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Why are All American Pressure Canners so expensive?

Pressure canners have become an essential tool for home canning enthusiasts who want to safely preserve low-acid foods like meats, seafood, poultry, and vegetables. However, many home canners are surprised by the high prices of quality American-made pressure canner brands like All American. A new All American pressure canner often costs $300 to $400, which is a significant investment for a kitchen appliance. This article will examine the reasons behind the high prices of All American pressure canners and other top brands.

The Unique Design of All American Pressure Canners

All American pressure canners are renowned for their distinctive metal-to-metal sealing lock design. This means that the lid locks directly onto the body of the canner without any rubber gasket in between. The metal-to-metal sealing provides an airtight lock that allows the canner to reach higher pressures safely. This is different from other brands that rely on rubber gaskets for sealing the lid to the canner body.

The all-metal design gives All American canners two key advantages:

  • Safety – The metal-to-metal seal creates a secure lock and seal that is less prone to leakage or issues with pressure release. This gives users greater peace of mind when using the canner at high heat and pressures.
  • Durability – Since there is no rubber gasket, the metal locking mechanism is extremely durable and does not need replacement over time like rubber gaskets. All American canners can last for decades with proper care.

This unique design requires precision manufacturing to create a perfect seal between the lid and canner body, adding to production costs. The special metal composition used for the sealing lock also increases expenses compared to other brands.

Made of High Quality Durable Materials

All American pressure canners are constructed from high quality, thick aluminum or stainless steel. This makes them much heavier and more durable than other brands made of thinner, cheaper metals. The heavy duty construction allows All American canners to distribute heat evenly and retain high pressures without warping.

Key benefits of the durable metal construction include:

  • Even Heating – The thick metal sides heat up evenly and eliminate hot spots during canning.
  • Warping Resistant – Thicker metal means the canner resists warping even under high pressure and heat.
  • Stronger Locking Mechanisms – The high quality metals allow for stronger locking mechanisms less prone to issues.
  • Long Lifespan – With proper maintenance, All American canners often last for 20-30 years of regular use.

Working with high quality stainless steel and aluminum drives up manufacturing costs. But it results in a more durable and safer product that justifies the higher investment for serious canning enthusiasts.

Made in the USA

All American pressure canners are designed and constructed in Wisconsin, USA. The company prides itself on local American production. Manufacturing domestically enables quality control but also increases labor costs compared to outsourced production overseas.

There are several advantages to an American-made pressure canner:

  • Higher Quality Materials – All American can access the best metals and materials domestically.
  • Skilled Labor – Experienced Wisconsin-based production team adheres to strict quality controls.
  • Reputation – Being “Made in the USA” holds value for many consumers.
  • Customer Support – American company provides customer service and support from the USA.

Many competing pressure canner brands manufacture overseas to reduce costs. However, All American has chosen to keep production domestic despite higher expenses. This contributes to the investment-level pricing.

Advanced Safety Features

All American pressure canners are engineered with many built-in safety features not found in other brands. These innovations allow users to can foods safely and give peace of mind but also increase costs.

Key safety features include:

  • Metal-to-Metal Seal – The unique sealing lock keeps pressure securely inside.
  • Backup Safety Release – Extra pressure release plug in case the main vent gets blocked.
  • Precision Pressure Gauge – Lets users accurately monitor canner pressure.
  • Thickness Gauge – Allows monitoring metal thickness to prevent bulges or warping.
  • Automatic Locking – Lid locks securely into place when closed.

Developing these proprietary safety additions requires significant research and development expenses. But the resulting canner provides maximum protection during the canning process.

Range of Sizes and Options

All American pressure canners are available in a wide range of capacities from 4 quart models up to 41 quarts. Various options like stainless steel instead of aluminum are also available. This range means buyers can get the ideal canner size for their needs and budget.

However, offering multiple sizes and material options results in higher production costs to manufacture each model run. Other brands reduce expenses by limiting options. All American chooses variety over cost savings.

Model Quart Capacity Features
921 4 Aluminum Small Canner
922 7 Aluminum Medium Canner
924 10 Aluminum Large Canner
941 21 Aluminum Extra Large Canner
1041 41 Aluminum Giant Canner
916 4.5 Stainless Steel Small Canner
917 8.5 Stainless Steel Medium Canner
919 11.5 Stainless Steel Large Canner

High-Quality Brand Reputation

As the market leader for American-made pressure canners, All American has established a reputation for quality and safety over decades. The brand is trusted by home cooks and sells at a premium price point.

Key aspects of the brand reputation include:

  • Popular with Canning Enthusiasts – All American is the #1 recommendation of Master Canner certification groups.
  • Word-of-Mouth – Positive reviews and stories boost popularity and demand.
  • Perceived Value – Customers associate the brand with quality construction and safety.
  • Heritage – The Wisconsin-based company has manufactured canners since the 1930s.

This loyal customer base and premium brand image allows All American to command higher prices than competitors. The company meets expectations through precision manufacturing and safety innovations.

Customer Service and Support

All American pressure canners come with a comprehensive 12-year warranty. The Wisconsin-based company is known for excellent customer service and support for their products.

Key aspects of the customer service include:

  • Product Specialists – Knowledgeable team provides advice and answers on proper use.
  • Quality Assurance – All American thoroughly tests products before shipping.
  • Warranty Service – Handles repairs or replacements for 12 years after purchase.
  • Made in USA – Manufacturing domestically enables better support.

Providing personalized service and support results in higher overhead for the company. But it also boosts brand loyalty among customers who know All American “has their back” when issues arise.


When considering the range of unique design features, top-notch construction, advanced safety additions, American production, and customer service, it becomes clear why All American pressure canners command a premium price point. While the investment may seem high upfront, owners find the long-term value makes it worthwhile. No other brand matches the quality, safety, and durability of All American pressure canners made in the USA.