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Who has number plate 1 in Dubai?

The person who has number plate 1 in Dubai is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Dubai. He is the proud owner of white-colored Rolls Royce with a gold-plated number plate.

All the cars in the Dubai motorcade have either the number 1 or the letter A. The ruler’s vehicle usually uses the number 1 plate, and the other cars use the letter A plate. It is one of the most expensive plates in the world and is considered to shows luxury, power, and status.

Who paid 33 million for a license plate?

In 2018, businessman Salem Al Ketbi from United Arab Emirates paid 33 million AED (approximately 9 million USD) for a single license plate – the highest amount ever paid for a license plate in the United Arab Emirates.

The three-digit plate, which reads “D 5”, is the most expensive license plate purchased in the emirate of Dubai.

Al Ketbi has been a car enthusiast since childhood and he said that he collects license plates and had been looking to purchase this particular plate for a while. He said that he had been aware of the plate’s existence for more than two years, but it was not being sold.

Finally, when it was put up for sale in an auction, Al Ketbi seized the opportunity to purchase it.

The bidding started at one million AED and eventually reached 33 million AED, after which Al Ketbi declared himself the winner. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) organized the auction, wherein several local and expats participated from other emirates.

Al Ketbi has said that he plans to keep the license plate for himself, rather than put it on any of his vehicles.

Who has Texas license plate 1?

Texas license plate 1 is currently registered to Bobby Johnson from La Grange, Texas. Johnson has held the license plate since the plate was issued on July 8, 2014, and it is still currently registered to him as of May 2020.

The vehicle registered with the license plate is a white 2020 Ford F-250 truck.

Is there a number 1 number plate?

No, there is no number 1 number plate in any country or state in the world. This is because number 1 is reserved for special use or purposes, such as the registration number of the police or a specific government-related vehicle.

Number 1 is also often used to signify a vehicle or the owner of a vehicle of some kind of special status or rank. For example, the prime minister of certain countries may be given the license plate number one.

Additionally, because number 1 is considered so special and important, some places reserve it for auction, charging huge amounts of money for the plate.

What is the richest Dubai license plate?

The richest Dubai license plate is reportedly Emirates Number 1 (1 Emirate) which was auctioned off in 2008 for a whopping AED 14.2 million (the equivalent of approximately US $3.9 million). The buyer was reportedly from the UAE, and since then, the plate has become a symbol of status and wealth among the elite of the Middle East.

The plate is a special edition plate, featuring a distinctive red, white and black design and the symbol of the UAE itself. It is thought to be the most expensive plate ever produced in the UAE. While it may not be the world’s most expensive license plate, its sale certainly put it in contention for the title.