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Why didn t Princess Diana and the Queen like each other?

Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II are two iconic figures in the history of the British monarchy. However, despite their shared royal status, their relationship was far from amicable. In fact, it is known that Princess Diana and the Queen did not have a particularly warm relationship, and there were instances of reported dislike between the two. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind their strained relationship and delve into the instances of conflict and tension. We will also discuss the attempts made at resolution and reconciliation between them, and reflect on the impact of their relationship on the monarchy and public perception.

Reasons for the Dislike between Princess Diana and the Queen

A. Different upbringing and background

One of the main reasons behind the clash between Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II was their vastly different upbringing and background. Diana, born into an aristocratic family, had a more relaxed and modern upbringing compared to the Queen, who had been brought up in strict adherence to royal traditions and protocols. This cultural disparity may have caused a tension as their perspectives on royal duties and expectations differed.

B. Age and generational differences

Another factor contributing to the strain between Diana and the Queen was their age and generational differences. Diana, being a young and vibrant woman, desired independence and was hesitant to conform to the traditional role of a royal. On the other hand, the Queen had a wealth of experience and was committed to her duty as the reigning monarch. These contrasting beliefs and priorities may have created a divide between them.

C. Clash of personalities

Diana’s outgoing and charismatic nature stood in stark contrast to the Queen’s reserved and stoic demeanor. The modern and relatable personality of Princess Diana appealed to the masses, while the Queen maintained a more traditional and regal facade. This clash of personalities may have caused tension and difficulty in establishing a strong bond between the two.

D. Competition for attention and popularity

As Princess Diana gained popularity and captured the hearts of the public, there may have been an unintentional competition for attention and popularity between her and the Queen. Diana’s growing charisma and charm overshadowed the Queen’s presence, which may have led to feelings of insecurity or resentment.

Instances of Conflict and Tension

A. Differences in parenting styles

One of the areas where Princess Diana and the Queen differed was in their parenting styles. Diana was known for her hands-on and affectionate approach to raising her children, while the Queen adhered to more traditional and distant methods. This contrast in parenting styles may have created tension and disagreement between the two, especially when it came to the upbringing of Prince William and Prince Harry.

B. Disagreements over royal duties and expectations

Diana’s desire for a more relaxed and modern role within the royal family clashed with the Queen’s commitment to traditional royal duties and expectations. Diana wanted to break away from the constraints of royal protocol and engage with the public on a more personal level. However, the Queen believed in upholding the centuries-old traditions and protocols associated with the monarchy. These differing visions and expectations may have caused conflicts and disagreements.

C. Media scrutiny and public perception

As Princess Diana rose to unprecedented levels of popularity, her presence often overshadowed the Queen’s. This may have created a sense of unease and concern for the Queen, who preferred to maintain the image and hierarchy associated with the monarchy. The media scrutiny and public perception surrounding Princess Diana’s every move could have contributed to tensions between her and the Queen.

Attempts at Resolution and Reconciliation

A. Efforts by family members to bridge the gap

Despite their strained relationship, family members made efforts to bridge the gap between Princess Diana and the Queen. Prince Charles, as the mediator between Diana and the Queen, tried to facilitate better communication and understanding between them. Additionally, Prince William and Prince Harry acted as intermediaries, conveying messages and trying to mend the relationship between their mother and grandmother.

B. Diplomatic encounters and events

For the sake of appearances and to project unity, Princess Diana and the Queen appeared together at public events and engagements. These instances aimed to show a united front and indicate that any personal differences were set aside for the sake of their roles within the monarchy. While these encounters may not have resolved the underlying issues, they were a step towards reconciliation.

C. Professional respect and acknowledgment

Despite their personal differences, both Diana and the Queen had a shared respect for their professional responsibilities. The Queen acknowledged Diana’s charitable work and her impact on raising awareness for various causes. Likewise, Diana admired the Queen’s dedication to her duty as the sovereign. This mutual respect and acknowledgment allowed them to find common ground in their shared commitment to the monarchy.


The relationship between Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II was complex and marked by reported dislike. The reasons behind their strained relationship can be attributed to their different upbringing, age and generational differences, clash of personalities, and competition for attention and popularity. Instances of conflict and tension arose due to differences in parenting styles, disagreements over royal duties, and media scrutiny. Despite these challenges, attempts were made at resolution and reconciliation, including efforts by family members, diplomatic encounters, and professional respect. The impact of their relationship on the monarchy and public perception cannot be understated. However, it is important to note that their relationship evolved and was ultimately defined by respect and acknowledgment of their shared responsibilities as members of the British royal family.


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