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Why does only Killua refer to Alluka as a girl?

Alluka Zoldyck is an important yet mysterious character in the anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter. Alluka is referred to as the youngest child of the Zoldyck family and originally introduced as the younger brother of Killua Zoldyck.

Alluka’s Gender Identity

However, there has been much debate and confusion among fans about Alluka’s actual gender identity. This is because while the rest of the Zoldyck family refers to Alluka as a boy, Killua consistently refers to Alluka as his younger sister and uses feminine pronouns when talking about her.

So why does only Killua acknowledge and refer to Alluka as a girl, when everyone else in the Zoldyck family considers Alluka as male?

There are several potential reasons behind this:

Killua’s Close Bond with Alluka

As Alluka’s older brother, Killua shares a very close bond with Alluka that the rest of their family does not have. Killua has taken the time to truly get to know Alluka and understand that she identifies as female. He accepts and respects Alluka’s inner sense of gender and uses the appropriate pronouns when referring to her.

The Zoldyck Family’s Attitude

In contrast, the rest of the Zoldyck family seems largely cold, distant and controlling towards Alluka. They primarily view her as a tool or possession to be used and controlled, rather than accepting Alluka as she is. As such, they disregard her gender identity and insist on referring to her by male pronouns instead.

Alluka’s Isolation in the Zoldyck Estate

Alluka spent most of her life isolated in the Zoldyck estate, with minimal interactions with others besides Killua. This means the rest of the Zoldyck family did not bother to truly get to know Alluka or understand her sense of self. Killua was her main source of companionship and the only one who cared to acknowledge her inner identity.

The Mystery of Alluka’s Powers

There is also an aura of mystery surrounding Alluka and her unknown powers. Some fans theorize that Alluka might not be fully human, or has a supernatural entity within her that manifests through her powers. This adds to the confusion around Alluka’s identity and gender.

Killua’s Acceptance of Alluka

As someone who grew up as an assassin, Killua himself has experienced isolation and lack of autonomy. This makes him especially empathetic to Alluka’s situation and inner desires. His unconditional love and acceptance of Alluka shows Killua’s strong sense of humanity despite his upbringing.

Themes and Analysis

The different ways Alluka is referred to and treated highlight several important themes and character analysis:

Identity and Autonomy

Alluka’s situation brings up vital questions about personal identity, autonomy, and acceptance. Her gender identity is disregarded by her family as they imposed external views on her, robbing Alluka of autonomy over her inner sense of self. This contrasts Killua being the only one to acknowledge and accept Alluka’s gender.

Unconditional Love

Killua’s relationship with Alluka demonstrates the power of unconditional love and understanding. Despite her mysterious powers, Killua cares for Alluka deeply and is willing to accept and fight for who she is. This unconditional bond transcends gender or societal norms.

Defying Family Expectations

By accepting Alluka as female, Killua defiantly goes against his family’s wishes and expectations. This shows Killua establishing his own identity apart from his family’s demands. Killua cares more about Alluka’s wellbeing than upholding the Zoldyck family image and norms.

Trans Acceptance in Anime

Alluka can be viewed as strong representation for the transgender community within anime/manga. Killua’s acceptance of Alluka highlights the importance of using correct pronouns and affirming trans individuals’ gender identity.


In summary, Killua’s acknowledgment and referring to Alluka as female contrasts the isolation and control exerted on her by the rest of the Zoldyck family. Killua sharing an intimate bond with Alluka gives him understanding of her inner self. His unconditional love and support empowers Alluka’s autonomy and identity. This serves as a powerful example of acceptance for trans individuals and defying societal expectations for personal connections.

While there are still mysteries surrounding Alluka’s character, Killua’s treatment of her brings uplifting messages about transgender representation. The two share one of the most meaningful bonds in Hunter x Hunter that transcends gender norms.