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Will Amphibia season 3b be on Disney Plus?

Amphibia is an animated fantasy-comedy series that revolves around the adventures of a self-centered 13-year-old girl, Anne Boonchuy, who is magically transported to another world inhabited by anthropomorphic frogs. The series was created by Matt Braly and produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel and Disney+, with season 1 debuting in June 2019.

The third season of Amphibia is divided into two parts: season 3a and season 3b. Season 3a premiered in October 2021 and concluded in December 2021 after airing 13 episodes. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the second half of season 3, which is titled season 3b.

Release Date for Amphibia Season 3b

Disney has not officially announced a release date yet for Amphibia season 3b. However, based on the release schedules for previous seasons, we can make some predictions.

Here are the release timelines for the previous Amphibia seasons on Disney Channel and Disney+:

Season Premiere on Disney Channel Release on Disney+
Season 1 June 2019 October 2019
Season 2 July 2020 January 2021
Season 3a October 2021 January 2022

Based on these dates, we can expect season 3b to follow a similar pattern, premiering first on Disney Channel around mid/late 2022 before coming to Disney+ at the start of 2023. Many fans speculate season 3b will begin airing on Disney Channel in October 2022, since that aligns with the premiere date for season 3a.

Disney has not confirmed if this speculation is accurate, but October 2022 seems like a reasonable prediction based on the previous release schedules. If season 3b does premiere in October 2022 on Disney Channel, then we can likely expect it to arrive on Disney+ sometime in January 2023.

What to Expect from Amphibia Season 3b

Season 3b will pick up right where season 3a left off and conclude the storylines that have been built up over the course of the series. Here are some key things fans can expect from the second half of season 3:

The Complete Prophecy and Final Confrontation

Season 3a revealed snippets of an ancient prophecy depicting a final calamity and confrontation with a mysterious cosmic entity known as The Core. The complete prophecy and its significance will be revealed in season 3b, likely building up to an epic final clash.

Anne’s Return Home

The season 3a finale saw Anne say goodbye to the friends she had made in Amphibia and become trapped in a mysterious interdimensional realm on her way back home. Season 3b will likely chronicle Anne’s journey as she tries to finally return to her world, culminating in an emotional homecoming.

The Future of Amphibia

With Anne gone, the fate of the frog world she leaves behind remains uncertain. Season 3b will give closure on what ultimately happens to Amphibia after Anne breaks the cycle of calamity and whether her friends like Sprig and Polly are able to find a happily ever after.

Character Arcs Coming Full Circle

All of the main characters like Anne, Sprig, and the Planters will complete their narrative arcs in season 3b, coming full circle from where they started in season 1. Emotional growth and change are likely in store as their stories reach a natural conclusion.

Easter Eggs and References

The series has been chockful of easter eggs and references to other media like anime and video games. Fans can expect even more of these fun nods to pop culture and other Disney properties to appear in the final episodes as hidden treats.

How Many Episodes Will Season 3b Have?

Neither Disney nor the show creators have formally revealed how many episodes season 3b will contain. But again, looking at precedent can give us a reasonable estimate:

Season Number of Episodes
Season 1 20
Season 2 19
Season 3a 13

Season 1 had 20 episodes, season 2 had 19 episodes, and season 3a had 13 episodes. If season 3b matches season 3a’s count and has 13 episodes, that would bring the total for season 3 to 26 episodes, making it the longest season yet.

Based on production schedules, having season 3b be another 13 episodes seems reasonable. Of course, the episode count could deviate a little from 13, but fans should likely expect season 3b to be around the same length as season 3a when it is released on Disney Plus.

How Will Season 3b Wrap Up Amphibia’s Story?

For any long-running series, one of the biggest challenges is providing a satisfying ending that sticks the landing. Luckily, Amphibia creator Matt Braly has indicated that the series finale and ending were mapped out long in advance:

“I’m really excited for the ending that we have planned and have had planned for a long time now. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. I hope it satisfies, I think it will. But yeah, we’ve got a really good ending in mind and I’m excited to be able to share it.”

Here are some possibilities for how Amphibia may wrap up the storylines and character arcs over the course of season 3b:

Anne Returns Home for Good

In the end, Anne will likely find a way back to her world, family, and life permanently. The season 3a finale set the stage for this homecoming, which will probably occur near the end of season 3b.

The Calamity Cycle is Broken

The ancient prophecies foretold a cyclical calamity doomed to repeat in Amphibia. By the season finale, Anne may find a way to break this destructive cycle for good and create lasting change.

Sprig and Anne Share an Emotional Goodbye

The unlikely friendship between human Anne and frog Sprig has been the emotional core of the show. We can expect their final goodbye when Anne leaves Amphibia to be an incredibly poignant moment.

The Fate of Amphibia is Secured

Before leaving for good, Anne will likely play some role in ensuring the future safety and prosperity of the Amphibia world and her friends that inhabit it.

Each Character Completes Their Development Arc

All the main characters like Polly, Hop Pop, Marcy, Sasha, and others will reach the culmination of their personal growth and storylines by the season finale.

The Friendships Endure Across Worlds

Even separated between realms, Anne is sure to affirm that the unbreakable bonds and friendships she forged in Amphibia will stay with her and endure for a lifetime across any divide.

The Door May Be Left Open for Future Reunions

While Anne will likely return home, the finale could leave the door open for potential future reunions, check-ins, or cameos down the line if Disney ever wishes to revisit the Amphibia world.

Will There Be a Spinoff Series?

Amphibia has generated a passionate fandom, many of whom will assuredly be sad to see the series end. Could Disney possibly continue the story in some form with a spinoff show after season 3 wraps up?

There has been no official word from Disney on any potential Amphibia spinoffs. The series was seemingly designed with a firm three season arc in mind, making a continuation less likely. But fans should never say never.

Here are some possibilities that could keep the spirit of Amphibia alive after the main series concludes:

A Prequel Series

A prequel show focused on the backstory of one of the main characters like Marcy or featuring Amphibia history could be an interesting spinoff.

An Anthology Series

An anthology format with each season featuring new frog characters and settings could continue adventuring in the world of Amphibia.

A Sprig and Polly Focus

The fan-favorite Plantar siblings getting their own series following their post-Anne adventures in Amphibia has potential.

Newt Spinoff

The salamander sidekick Newt could take the spotlight in a solo adventure now that his bounty hunting days are over.

A sequel series revisiting the characters many years later akin to Avatar: The Legend of Korra could also work. Ultimately, while not guaranteed, hope remains for more tales from Amphibia someday.


Although an exact premiere date is still unannounced, Amphibia fans can expect season 3b to arrive on Disney Channel sometime in late 2022, likely October based on previous seasons’ release patterns. A January 2023 debut on Disney+ is probable shortly after the episodes air on cable.

The long-running storylines and character development will come to a dramatic and emotional close over the course of season 3b’s estimated 13 episodes. Creator Matt Braly has indicated the ending will provide satisfying closure for the series. While the story of Anne, Sprig, and friends in Amphibia may end, the magic they brought will persist beyond the finale. The third and final season of this animated frog epic will undoubtedly leave an impactful legacy behind.