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Who is stronger Endeavor or Shoto?

Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki are two of the most powerful fire quirk users in My Hero Academia. As father and son, their quirks are very similar, but who ultimately is the stronger hero?

Endeavor’s Powers

Endeavor’s quirk is called Hellflame. It allows him to produce and control fire. Some key abilities include:

  • Generating flames from his body, especially in large bursts from his hands
  • Controlling the direction and shape of his flames
  • Flame attacks like Flashfire Fist and Hell Spider
  • Immunity to other flames
  • Superheating his flames to extreme temperatures

In addition to his Hellflame quirk, Endeavor has trained his body to be in peak physical condition. He has immense strength, speed, and durability. Endeavor can withstand flames hot enough to melt steel and his stamina allows him to continue fighting even when injured or exhausted.

Endeavor’s Fighting Style

Endeavor utilizes an aggressive close-range fighting style. He unleashes powerful blows augmented by his flaming fists or alternates between ranged fire attacks and hand-to-hand combat. His experience allows him to strategize during battle, analyzing his opponent’s weaknesses and striking openings when he sees them. However, Endeavor’s temper can make him reckless at times.

Shoto Todoroki’s Powers

As Endeavor’s son, Shoto possesses a fire quirk that is nearly identical to Hellflame. However, Shoto also inherited an ice quirk from his mother. This gives him both fire and ice powers. Shoto’s abilities include:

  • Generating flames from the left side of his body
  • Controlling and shaping the fire he produces
  • Immunity to other flames
  • Creating and manipulating ice from his right side
  • Freezing anything he touches with his right hand
  • Generating ice walls and waves for defense and capture

Like his father, Shoto possesses impressive physical capabilities despite his young age. He has shown himself to be very agile, able to react quickly and maneuver around ice and fire during combat.

Shoto’s Fighting Style

Shoto takes a more defensive approach in battle. He uses his ice to immobilize or block opponents, then follows up with fire at a distance. This allows him to keep foes away and avoid close-quarters fighting. Shoto also leverages combinations of fire and ice for dual attacks. His pragmatic style minimizes risk but can be predictable at times.

Direct Comparison

When directly comparing Endeavor and Shoto, a few key differences stand out:

Endeavor Shoto
Quirk Hellflame (fire) Half-Cold Half-Hot (fire and ice)
Power More raw firepower Fire and ice for versatility
Control Fine control over flames Precise manipulation of fire and ice
Range Mostly close and mid-range Varies between all ranges
Fighting Style Aggressive, offensive Defensive, strategic
Experience Much more Still learning

A few things stand out from this overview. Endeavor seems to have more raw power and better close-quarters fighting skills due to experience. Shoto makes up for less power with the flexibility of ice and fire and by maintaining distance. But Shoto has room to grow as he gains more experience.

Who Would Win?

In a direct fight, it’s difficult to definitively predict if Endeavor or Shoto would win. Endeavor’s vast experience and willingness to be brutal gives him an edge. But Shoto’s versatility and precision could allow him to out-strategize his father.

Much would depend on the circumstances of the fight – location, distance between them at start, intent to kill or incapacitate only, etc. Under different conditions, either of them could potentially come out victorious.

Endeavor’s Advantages

If the fight takes place in close-quarters or at mid-range, Endeavor has some distinct advantages:

  • Greater strength and speed
  • Superior hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Willingness to be ruthless if needed
  • Higher volume of fire from both hands
  • Sustained fiery attacks and stamina

At close range, Endeavor’s brute force could overwhelm Shoto quickly before he has time to react or get some distance. Endeavor also has the edge in terms of fighting instincts and skill honed over years as a top pro hero.

Shoto’s Advantages

If the battle starts at long range, Shoto has abilities that give him an upper hand:

  • Ice shields for defense
  • Freezing attacks to immobilize
  • More precise fire and ice control
  • Mixing fire and ice for creativity
  • Strategic thinking under pressure

Shoto can keep Endeavor at a distance with walls of ice and glacier attacks. His ice gives him options to evade and defend against Endeavor’s fire until he makes a mistake. Shoto can also combine fire and ice in innovative ways that may catch Endeavor off guard.


In summary, Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki both wield incredible fire and ice quirks that make them extremely formidable heroes. Endeavor has more experience and force on his side, while Shoto has versatility and precision. The circumstances of the fight would play a major role in determining who comes out on top.

While Endeavor likely has a slight edge currently, Shoto has a lot of untapped potential yet to realize. As he continues honing his skills and creativity over the years, Shoto may eventually surpass his father. But for now, in most situations, Endeavor’s power and battle instincts give him an advantage in an all-out fight against his son.