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Why is my phone not charging 84?

There are a few common reasons why your phone may not be charging properly:

Faulty Charger

The most obvious reason your phone won’t charge is a problem with the charger itself. Here are some things to check:

  • Inspect the charger cable for any breaks or tears. Damaged cables will prevent power from flowing properly.
  • Try connecting your phone with a different USB cable that you know works properly. This will tell you if the issue is with the cable.
  • Inspect the charging brick/plug for damage or bent pins. If the brick is damaged, it won’t deliver power.
  • Try charging your phone using a different wall charger or even a computer USB port. This will tell you if the issue is with the wall adapter.

If your phone charges normally with a different cable and charger, then you know the issue is with the original charging accessories. You’ll need to replace any damaged cables or wall adapters.

Accumulated Dust/Debris in Charging Port

Phones use small, delicate charging ports that can accumulate dust, lint, and other debris over time. This prevents the charger from making a proper connection.

Carefully inspect your phone’s charging port and use a toothpick or soft brush to gently clean out any material. Avoid using metal tools to prevent damaging the port. You can also use compressed air to blow out any particles. After cleaning it out, try connecting your charger again.

Moisture in Charging Port

Liquid exposure can damage a phone’s charging port and prevent charging. Things like water splashes, rain, drinks, etc can all cause issues.

If your charging port got wet, don’t plug in your phone. First, dry the port thoroughly with a cloth or dry air. Place the phone in dry rice overnight to absorb any residual moisture. Do not attempt charging until you are sure the port is 100% dry.

Software Issues

For phones that turn on but won’t charge, the issue may be with the system software rather than the hardware:

  • Check for any available system/battery related software updates and install them.
  • Reset the phone to factory default settings in case apps or bad settings are causing conflicts.
  • Try safe mode booting which loads the bare minimum software. If charging works in safe mode, it indicates a software issue.

If the phone charges normally after software resets, you can rule out hardware problems. Be sure to backup data before resetting your phone.

Faulty Charging IC

All phones have a dedicated integrated circuit (IC) that handles charging. If this component gets damaged, the phone won’t charge properly. This is a rare hardware fault in modern phones.

You’ll need to take your phone to a repair shop where they can test the charging IC and replace it if faulty. Do not attempt any DIY repairs on the IC.

Bad Battery

While rare, it’s possible for a phone’s battery to become unable to charge due to cell damage or normal wear after years of use. Some signs of a bad battery:

  • Phone shuts off randomly even with adequate charge.
  • Charging stops at a certain percentage.
  • Phone needs to be charged multiple times a day.
  • Significant bulge in battery casing.

You can use an app to test the battery capacity and performance. But if the battery is confirmed bad, replacement is required. Take it to a qualified repair shop for a new OEM battery.

Third-Party Accessories

Using cheap, low-quality third-party power adapters, charging cables, car chargers or battery packs can prevent proper charging. They may lack the proper voltage delivery chips and circuitry.

Always use OEM first-party charging accessories designed specifically for your phone model. Avoid cheap generic accessories that can potentially damage your phone’s charging system.


If your phone isn’t charging properly, methodically go through each potential cause outlined above. Inspect cables, ports, accessories and system software to isolate the issue. Cleaning the port or replacing faulty cables/adapters will solve most cases. For hardware faults, take it to a qualified repair shop for diagnosis and component level repair. Be wary of cheap third-party chargers that can cause bigger issues down the road. With some diligent troubleshooting, you’ll get your phone charging again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my phone charge slowly?

If your phone is charging slowly, here are some potential reasons:

  • Old, damaged charging cable with high resistance
  • Weak wall adapter or computer USB port with low power output
  • Using a third-party lower-voltage cable/adapter
  • Extreme hot or cold temperature reducing charging speed
  • Running intensive apps while charging
  • Old battery unable to sustain high amperage

Why does my phone get hot while charging?

Some reasons your phone may get hot during charging:

  • Fast charging generating heat from high power input
  • Charging while using cpu/gpu intensive apps
  • Poor ventilation blocking heat dissipation
  • Foreign debris obstructing charging port
  • Damaged battery unable to regulate heat

Try charging when phone is idle at room temperature. Also check for any blocked vents or ports. Have battery checked if issue persists.

Why does my phone charge to 100% then drain?

If your phone quickly drops to 99%, 98% etc. after reaching 100%, it’s likely due to:

  • The battery percentage being calibrated
  • Background syncing and updates occurring
  • Recent intensive app usage while charging
  • Old battery unable to hold max capacity

Try charging when phone is cool and idle to allow proper calibration. The battery percentage should stabilize after calibration is complete.

How to safely fast charge phone?

Tips for safe fast charging:

  • Use OEM charger and cable designed for fast charging
  • Avoid extensive usage which generates heat while charging
  • Do not fast charge a damaged or swollen battery
  • Charge in a cool, ventilated space not under direct sunlight
  • Avoid top-ups and charge phone completely from 0-100%

Following safety guidelines maximizes fast charging benefits while maintaining battery life.

Charging Troubleshooting Table

Issue Potential Causes Solutions
Not charging at all
  • Damaged cable
  • Dirty charging port
  • Faulty charger
  • Bad battery
  • Inspect cables and ports
  • Try another cable and charger
  • Clean debris from port
  • Replace battery if faulty
Charging slowly
  • Weak power source
  • Third-party accessories
  • Many apps running
  • Old battery
  • Use OEM charger and cable
  • Close background apps
  • Replace battery if needed
  • Fast charging heat
  • Direct sunlight
  • Poor ventilation
  • Intensive app usage
  • Charge in a cool place
  • Avoid intensive app use
  • Check vents for obstructions
Rapid drain after 100%
  • Battery calibration
  • Background processes
  • Old battery
  • Let phone fully calibrate
  • Close background apps
  • Replace battery if needed


Charging issues can be frustrating but are usually solvable. Confirm that cables, chargers and ports are undamaged. Clean debris, check software and calibrate your battery. Only use OEM branded accessories to avoid further issues. For hardware faults, take your phone to a professional repair shop. With the right troubleshooting and maintenance, you can continue charging your phone properly.