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Who makes Walmart potato salad?

Walmart sells a variety of potato salads in their deli section, but they do not actually make these potato salads themselves. The potato salads sold at Walmart are made by third-party food manufacturers and simply sold under Walmart’s store brand name.

Walmart’s Deli Options

When you visit the deli at Walmart, you’ll find a refrigerated section with pre-packaged containers of different types of potato salads. Some common varieties include:

  • Classic potato salad – Made with potatoes, mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, etc.
  • Red potato salad – Uses small red potatoes instead of russets
  • Bacon potato salad – Includes crumbled bacon
  • Dijon potato salad – Made with a Dijon mustard dressing
  • Broccoli potato salad – Contains chopped broccoli florets

These potato salads come in plastic containers ranging from 1 pound up to 3 pounds. They have a Walmart branded label on them such as “Walmart Deli Classic Potato Salad” or “Marketside Dijon Potato Salad.”

Walmart Does Not Make the Potato Salad

While Walmart sells these potato salads under their own store brand name, they do not actually manufacture or produce these products themselves. Instead, Walmart contracts with various third-party food producers to make potato salads and other prepared foods to be sold in Walmart stores.

These outside companies make large quantities of potato salad in their own professional kitchens and facilities according to Walmart’s specifications and recipes. They then package and deliver the finished potato salads to Walmart stores across the country. So while the salad ends up on Walmart shelves, the actual production is outsourced.

Main Suppliers of Walmart Potato Salad

So who exactly makes the potato salads for Walmart? The specific food manufacturers can vary by region and over time as contracts change, but some major suppliers include:

  • Reser’s Fine Foods – A national prepared foods company based in Oregon. They operate facilities across the U.S. and are one of the largest suppliers for Walmart deli items.
  • Kleinschmidt Foods – A family-owned company based in Minnesota that produces potato salads, coleslaw, pasta salads, and more for Walmart under their Kleinschmidt brand.
  • St. Clair Foods – A food manufacturer in Memphis, Tennessee that produces salads for Walmart under the Fresh Del Monte label.
  • Private label manufacturers – In some cases, the store brand potato salads are made by smaller private label producers in a specific region.

Production and Food Safety Process

The potato salad production process for Walmart follows strict food safety procedures and regulations. Here is an overview:

  • Ingredients are sourced by the manufacturer based on Walmart’s specifications.
  • Potatoes and other vegetables are washed, peeled, and chopped.
  • Ingredients are combined in large batches based on the recipe.
  • The potato salad is packaged into individual containers in a secured production facility.
  • The finished products are quickly chilled for freshness.
  • The potato salads are stored in refrigerated trucks for delivery to Walmart locations.

Throughout this process, the facility and employees follow food safety guidelines on sanitation, storage temperature, expiration dates, and more. The potato salad is regularly tested by both the manufacturer and Walmart to ensure it meets quality standards.

Store Brand Benefits

By outsourcing production of potato salad and other prepared deli foods, Walmart is able to offer its store brands at lower prices than major national brands. Walmart can buy in bulk from large manufacturers and take advantage of economies of scale. Some other benefits of Walmart’s approach include:

  • Control over recipes and ingredients
  • Consistent quality and taste
  • Cost savings passed on to customers
  • Convenience of ready-to-serve items


In summary, while Walmart sells potato salad under their own labels, outside companies are actually responsible for making those products. By contracting with specialized food manufacturers, Walmart can offer quality potato salad and other deli items at affordable prices under their private store brands. So next time you pick up potato salad at Walmart’s deli, know that it was produced by one of Walmart’s trusted food suppliers.