancer your deepest, darkest secrets and they will lock it up tight. The only exception is if the secret could cause harm, then Cancers may feel compelled to speak up in order to help someone.

As a water sign, Cancers are extremely emotionally intelligent. They are nurturing, empathetic people who always put themselves in others’ shoes. If someone entrusts them with sensitive information, Cancers can easily understand how it would make that person feel if the secret ever got out. Therefore, they take secret-keeping very seriously.

Cancers also have a great memory, so they won’t ever let a secret slip out accidentally. Once you tell a Cancer something in confidence, they will remember it and guard the information with care. You never have to worry about a Cancer spilling private details – they will take your secret to the grave if that’s what you want.

The Bottom Line

Cancers are loyal and trustworthy. Their empathy, intuition and stellar memory make them excellent secret-keepers. They will never reveal a confidence unless they feel compelled to do so for the greater good.


Scorpios are also excellent secret-keepers. Scorpios are intense and mysterious, and they value their privacy above all else. They despise gossip and do not open up easily to others. A Scorpio understands the sanctity of a secret perhaps better than any other sign.

Scorpios are very discrete by nature. They don’t go around blabbing their personal business to everyone. Instead, they carefully guard their inner world. Scorpios expect others to have the same respect for privacy that they do. If someone entrusts a Scorpio with a secret, they know it will never be shared.

Scorpios are also skilled at hiding their own emotions and keeping a straight face even if they know juicy private details about someone. You’ll never see a Scorpio crack under pressure when it comes to keeping secrets. They have an incredible poker face and a keen ability to deflect and distract if someone is prying for private info.

The Bottom Line

Scorpios make outstanding secret-keepers due to their intense privacy, secretive nature, and incredible poker face. Your secret is 100% safe with a Scorpio.


Virgos have a reputation for being discreet, discerning and a bit reserved. They are highly loyal, practical people who value honesty. If you tell a Virgo a secret, they will not betray your trust.

Virgos are very private when it comes to their own lives. They find gossip distasteful and avoid it. This means they understand how important it is to preserve confidences. Virgos take their reputation for integrity very seriously. If you reveal a private matter to a Virgo, they will guard your secret faithfully.

Along with being private, Virgos are extremely organized and methodical. They have excellent memories, so they will not forget details or let something slip accidentally. You can rely on a Virgo’s systematic mind to keep your confidential information locked down.

The Bottom Line

Virgos are discreet, loyal people who avoid gossip and have fantastic memories. This makes them perfectly suited for keeping secrets. Your private information is safe with a Virgo.


Capricorns have a stoic, reserved nature that makes them exceptional secret-keepers. They never disclose private details or gossip about others. Capricorns treat secrets with the utmost care.

Capricorns are extremely self-disciplined and have tremendous self-control. If someone tells a Capricorn a secret, they can fully lock down that information. It will never slip out accidently or get shared when they’ve had one too many drinks. Capricorns take confidentiality very seriously.

Their grounded, rational outlook also makes Capricorns great secret-keepers. They don’t get swept up in the emotional drama surrounding secrets. Capricorns keep private details locked tightly away until and unless the secret-sharer says it’s okay to share. You never have to worry about loose lips or shifting loyalties from a Capricorn.

The Bottom Line

Capricorns have an unmatched ability to lock down confidential information thanks to their rational nature, self-control and discipline. Your secrets are safe with a Capricorn.


At first glance, Libras may not seem like the best secret-keepers. After all, Libras are social butterflies who thrive on sharing and connecting. But, ironically, it is a Libra’s people skills that actually make them fantastic secret-keepers.

Libras have incredible emotional intelligence and advanced social awareness. They are experts at reading facial expressions, body language and tone. This innate intuition helps Libras understand how painful it would be for someone if their secret got out. As a result, Libras make it their duty to prevent that pain by keeping the secret.

Libras are also highly empathetic, so if you entrust one with private information, they will truly feel for you. They could never betray that bond of trust and empathy. Lastly, Libras are very good at navigating delicate social situations involving secrets. A secret may be shared one-on-one, but Libras have the social finesse to know how to handle being around that person in a group setting.

The Bottom Line

Despite being social creatures, Libras have the intuition, empathy and social skills to carefully guard even the most delicate secrets. Your confidential information is safe with a Libra.


Taureans are incredibly loyal and value honesty above all else, making them excellent secret-keepers. They have a grounded, stable nature that makes them perfectly suited for shouldering the responsibility of upholding confidentiality.

If you tell a Taurus a secret, you can consider it permanently vaulted away. Taureans do not believe in betraying trust or spreading gossip. They feel a duty to maintain secrets purely out of their steadfast loyalty. Taureans take relationships very seriously, so if you confide in one, they will safeguard that bond and trust.

Taureans are also famous for their patience, persistence and focus. They have no problem diligently keeping private details to themselves for as long as required. Taureans are not impulsive blabbermouths – they think before they speak and stand by their word.

The Bottom Line

Taureans are stubborn, loyal devotees who can always be counted on to keep even the most scandalous or shocking information under wraps. You can trust a Taurus with your life’s secrets.

The Worst Zodiac Signs for Keeping Secrets

While some signs excel at secret-keeping, other signs are downright terrible at it! Here are the zodiac signs you should think twice about telling your secrets to if you want them kept confidential:


Geminis are notorious gossipers. They love to chit-chat and often speak before thinking things through. Geminis thrive on sharing information, so secrets rarely stay that way for long around them.


Progressive, original Aquarians despise feeling constrained or bound to conventions. This makes them likely to disregard social niceties around privacy. An Aquarius may let a secret slip simply to buck expectations.


Free-spirited, adventurous Sagittarians aren’t necessarily gossips, but they do get distracted easily. If you tell a Sagittarius a secret, don’t be surprised when they inadvertently mention it months later after having forgotten it was a secret!


Bold, direct Aries have little self-control when it comes to filtering what they say. They are also notoriously bad listeners. An Aries may spill a secret accidentally because they barely paid attention when you told it to them.

Ranking All Zodiac Signs (From Best to Worst at Keeping Secrets)

If you want your secrets guarded and confidentiality maintained, some zodiac signs definitely make better confidantes than others. Here is a ranking of all 12 signs from best to worst secret-keepers:

Rank Zodiac Sign
1 Cancer
2 Scorpio
3 Virgo
4 Capricorn
5 Libra
6 Taurus
7 Pisces
8 Leo
9 Aquarius
10 Sagittarius
11 Gemini
12 Aries


When it comes to keeping secrets, some zodiac signs shine while others are better left in the dark. The most trustworthy, loyal secret-keepers are Cancers, Scorpios, Virgos, Capricorns, Libras and Tauruses. You can count on them to take your private information to the grave. Geminis, Aquarians, Sagittarians and Aries on the other hand, are likely to let secrets slip out sooner or later. To determine who you should entrust with top-secret information, look to the stars!