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Are BTS piercings real?

Piercings have become increasingly popular among K-pop idols and fans, with body jewelry like earrings, lip rings, and nose studs being common accessories for many stars. This has led some to wonder – do idols like BTS have actual piercings, or are they wearing fake ones?

Do the BTS members have real piercings?

While BTS members are often seen wearing earrings, rings, and other piercings, most of their jewelry is not real. The piercings they wear on stage and in photoshoots are usually clip-on or magnetic jewelry. This allows them to change their look for performances and concepts without having to get permanent piercings.

However, some members do have a small number of real piercings:

  • Jin has one real ear piercing in each earlobe.
  • Suga has two piercings in his left earlobe.
  • J-Hope has one piercing in his left earlobe.
  • Jimin, V, and Jungkook have no known real piercings.

So while BTS members do occasionally wear real earrings, most of their piercings are fake jewelry applied for styling purposes. Their management prefers them not to get permanent body piercings, likely to maintain a cleaner public image.

Why do they wear fake piercings?

There are a few key reasons BTS and their stylists use clip-on or magnetic earrings instead of real piercings:

  • Versatility – Fake piercings allow them to change up their look for each concept. Real piercings are permanent.
  • Low pain/risk – Clip-ons avoid the pain and risks like infection associated with body piercing.
  • Conservative image – Their management may want members to avoid too many real piercings to maintain a cleaner cut public persona.
  • Dance practice – Piercings could be an injury risk or get pulled out during intense dance rehearsals.

Clip-on earrings give stylistic freedom without commitment, allowing BTS to explore different piercing looks as desired for performances and photo shoots.

Do fans get BTS-inspired piercings?

Yes, many dedicated BTS fans and ARMY members have chosen to get real piercings inspired by their favorite idols. Some popular BTS-inspired piercings include:

  • Lobes/earlobes – Single or double piercings resembling Jin’s or Suga’s ears.
  • Helix – Cartilage piercings like Jimin has worn.
  • Septum – Following V and Jungkook sporting septum clickers.
  • Lip rings – Imitating lip rings RM has worn.

However, fans should carefully consider potential risks before getting any piercings. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Pain/discomfort – All piercings involve some degree of pain and tenderness during the healing process.
  • Infection risk – Piercings can get infected if not properly cleaned and cared for, especially oral piercings.
  • Scarring – Piercings may leave small scar tissue dots or holes after removal.
  • Allergies – Those with metal allergies may have issues with certain jewelry materials.
  • Employers – Facial/oral piercings may not be allowed in some workplace dress codes.

While many fans choose to get piercings to emulate their idols, doing thorough research and consulting a licensed professional helps minimize potential problems.

Are fake piercing earrings safe to wear?

If properly selected and cared for, fake piercing jewelry like clip-on earrings or magnetic studs are generally safe options:

  • No piercing required – Avoid risks like infection from an open wound.
  • Easy to put on/remove – Convenient for changing up looks compared to real piercings.
  • Well-fitted – Should not pinch skin if properly sized and fitted.
  • Hypoallergenic materials – Many use non-irritating metals like surgical steel.

However, those with sensitivities should check for any skin irritation, redness or discomfort that could indicate an allergy. Avoid wearing fake earrings while sleeping or for prolonged periods, as friction can irritate lobes. Those with pacemakers or other medical devices should consult their doctor before using magnetic earrings.

Tips for safe use of fake piercings:

  • Clean regularly – Wipe down earrings between uses to avoid buildup of skin oils and bacteria.
  • Proper closure – Make sure backings or ends close securely so earrings don’t fall off.
  • Avoid cheap metals – Opt for hypoallergenic surgical steel instead of cheaper nickel-plated metals.
  • Lubricate posts – Use a bit of lubricant like petroleum jelly on posts to avoid friction irritation.
  • Prevent snags – Take care when putting on clothing and hair not to snag clip part of clip-ons.

With proper selection and care, fake piercings can be a fun, risk-free way to accessorize!


While BTS members are often seen wearing piercings, the majority are clip-on or magnetic fake jewelry rather than real piercings. This allows for versatility and avoids potential issues like pain and infection risks. Some fans do choose to get real piercings inspired by BTS, but should research risks and visit reputable studios. Fake piercing jewelry can be a safe alternative for low commitment styling, as long as quality hypoallergenic materials are selected and proper care is taken in use and cleaning.