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Why do I ignore my inner voice?

What is the inner voice?

The inner voice, also known as our intuition or gut feeling, refers to the wisdom within us. It’s the subtle nudges, thoughts, and feelings that arise from our core essence. This inner guidance system stems from a deep inner knowing and direct connection to our higher selves.

Our inner voice is always there, speaking to us softly. It’s that whisper in your ear urging you to turn left instead of right, or giving you a bad feeling about a person or situation. Unlike the logical conscious mind which relies on rational analysis, the inner voice is rooted in instinctual wisdom.

Why do we ignore the inner voice?

If our inner voice stems from our highest truth, why do we override it so often? Here are the main reasons we tend to ignore our intuition:

It’s uncomfortable

The inner voice usually tells us what we need to hear, not necessarily what we want to hear. It may nudge us in an uncomfortable direction or away from something to which we’re attached. For example, your inner voice may tell you to leave a relationship that’s become toxic. While hearing this may cause discomfort, it’s coming from a place of love – your highest self wants the best for you.

We get distracted

Life moves fast and our minds are almost always racing. From work stresses to digital distractions like social media, our attention is constantly being fragmented. This makes it easy to drown out the gentle whispers of our inner voice. Slowing down and spending time in nature are great ways to quiet the mind so we can tune into our intuition.

Logical mind takes over

Society emphasizes rational, logical thinking. While this has its place, it often overrides our inner knowing. For example, your intuition may warn you that a business venture won’t pan out well financially, but the logical mind draws up pro/con lists that make it seem like a good idea on paper. In reality, the cold hard facts don’t include the subtle irrationalities of life.

Fear clouds our judgement

Fear is often the culprit that causes us to ignore our inner voice. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or fear of what others may think may block us from making a change aligned with our higher guidance. For example, your intuition may nudge you to leave your stable corporate job to pursue your true passion, but fear of financial instability holds you back.

Lack of trust

Many people have learned to distrust their own intuition from past experiences where following their inner voice led to mistakes or failure. However, no one’s inner guidance is infallible. The key is to reflect on past missteps without judgment so you can learn when to trust – and when to verify – guidance.

Difficulty hearing it clearly

Even if we want to follow our inner voice, we’re not always able to hear it clearly. Like a faint radio signal audible only with clarity in moments, our intuition can be challenging to tune into consistently. Daily meditation helps strengthen this inner channel of wisdom.

Signs you may be ignoring your inner voice

How do you know if you’re overriding your intuition versus listening to it? Here are some signs your inner voice may be speaking but you aren’t paying attention:

– Nagging negative gut feelings about a situation or person
– Feeling “off” and unsure why
– Frequently second-guessing decisions
– Re-thinking choices after the fact
– A sense of inner discord – like you aren’t being true to yourself
– Feeling drained, depleted, and exhausted for no clear reason

Mind chatter increases

Does your mind have nonstop internal commentary about everything, aka monkey mind? This can be a red flag you are avoiding something your inner voice wants you to face. The mental chatter keeps your conscious attention occupied so you don’t have to tune into your core intuition.

Your ego is in charge

Are you making choices to serve your ego more than your soul? Following status, money, image, and prestige over meaning, purpose, and making a difference are signs your ego is running the show versus your higher intuitive self.

Addictive behaviors increase

Increasing addictive patterns like drinking, drug use, social media, shopping, porn, and gambling often indicate an attempt to numb ourselves to inner truths we’d rather avoid. Pay attention if addictions flare up during times of stressful decision-making.

You feel blocked and stuck

When we ignore messages from our inner voice for long enough, we often get stuck in limiting thought and behavior patterns. Feeling blocked in life, relationships, and work is usually a sign it’s time to stop overriding your intuition!

Ways to reconnect with your inner voice

If you feel you’ve lost touch with your inner compass, don’t worry – you can reconnect. Here are some tips:

Spend time in nature

Nature has a profound healing and balancing effect on our minds and energy. A walk through the woods, sitting by the ocean, or just being with plants helps us get out of our thinking minds so we can hear the whispers of intuition.

Adopt a meditation practice

Any form of meditation calms the chatter of the monkey mind, helping us tap into our core essence where intuition arises. Even just 5-10 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Pay attention to repetitive signs

Look for messages trying to get your attention like song lyrics, symbols, overheard words, road signs, numbers, and syncronicities. This “conversation with the universe” is the inner voice communicating through outer signs.

Journal your feelings

Checking in with how you feel about people, situations, and choices gives clues about your inner truth. Our intuitive hits first reach us through our emotional body.

Sleep on it

Give your conscious mind a rest so your intuition can come through. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, advised not making big decisions before bed because guidance often arises in dreams.

Ask a question, then listen

Tune into your core during meditation, then ask a question like “What do I need to know right now to be on my highest path?” Notice any words, phrases, images or sensations. This is your intuition responding!


Although it takes practice and intention, listening to your inner voice is crucial for living a values-driven, soul-guided life. If we never consult our inner compass, it’s easy to veer way off course. The more we tune into intuition, the stronger this inner channel becomes until it’s our automatic inner GPS navigating every choice and decision.

While it takes courage to heed the whispers of your highest truth, doing so is an act of wise self-love. Your future self will thank you for allowing your inner wisdom to guide the way. As Steve Jobs said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”

Reasons We Ignore Our Inner Voice Signs We’re Not Listening Ways to Reconnect
It’s uncomfortable Nagging negative gut feelings Spend time in nature
We get distracted Frequently second-guessing Adopt a meditation practice
Logical mind takes over Feeling blocked and stuck Pay attention to signs
Fear clouds judgement Increasing addictive behaviors Journal your feelings
Lack of trust Your ego is in charge Sleep on it
Difficulty hearing it Mind chatter increases Ask a question, then listen