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Who is Rainbow Dash’s sister?

Rainbow Dash is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is known for being loyal, athletic, and competitive. Rainbow Dash is very close with her friends Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy. They go on many adventures together in Equestria. However, one thing that is not as well known about Rainbow Dash is who her family members are. Specifically, fans have wondered if Rainbow Dash has a sister and who she could be.

Does Rainbow Dash have a sister in My Little Pony?

The answer is yes! In the season 7 episode “Secrets and Pies,” it is revealed that Rainbow Dash does indeed have a sister named Zipp Storm. Zipp Storm makes her debut appearance in this episode when Rainbow Dash decides to go visit her parents’ house. When she arrives, Zipp greets her at the door. It is clear from their interactions that they are siblings who have a bit of a rivalry but still care about each other deep down.

Zipp Storm has a similar athletic build and rainbow colored mane like Rainbow Dash. However, Zipp’s color palette is brighter and more vibrant. She has a magenta body and her cutie mark is a rainbow lightning bolt with clouds. Zipp is just as competitive as her younger sister. When Rainbow Dash comes home, Zipp challenges her to various flying races and competitions to see who is the best flier.

Although they are competitive, we also see the sisters bond over their shared interests and memories from their childhood. They reminisce over fun times they had together when they were young fillies. This bonding helps them learn to appreciate each other as not just rivals, but family. By the end of the episode, Rainbow Dash and Zipp Storm have grown closer thanks to understanding the importance of sisterhood.

Zipp Storm’s personality and interests

As Rainbow Dash’s older sister, Zipp Storm shares a lot of similar personality traits and interests. Like Rainbow Dash, Zipp is athletic, competitive, and loves flying fast. She is a talented flier who likely trained and practiced a lot in order to impress her parents and compete with her younger sister. Zipp is brave and daring, not afraid of much besides losing to Rainbow Dash.

Zipp also shares Rainbow Dash’s overly confident attitude. At times she is arrogant about her abilities, but still has the skills to back it up. Her room is filled with motivational posters and awards she has won over the years for her speed, agility, and precision in flying competitions. Zipp is a born athlete through and through.

In terms of her interests beyond flying, Zipp seems to enjoy pulling pranks and tricks on her sister. She rigs Rainbow Dash’s door with trash to fall on her when she comes in and pretends to have hurt herself racing to worry Rainbow Dash. This shows Zipp has an energetic, mischievous side to her similar to Rainbow Dash’s loyal friend Pinkie Pie.

Zipp also shares Rainbow Dash’s loyalty to her friends. During a flashback in the episode, we see Zipp stick up for Rainbow Dash when some bullies made fun of Rainbow’s rainbow-colored mane. Zipp threatens the bullies to leave her sister alone. This shows that even though they are rivals, Zipp still cares about Rainbow Dash deep down.

Zipp and Rainbow Dash’s relationship

Rainbow Dash and Zipp Storm’s relationship as sisters is full of friendly competition and mutual teasing. As soon as Rainbow Dash gets home, Zipp challenges her to a race and flaunts her various flying awards and accolades. It is clear she sees Rainbow Dash as a rival to compete against.

However, their competitive nature does not mean they do not care for each other. During their rematch race, Zipp pretends to hurt herself after crashing. This greatly worries Rainbow Dash, who rushes to her aid. When Zipp reveals she is fine, Rainbow Dash is both relieved and annoyed by her dramatic sister’s prank.

The two also share funny childhood memories about how they played together as kids but also got on each other’s nerves frequently. Their parents have to keep intervening to stop their squabbles. But the fond way Rainbow Dash and Zipp reminisce shows their sibling bond.

By the end, they realize they were so focused on competing again that they forgot to just spend quality time together. Zipp and Rainbow make amends and promise to visit each other more often. They recognize that being sisters is about more than just trying to outdo each other at flying competitions.

How old is Zipp Storm compared to Rainbow Dash?

Zipp Storm is the older sister of Rainbow Dash. Her exact age is never specified, but she appears a few years older based on her appearance and interactions. Since Rainbow Dash is usually considered to be around 16-20 years old in human years, Zipp is likely in her early to mid 20s in the same scale.

As the older sibling, Zipp seems to take pleasure in asserting her dominance and superiority over Rainbow Dash whenever possible. She talks down to Rainbow and acts like the authority on everything from flying skills to room decorations. Zipp also brings up embarassing stories from when they were younger ponies to tease Rainbow Dash.

However, Zipp’s added maturity and age does allow her to reflect more thoughtfully at times. By the end, she apologizes for getting too competitive with Rainbow Dash instead of just spending time together. Her age gives her perspective on cherishing their sisterly relationship. So while Zipp enjoys bragging about being older, she also uses that wisdom to bond with her little sister when it counts.

How are Rainbow Dash and Zipp Storm similar and different?

As siblings, Rainbow Dash and Zipp Storm share a lot of the same talents and personality traits but also have differences that set them apart.

Some key similarities between them include:

  • Athletic flying abilities
  • Competitive personalities
  • Loyalty to friends and family
  • Confidence in their skills
  • Fun-loving attitude

However, some of their differences include:

  • Zipp is older and more mature
  • Zipp’s color palette is brighter
  • Zipp has a lightning bolt cutie mark instead of a cloud
  • Zipp seems more focused on competition
  • Rainbow Dash spends more time with her friends

So in summary, their core personalities are similar but life experiences and interests have allowed each pony to form her own distinct identity. However, their sisterly connection will always bind them together.

How did fans react to Zipp Storm being revealed as Rainbow Dash’s sister?

The episode revealing that Zipp Storm is Rainbow Dash’s older sister sparked a lot of reactions from My Little Pony fans. Many were excited to learn more about Rainbow Dash’s backstory and family, but some also had concerns.

Overall, most fans were happy that Rainbow Dash was given a defined family member. It added more depth to her character. Fans enjoyed seeing the contrast between loyal, laidback Rainbow Dash and the more self-absorbed, competitive Zipp. Their sibling dynamic gave new insight into Rainbow’s personality and upbringing.

Many fans commented that Zipp’s bright color scheme and flashy cutie mark seemed very appropriate for Rainbow Dash’s sister. They appreciated that Zipp was not just a copy but rather a unique character with her own look and personality. The differences between the siblings made their relationship more interesting to explore.

However, some fans did voice concerns that Zipp Storm seems like too much of a rival for Rainbow Dash rather than a caring older sister. Her overly competitive attitude made her somewhat unlikable at first until the sisters bonded at the end. Some felt Zipp’s prank of pretending to be hurt crossed a line into meanness. But others argued this made the resolution of the story more impactful.

Character Personality Traits Interests
Rainbow Dash Athletic, loyal, laidback Flying, competitions, pranks, spending time with friends
Zipp Storm Competitive, arrogant, mature Flying, winning awards, pranks, motivational posters

Overall, the addition of Zipp Storm to the show introduced an interesting new character and relationship for fans to discuss and analyze. It expanded the show’s lore while providing a heartwarming sisterhood story.


Rainbow Dash gaining an older sister in Zipp Storm was a fun reveal for My Little Pony fans. Zipp’s competitive personality contrasts with Rainbow Dash’s laidback loyalty, but they still share a bond. Seeing how the sisters get on each other’s nerves but also love and care for each other added depth to Rainbow Dash. Zipp Storm’s debut episode highlighted themes of family, maturity, and friendly rivalry. Fans gained more insight into Rainbow Dash’s family background and character by meeting Zipp. The two athletic ponies have their differences but will always share their connection as sisters.