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Are Burger King Cheesy Tots discontinued?

Burger King first introduced Cheesy Tots to their menu in 2016 as a limited time offering. The battered and breaded potato bites filled with cheese became an instant hit with fans. However, after the initial launch, Cheesy Tots have made limited appearances on Burger King’s menu, leading many to wonder if they have been discontinued for good.

Background on Burger King Cheesy Tots

Cheesy Tots were first released by Burger King in select U.S. markets in early 2016. They were described as “crispy crowns of melted cheese surrounding fluffy mashed potatoes” and came in orders of 10 for $1.99 or 15 for $2.99. The bite-sized potato puffs filled with melted cheese quickly became popular as a tasty, indulgent side option or snack.

Following strong initial sales, Cheesy Tots were rolled out nationwide later in 2016 for a limited time. They were brought back for limited runs in 2017 and 2018 before essentially disappearing from menus. Since 2018, sightings have been sparse other than a brief run at select locations in Nebraska in 2021.

Evidence Cheesy Tots Have Been Discontinued

There are several key pieces of evidence indicating Burger King has likely discontinued Cheesy Tots for good:

  • No national rollout since 2018
  • Removed from official websites and mobile apps
  • Most locations unaware of status when asked
  • Social media comments of discontinued
  • Lack of marketing or promotion since 2018

After the limited 2018 run, Cheesy Tots have been notably absent from Burger King’s national menu. They have been removed from Burger King’s official website and mobile app, which suggests discontinued status. Furthermore, most Burger King locations are unaware of Cheesy Tots when asked about their availability and need to check with management on any status updates.

There are also numerous comments on Burger King’s social media pages from disappointed customers asking if Cheesy Tots have been discontinued, with no official response. Burger King’s social media gives no indication the item still exists. Finally, there has been no nationwide promotion or marketing for Cheesy Tots since 2018, which also points to discontinued status.

Possibility Cheesy Tots Could Return

While the evidence points to Cheesy Tots being discontinued, there remains a possibility Burger King could bring them back in the future. Reasons they could potentially return include:

  • Cult following demanding their return
  • Nostalgic novelty item
  • Ability to run as limited time offer
  • Competitors offering similar options

Cheesy Tots have gained somewhat of a cult following, with devoted fans pleading for their return on social media and forums. As a nostalgic menu item tied to childhood memories for some, Cheesy Tots could return as a novelty limited time offer to capitalize on that demand. Additionally, competitors like Arby’s currently offer loaded curly fries with cheese sauce and cheese crisps that are reminiscent of Cheesy Tots.

Evidence of Demand from Diehard Fans

Here is a sample of social media comments that demonstrate demand for the return of Cheesy Tots:

Platform Comment
Twitter “Please bring back cheesy tots!”
Facebook “Cheesy tots were the best – bring them back!!”
Instagram “I’m literally begging you to bring back cheesy tots right now”
Reddit “Does anyone know if BK is ever going to bring back cheesy tots? They need to ASAP!”

Based on these samples, there is clearly a passionate contingent of customers highly motivated to see the return of Cheesy Tots.

The Case for Bringing Back Cheesy Tots

There are some compelling reasons why Burger King could consider bringing back Cheesy Tots to their menu:

Nostalgic Novelty Item

Cheesy Tots have a nostalgic connection to childhood memories of Burger King for many people. Bringing them back would capitalize on that nostalgia and provide a fun, novelty menu item that gets people excited.

Retro Marketing Potential

A Cheesy Tots comeback could be marketed in a retro, throwback way by leveraging nostalgia for the 1990s/early 2000s when the item first gained popularity. This marketing angle could attract interest on social media and appeal to Millennial consumers with fond memories of the original launch.

Cult Following

As shown earlier, there is sizable demand from a cult following of diehard Cheesy Tots fans who crave their return. Their passionate social media engagement proves bringing Cheesy Tots back could please a key target demographic.

Low Risk Test Option

Cheesy Tots could be tested again in select regions or as a limited time offering to gauge interest and sales potential before considering a wider rollout. This low risk test would provide valuable data to Burger King on whether a comeback is merited.

The Case Against Bringing Back Cheesy Tots

However, there are also arguments against Burger King reintroducing Cheesy Tots:

Failed to Gain Mass Appeal Originally

Although beloved by a niche group of fans, Cheesy Tots never gained broad mainstream popularity during their initial launch. Their limited appeal then may still remain limited all these years later.

Doesn’t Align with Current Menu Strategy

Burger King currently centers its menu around burgers, chicken sandwiches and breakfast items. Cheesy Tots don’t align cleanly with this core menu strategy, so bringing them back could seem out of place.

Added Production Complexity

As a non-standard menu item, producing Cheesy Tots adds complexity to kitchen production flow and operations. This could introduce potential slowdowns or complicate employee training.

Risk of Diluting Brand Identity

Straying too far from Burger King’s core burger-focused identity into random, novelty items could dilute brand equity and recognition. For instance, McDonald’s McPizza failed in part by not fitting the brand.


In conclusion, evidence strongly suggests that Burger King’s Cheesy Tots have been discontinued since 2018 after several years of limited availability. While their return can’t be ruled out due to their cult following, the lack of national promotion indicates Burger King has indefinitely paused the menu item. Nostalgia and retro appeal provide compelling reasons to bring Cheesy Tots back as a limited time offering, but Burger King may prefer to keep focusing on core burgers and chicken sandwiches rather than stray into novelty territory. Still, with enough customer interest, never say never on this cheesy, crispy, potato-y blast from the past.