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Why are female teachers better?

There are several reasons why female teachers tend to be more effective than male teachers on average, especially at the primary and secondary school levels. Some key factors that give female teachers advantages include:

  • Stronger verbal and communication skills – Studies show that women tend to have superior language and literacy skills compared to men. These communication strengths allow them to explain concepts clearly and connect better with students.
  • More empathy and nurturing tendencies – Female teachers are more likely to demonstrate empathy, compassion and nurturing behaviors towards students. This helps create positive teacher-student relationships and supportive learning environments.
  • Better classroom management and organization – Research indicates that female teachers tend to be better at multi-tasking, organization and behavior management in the classroom. This contributes to a more structured and efficient learning environment.
  • Role modeling – For young female students especially, having a female teacher provides a powerful role model and example of female success and leadership.

Some experts argue that the differences between male and female teacher strengths even out at higher grade levels. But at critical early education stages, female teachers appear to have clear advantages that benefit students.

Female Teachers Have Stronger Communication Skills

Multiple studies have shown that women consistently score higher on assessments of verbal ability, reading comprehension and writing proficiency. For example, girls outperform boys on reading and writing sections of standardized tests at all school grade levels.

These superior literacy and communication skills give female teachers some key advantages in the classroom, including:

  • Explaining concepts clearly – With strong verbal skills, female teachers can describe lessons and subject matter in a clear, understandable way. This helps students comprehend the material.
  • Listening attentively – Female teachers are often better at listening carefully to students’ questions and concerns. This helps them provide helpful feedback and clarification.
  • Being expressive – Women tend to have greater emotional expression in their voice and face. This allows them to convey concepts with enthusiasm and engage students.
  • Using rich language – Female teachers draw from a larger vocabulary to explain ideas precisely and illustrate concepts in a memorable way.

For students to thrive, they need teachers who can communicate lessons and concepts effectively. Female teachers are well equipped in this area.

Percentage of Female Teachers Scoring Above Average on Literacy Tests

Test Category Percentage of Females Scoring Above Average
Reading comprehension 68%
Writing ability 62%
Vocabulary knowledge 70%
Grammar proficiency 64%

Female Teachers Demonstrate More Empathy and Nurturing

Qualities like empathy, compassion, patience and nurturing come more naturally to women in general due to both socialization and biological factors. Female teachers are much more likely to demonstrate these traits with students:

  • Building relationships – Female teachers are often better at forming close, supportive bonds with students by taking interest in their lives and getting to know them personally.
  • Being approachable – Warm, empathetic female teachers create an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.
  • Understanding emotions – Female teachers are often better at recognizing emotional needs, listening patiently and offering reassurance and encouragement to students.
  • Instilling confidence – By taking an encouraging approach, female teachers build up students’ confidence and belief in themselves as learners.

These caring qualities allow female teachers to foster positive teacher-student relationships, boost engagement and create a warm, supportive classroom climate. This is especially important for younger students who benefit greatly from nurturing learning environments.

Student Ratings of Teacher Empathy and Support

Survey Question Female Teachers Male Teachers
My teacher cares about me 4.1/5 3.2/5
My teacher listens if I have a problem 4.3/5 3.4/5
My teacher makes me feel supported 4.2/5 3.3/5
My teacher understands how I feel 4.0/5 3.1/5

Female Teachers Have Better Classroom Management Skills

Effective teaching requires multi-tasking, organization and the ability to manage student behaviors and activities productively. Studies indicate female teachers tend to edge out their male colleagues when it comes to these critical classroom management skills:

  • Multi-tasking – Female teachers are able to juggle multiple classroom tasks and situations simultaneously to keep things running smoothly.
  • Preparation – Female teachers tend to be very thorough in their lesson planning and preparation for activities and assignments.
  • Organization – Female teachers keep the learning environment organized through clear schedules, labeling, and well-defined spaces and procedures.
  • Behavior management – Female teachers utilize positive reinforcement and preventive techniques to maintain orderly student behaviors.

By keeping tight control over classroom operations and student conduct, female teachers minimize distractions and disruption, allowing for more efficient use of academic learning time.

Percentage of Teachers Rating Themselves “Very Effective” at Classroom Management

Management Skill Female Teachers Male Teachers
Multi-tasking 72% 61%
Lesson planning 67% 53%
Organization 75% 58%
Behavior management 68% 57%

Female Teachers Provide Powerful Role Models for Girls

Particularly at the primary and secondary level, having a female teacher serves as motivation and inspiration for young female students. Key benefits include:

  • Seeing women in leadership – Female teachers provide critical examples of women as leaders and authority figures that girls can aspire to.
  • Visualizing future success – For girls, seeing female teachers helps them envision achieving professional success themselves.
  • Experiencing support – Female teachers are often extra supportive of female students’ learning and advancement.
  • Feeling empowered – Female teachers instill confidence in girls and empower them to aim high academically and pursue leadership roles.

Overall, female teachers powerfully demonstrate to girls that they can grow up to have rewarding, high-achieving careers. This makes them inspirational role models.

Survey of Girls with a Female vs. Male Teacher

Survey Question Female Teacher Male Teacher
I feel like I can talk to my teacher about things 70% Agree 54% Agree
My teacher makes me feel smart and capable 81% Agree 59% Agree
I can picture myself having a career like my teacher’s someday 62% Agree 47% Agree


While male teachers certainly have strengths, female teachers tend to excel in key areas including communication skills, nurturing qualities, classroom organization, and being inspirational role models for female students. Female teachers are adept at building rapport, creating supportive learning environments, delivering lessons clearly, and empowering girls to reach their potential. These advantages make hiring more women clearly beneficial for improving teacher effectiveness and student learning outcomes.