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Why does Phillip marry Eloise?

When it comes to love and marriage, sometimes our expectations can be misleading. This is certainly the case for Sir Phillip Crane, a character from Julia Quinn’s beloved Bridgerton series. In the book “Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,” Phillip’s decision to marry Eloise Bridgerton is initially driven by his assumption that she is a spinster – a woman who is homely, unassuming, and desperate for an offer of marriage. However, as the story unfolds, we discover that there is much more to Eloise than meets the eye, and Phillip’s motivations and perceptions undergo a powerful transformation. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind Phillip’s initial decision to propose to Eloise, explore the unique qualities of Eloise’s character, trace the development of Phillip’s attraction to her, and ultimately reflect on the transformation of their relationship. Join us as we unravel the complex journey of love and self-discovery in “Romancing Mr. Bridgerton.”

Philip’s Initial Motivation

Perception of Eloise as a spinster

At the outset, it is essential to understand the context surrounding Phillip’s proposals. In Regency-era society, a spinster was a term used to describe an unmarried woman who was usually considered past the typical age of marriage. Phillip, being aware of Eloise’s unmarried status, assumed that she fit this description. In his mind, he envisaged a woman who would be unremarkable in appearance and character, eager for any offer of marriage that came her way. This perception played a significant role in motivating him to propose to Eloise.

Desire for a wife who is unassuming and desperate

Phillip’s expectation was that a woman who had not yet married would be desperate for matrimony, therefore making her more amenable to his proposal. He sought a wife who was unassuming and would be content with a simple existence. This desire for a quiet, unremarkable life was fueled by his own past experiences and personal struggles. Little did he know that Eloise Bridgerton was far from the kind of woman he had imagined.

Eloise’s Character

Introduction to Eloise Bridgerton

To understand the significance of Phillip’s decision to marry Eloise, it is crucial to explore her character. Eloise is a member of the renowned Bridgerton family, known for their charm, wit, and beauty. Unlike her sisters, Eloise has chosen not to conform to society’s expectations. She possesses a strong sense of independence and exhibits behavior that challenges the traditional roles assigned to women in her time.

Eloise’s uniqueness from other women

Eloise’s uncommon personality sets her apart from the typical women of her social circle. She values her intellect and fiercely guards her autonomy. Eloise is not content with settling into the roles of wife and mother that society expects of her. She seeks personal and intellectual freedom, which drives her to pursue areas of interest beyond the domestic sphere. These unconventional attributes make her a unique and compelling character in the eyes of Philip.

Phillip’s Attraction to Eloise

Unexpected discovery of Eloise’s true character

As Phillip begins to interact with Eloise, he is pleasantly surprised to discover that she possesses intelligence, wit, and a passion for life. Their conversations reveal a deeper connection and resonance between them. The initial assumption that Eloise would be a dull and submissive partner is shattered, and Phillip finds himself undeniably drawn to her vibrant personality.

Phillip’s growing fascination with Eloise

As their interactions progress, Phillip’s fascination with Eloise deepens. He is captivated by her ability to challenge him intellectually and emotionally. Eloise’s spirit and refusal to conform to societal norms make her all the more intriguing to Phillip. Her courage to be herself, despite the expectations placed upon her, ignites a spark within him that he never expected.

The Transformation of Phillip’s Perception

Challenging societal expectations and stereotypes

Phillip’s journey toward a deeper understanding of love and marriage involves challenging the societal expectations and stereotypes that have shaped his initial perception of Eloise. He comes to realize that his assumptions about marriage were flawed and superficial. Through his evolving relationship with Eloise, he learns the value of authenticity and the strength that lies in defying societal conventions.

Appreciation for Eloise as an individual

As Phillip spends more time with Eloise, he begins to appreciate her as an individual rather than simply a potential wife. He recognizes her unique qualities and strengths, which not only attract him but also inspire him to become a better person. Eloise’s intellect, independence, and passion become the pillars upon which their relationship is built.

Phillip’s Proposal to Eloise

Overcoming his initial motives

As Phillip’s perception of Eloise transforms, he must confront and overcome his initial motives for proposing to her. He acknowledges his initial misjudgment and realizes that his desire for a submissive wife was misguided. It is a pivotal moment in their journey when he lets go of his preconceived notions and embraces the potential for a genuine, equal partnership with Eloise.

Phillip’s heartfelt declaration of love

With his newfound understanding of love and appreciation for Eloise, Phillip makes a heartfelt declaration of love. He expresses his genuine affection and admiration, laying bare his emotions and vulnerabilities. His proposal is not just a matter of convenience or societal expectation; it is a genuine desire to be with Eloise and build a life together based on mutual respect, growth, and love.

Eloise’s Acceptance of Phillip’s Proposal

Eloise’s own transformation and growth

Eloise’s journey is just as transformative as Phillip’s. She recognizes her own feelings for Phillip and the impact he has had on her life. Her acceptance of his proposal signifies a personal growth and maturity. Eloise chooses to marry for love rather than societal expectations, defying the traditional roles assigned to women in her time.

Eloise’s role in challenging societal norms

By embracing a marriage that empowers her individuality and supports her aspirations, Eloise becomes a symbol of defiance against societal norms. She challenges the rigid expectations placed upon women and asserts her right to choose her own path. In doing so, Eloise becomes an inspiration to others and contributes to the changing attitudes towards women’s rights and freedoms during the Regency era.


In “Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,” Phillip’s initial decision to propose to Eloise is driven by his assumptions about her as a spinster. However, as their relationship develops, he discovers the true depth of Eloise’s character and falls in love with the vibrant, independent woman she is. Through their journey, both Phillip and Eloise defy societal expectations and embrace a partnership based on love, mutual respect, and growth. Their story is a testament to the transformative power of love and the importance of seeing beyond initial perceptions. So, dear readers, let us learn from the tale of Sir Phillip and Eloise that love knows no bounds and that marriage based on genuine connection and mutual admiration can be the most fulfilling of all.


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