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Who will win Scarlet Witch or Thor?

Scarlet Witch and Thor are two incredibly powerful superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They have gone head-to-head in the comics before, but who would win in a fight between them on the big screen? To determine the victor, we need to compare their powers, abilities, fighting skills, experience, and other key factors.

Scarlet Witch’s Powers and Abilities

Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, is an enhanced human with incredible powers. Her abilities include:

  • Telekinesis – Scarlet Witch can move, levitate, and manipulate objects using her mind. This allows her to throw objects and enemies, create force fields, and even fly.
  • Energy projection – She can project various forms of energy from her hands as concussive force or beams. This “hex magic” can stun, injure, or even disintegrate enemies.
  • Telepathy – Wanda can read minds, communicate telepathically, manipulate memories, and project visions. This gives her valuable insight in combat.
  • Psionic energy manipulation – Scarlet Witch can harness psychic energy for reality warping. This allows her to alter reality in limited ways for offensive or defensive purposes.

In the MCU, Scarlet Witch’s powers have continued to grow. By WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2, her chaos magic and reality manipulation abilities had increased dramatically. She was able to control entire towns, reanimate the dead, travel between universes, and nearly defeat a powered-up Doctor Strange.

Thor’s Powers and Abilities

Thor Odinson is the Asgardian God of Thunder. As an Asgardian, he has several superhuman attributes and powers which include:

  • Superhuman strength – Thor possesses vast superhuman strength, allowing him to lift over 100 tons. He can overpower even the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Superhuman durability – Thor’s Asgardian flesh and bones are extremely durable, making him practically invulnerable to conventional weapons including blades, bullets, and explosives.
  • Superhuman speed – He can move at supersonic speeds in battle when needed, quick enough to catch even Quicksilver off-guard.
  • Superhuman stamina – Thor can exert himself at peak capacity for months without tiring against the most powerful foes.
  • Longevity – Like all Asgardians, Thor ages much slower than humans and can potentially live for thousands of years.
  • Electrokinesis – As the God of Thunder, Thor can summon massive amounts of lightning and electricity from Asgard and various other energies. He can then channel these energies through his hammer Mjolnir or his new axe Stormbreaker to devastating effect.
  • Flight – By whirling Mjolnir around, Thor can fly at supersonic speeds in Earth’s atmosphere and travel through space efficiently. With Stormbreaker, he no longer needs a hammer to fly.

After awakening his true divine power in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, Thor reached power levels comparable to Odin and the Phoenix Force. He was able to withstand the energy of a star and proved vital in defeating Thanos even with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Combat Skill and Training

In addition to superpowers, combat skill and training are crucial factors. Scarlet Witch and Thor have both honed their abilities extensively over years of combat experience.

As an Avenger, Scarlet Witch has trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. She’s an experienced fighter, though she tends to rely more on her powers in battle. Her chaos magic and telekinesis are very versatile however, able to strike multiple enemies at once from various angles.

Thor has had centuries of combat training and experience as an Asgardian warrior and adventurer. He is an expert fighter proficient in many ancient and modern forms of armed and unarmed combat. Thor also has extensive experience battling all manner of mystical and cosmic entities thanks to his adventures across the Ten Realms and beyond. His commanding presence and skill on the battlefield has led him to become a trusted leader and strategist.

Both Scarlet Witch and Thor have plenty of experience fighting side by side with various Avengers teams. They are also very experienced coordinating with allies and acting as team players during large-scale battles against overwhelming opposition, which could come into play in their hypothetical duel.

Defensive Capabilities

In a direct magical clash, defensive capabilities also become important to consider. Both Scarlet Witch and Thor have access to powers and abilities that can help them resist or counter the other’s attacks.

Scarlet Witch can utilize energy shields and barriers to defend herself against Thor’s lightning and hammer strikes. Her telekinesis also allows her to deflect attacks or catch Mjolnir mid-flight. As a mystic arts user, Wanda can transmute and manipulate Thor’s energies. With her reality warping powers at their height, she was even able to restrict Doctor Strange’s astral form which suggests she could perhaps disrupt Thor’s soul or spirit in some way for defense.

Meanwhile, Thor’s incredibly durable Asgardian body provides a high base level of defense against harm. In addition, Thor can also summon lightning shields and barriers. By spinning Mjolnir at high speeds, he can deflect oncoming magical energy attacks. Thor’s healing factor also allows him to quickly recover from any injuries sustained in combat.


Scarlet Witch and Thor also have certain weaknesses that could potentially be exploited.

For Scarlet Witch, her mental state is sometimes a liability. If emotionally compromised, her chaos magic can become unfocused and harder to control. She also does not have as much experience or skill utilizing her powers compared to ancient beings like Thor or Doctor Strange. Scarlet Witch relies more on raw power rather than technique which can leave openings in her defense if pressed.

Thor on the other hand is vulnerable to powerful magic and psionic attacks if they can bypass his Asgardian physiology. While he has immense power, he is also sometimes overconfident and headstrong which can lead to careless mistakes. In addition, when separated from Mjolnir in the past he has lost much of his power and fighting advantage over mystical foes like Scarlet Witch.

Analysis and Conclusions

Based on their respective powers and capabilities, Scarlet Witch and Thor seem quite evenly matched at first glance. Both possess god-like abilities and have years of experience facing down world-ending level threats side-by-side. In a direct magical duel, it could go either way depending on circumstances and strategy.

However, after her emergence as the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2, Wanda has reached new pinnacles of reality-bending power that likely give her the edge over Thor. While physically outmatched, Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic and psionic abilities provide the versatility she needs to counter Thor’s thunder powers and overwhelm his defenses. Thor is also vulnerable to having his mind manipulated, one of Scarlet Witch’s specialties.

Scarlet Witch’s probability manipulation spells also give her an advantage in tilting the randomness of any fight in her favor. And while Thor may be more level-headed in combat, Wanda’s recent descent into grief-fueled madness has made her incredibly ruthless and dangerous. For mystical might and hax abilities, a bloodlusted Scarlet Witch seems capable of taking down even the God of Thunder at this stage in her evolution.

Of course, Thor could potentially win as well. If he speed blitzes Wanda before she can react or lands an immensely powerful divine lightning blast, he may be able to overpower her defenses and end the fight quickly. Much also depends on their environment and other situational factors.

Key Advantages & Disadvantages

Scarlet Witch Thor
  • Reality manipulation powers can counter Thor’s abilities
  • Telepathic and psionic attacks can bypass Thor’s durability
  • Probability manipulation can tilt the randomness of fight in her favor
  • Vastly superior physical strength and durability
  • Centuries more combat experience than Scarlet Witch
  • Divine lightning attacks can one-shot before Scarlet Witch reacts
  • Emotional instability makes powers difficult to control
  • Far less hand-to-hand combat skill than Thor
  • Overreliance on raw mystic power over skill and technique
  • Vulnerable to powerful magic and mental manipulation
  • Overconfidence leads to mistakes
  • Loses significant power when separated from Mjolnir

In conclusion, while the Goddess of Thunder certainly has the brute force advantage, the Scarlet Witch’s versatile and reality-bending abilities give her the edge in mystical combat. Both wield immense power suited for the cosmos, but Wanda’s arsenal of psionic and chaos magic spells offers more options for getting around Thor’s defenses. Her recent jump in abilities tips the scales and gives Scarlet Witch a 55/100 chance of defeating Thor in a direct MCU match-up at their current respective power levels.

Scarlet Witch versus Different Versions of Thor

It’s also worth considering how Scarlet Witch would fare against other incarnations of Thor from the comics and alternate storylines outside the MCU canon.

MCU Scarlet Witch versus Comics Thor

Against the Thor Odinson of mainstream Marvel comics, Scarlet Witch faces much tougher odds. Comics Thor has access to truly insane levels of power to the point of overloading entire planets with his thunderstorms. He has slain cosmic entities like Galactus and can draw the Odinforce to further augment his abilities. With over half a century more experience, comics Thor has also mastered advanced Asgardian magic and Rune magic in addition to his thunder powers. All of this likely gives mainstream comics Thor the advantage unless Scarlet Witch brings reality-breaking levels of chaos magic to the table.

MCU Scarlet Witch versus Rune King Thor

In a clash with Rune King Thor, an alternate future version of Thor who gained vast cosmic awareness and rune magic, Scarlet Witch would be significantly outmatched. Rune King Thor became so powerful after merging with the Odinforce that he was able to erase Loki from all existence with a word and defeat Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, ancient entities who fed on the Odinforce itself. Only universal or multiversal reality warpers would stand a chance against a foe of this level.

MCU Scarlet Witch versus Old King Thor

Against Old King Thor, an elderly Thor ruling over a dystopian Earth in an alternate future timeline, the fight would be much closer. While Old King Thor possessed the Odinforce and a lifetime more experience, he had also grown weaker in his old age. Scarlet Witch could potentially overpower him with her reality-warping chaos magic at this stage. But Old King Thor’s cunning and mastery of Asgardian magic could still pull out a victory.

Battle Scenarios and Locations

The environment and circumstances of the battle would also have a significant influence on the outcome between Scarlet Witch and Thor.

Open Battlefield

In an open battlefield with plenty of room to maneuver and cut loose with their powers, Thor’s ability to strike quickly from range with devastating lightning gives him the advantage. However, Scarlet Witch can also fight at range by telekinetically launching objects and bombarding Thor with hex bolts. Her probability manipulation spells to alter the environment could also compensate for Thor’s mobility edge.

Urban Setting

In a crowded city setting filled with innocent civilians and structural obstacles, Scarlet Witch’s finesse with her powers could allow her to constrain Thor’s large area attacks and pin him down. At close quarters Thor’s melee fighting skill still provides an edge, but Scarlet Witch can potentially mind control any civilians to assist her. Overall the chaos of an urban battlefield caters more to Wanda’s style.

Mirror Dimension

If trapped in the mystical mirror dimension by Doctor Strange’s spells, the reflective nature of their surroundings may actually work to Thor’s advantage. He could use the mirrored surfaces to ricochet lightning attacks at unexpected angles and overwhelm Scarlet Witch through sheer repetitive force. On the other hand, as a manipulator of chaos magic, Scarlet Witch may inherently have tricks up her sleeve that can distort the mirror dimension itself.


In Thor’s home realm of Asgard, Thor would gain a major home field advantage with reinforcements from Asgardian soldiers potentially turning the tide further in his favor. However, Scarlet Witch could utilize her probability and reality manipulation to sow chaos throughout Asgard, distracting Thor with having to protect his people and minimizing his combat effectiveness.

Third Party Interference

Allies and other parties could also affect the dynamic between Scarlet Witch and Thor in various matchup scenarios:

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange’s mastery of the mystic arts would make him a formidable ally for either Scarlet Witch or Thor in direct combat. He could shield his chosen side, restrain the opponent with Eldritch spells, or aid in channeling and focusing greater magical power towards victory. Strange’s precise use of techniques would complement Scarlet Witch’s raw power well.


As Thor’s father and ruler of Asgard, Odin would likely intervene to break up any uncontrolled fight between Scarlet Witch and Thor that threatens the safety of Asgardian civilians. Odin could overpower both combatants easily and force a reconciliation. However, in an organized duel, Odin may provide Thor certain enhancements through the Odinforce to ensure Thor’s victory for the honor of Asgard.


Thor’s evil sister Hela nearly overwhelmed him at her peak power in Thor: Ragnarok. She would pose a dangerous threat keeping both Scarlet Witch and Thor occupied. Hela could potentially strike an alliance with Scarlet Witch against their mutual foe Thor however. On the other hand, Thor and Scarlet Witch may have to team up themselves to take Hela down with her combination of Asgardian magic and overwhelming necromantic force.

Other Factors and Variables

Beyond direct combat capabilities, there are other potential variables that could decide an encounter between the Scarlet Witch and God of Thunder:

Morals Off

If morals are off and Scarlet Witch opts to use extremely ruthless tactics, she could gain an advantage over the traditionally noble Thor. Tactics like telepathically attacking civilians to distract Thor or manipulating Thor’s mind against his allies are unlikely in a fair fight, but could enable Wanda to win if morals don’t apply.

Prep Time

With substantial prep time, Thor could seek artifacts like the Norn Stones to bolster his powers or research magic-countering runes. This would help shore up his defenses against Scarlet Witch’s abilities. Meanwhile, Wanda could study the nature of Thor’s powers extensively to formulate specific probability and reality manipulations to counter him.


A bloodlusted Thor would attack relentlessly with his most devastating strikes, leaving little room for finesse or strategy. This straightforward approach may overwhelm Scarlet Witch. But Wanda has her own immense wrath to tap into that could allow her to channel greater chaos magic power and potentially match or exceed Bloodlusted Thor’s sheer force.

In Conclusion

Given the array of factors involved, there are numerous possible variations in a hypothetical clash between Scarlet Witch and Thor that make the outcome far from certain either way. While Wanda’s reality-warping abilities likely give her an edge over MCU Thor in a direct magical duel, Thor has paths to victory as well under different circumstances. Their epic powers could lead to any number of climactic collisions limited only by imagination. But one thing that remains clear is that any battle between Scarlet Witch and the God of Thunder would shake the Marvel Universe to its core.