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Who is the most skilled fighter in AoT?

Attack on Titan (AoT) features many skilled fighters who use Omni-Directional Mobility Gear to battle titans. When determining the most skilled AoT fighter, factors like combat experience, strategic thinking, leadership abilities, and mastery of ODM gear must be considered. Though several characters stand out as highly talented warriors, the evidence points to Levi Ackerman being the most skilled fighter in Attack on Titan.

Levi’s Background

Levi has extensive combat experience and training that have honed his skills as a fighter. He grew up in the dangerous Underground District, fighting from a young age to survive. This gave him valuable battle experience. After joining the Survey Corps, Levi continued intensive training. He has years of fighting titans under his belt, letting him hone his skills against these formidable foes. Levi’s combined background makes him a battle-hardened soldier.

Levi’s ODM Gear Mastery

Levi displays unmatched mastery with Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, the primary weapon used by the Survey Corps against titans. He has incredible speed and agility, able to quickly maneuver around titans. Levi incorporates complex acrobatic techniques into his fighting style, allowing him to strike titan weak points with precision. His control over ODM gear is so advanced he can take down over 30 titans by himself without getting exhausted. Levi’s ODM gear skills let him take on any titan.

Levi’s Strengths in Battle

Levi possesses many strengths that make him superb in battle:

  • Incredible speed – He can move extremely fast, making it easy to evade titan attacks and strike weak points before they can react.
  • Top reflexes – Levi has quick reflexes that allow him to respond immediately to threats.
  • Strong tactical mind – He can analyze situations to come up with effective battle strategies.
  • Expert blade wielder – Levi wields his blades with deadly accuracy and efficiency.
  • Calm under pressure – He maintains composure in the most intense battles, allowing him to respond tactically.
  • Keen instincts – Levi has sharp instincts that help him avoid danger.

These abilities make Levi a formidable warrior against any foe. When combined with his ODM gear skills, he is a whirlwind of lethal precision in battle.

Levi’s Titan Kills

Levi has racked up by far the most solo titan kills of any Survey Corps member. By the Battle of Shiganshina, he had over 200 solo kills. Many of those were 10-15 meter tall abnormal titans that would overwhelm most soldiers. Levi has proven he can take down titans of any size and type with ease. His extensive titan kill count is a testament to his combat abilities.

Levi’s Leadership

As Captain of the Special Operations Squad, Levi has demonstrated strong leadership capabilities. He is a brilliant tactician, able to command his squad to carry out coordinated attacks. Levi leads by example, inspiring his comrades with his fearless fighting skills. His confidence in battle motivates his team to perform at their best. Levi’s combination of strategic thinking and inspirational leadership enhances his contributions as a skilled fighter.

Levi’s Dedication

Levi is completely dedicated to honing his combat skills and eliminating titans. He has committed his life to this cause. Levi spends every spare moment training to improve his technique. His unwavering focus on fighting makes Levi a highly disciplined warrior. He pushes his skills to the limits, becoming the best fighter he can possibly be.

Levi In Action

When looking at Levi in action, his fighting capabilities are on full display:

  • He took down the Female Titan despite her attempt to crystallize and thwart attacks.
  • Levi battled Kenny and his team, overcoming their vertical maneuvering gear designed to combat ODM gear.
  • He defeated the Beast Titan in Shiganshina despite being injured and exhausted.

In all of these fights, Levi displays incredible speed, strength, maneuverability, and sword skills. He thinks quickly on his feet to overcome enemies with various advantages. Levi’s combination of talent and intense dedication makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Disadvantages Levi Has Overcome

Despite his short stature, Levi has overcome any disadvantages that might bring him in battle. His speed allows him to get in close before taller fighters can strike. Levi has mastered fighting skills tailored for his size, such as spinning and flipping to generate power and avoid hits. He also uses his environment strategically as “stepping stones” to gain height on larger foes. Levi has transformed his size into an advantage rather than a weakness.

How Levi Compares to Other Fighters

While there are many skilled fighters, none display the combination of strengths Levi possesses:

Fighter Levi’s Advantages
Mikasa More experience and leadership abilities
Annie Better strategist and leader
Kenny Superior teamwork and dedication
Zeke More intelligent and disciplined

Mikasa, Annie, Kenny, and Zeke are all very talented fighters. However, Levi’s extensive experience, mastery of ODM gear, tactical thinking, leadership, and intense dedication give him the edge. While their skills should not be downplayed, Levi has demonstrated the most complete package of abilities.

Levi’s Track Record

Levi has built an impressive track record of success as a fighter:

  • Helped turn the tide at Trost by stopping the supply route
  • Recaptured Eren from the Female Titan
  • Defeated the Female Titan twice
  • Killed the Beast Titan
  • Survived the Battle of Shiganshina
  • Killed Zeke in the forest battle

In Attack on Titan’s most important battles, Levi played pivotal roles in securing victory. His proven ability to overcome difficult challenges and formidable enemies in battle is unmatched. Levi’s track record solidifies him as the Survey Corps’ most talented warrior.


Levi stands out as the most skilled all-around fighter in Attack on Titan. He has incredible mastery of ODM gear maneuvers, making him deadly in aerial combat. Levi is also intelligent, strategic, dedicated, and strong under pressure – all vital battlefield traits. His reputation as “humanity’s strongest soldier” is well-earned. No other fighter quite matches Levi’s combination of strengths and accomplishments. While AoT has many capable soldiers, Levi Ackerman rises above the rest as the most skilled titan-slayer within the walls.