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Are Leos most loyal?

Loyalty is an admirable trait, especially when it comes to relationships. We all want a partner who will stand by us through thick and thin. This raises the question – which zodiac signs are the most loyal in relationships? Some astrologers claim Leos take the top spot when it comes to loyalty. But is this really true? Let’s take a closer look at the available evidence.

What Does It Mean to Be Loyal?

Before determining which signs are most loyal, we need to define what loyalty looks like in a relationship. Here are some key aspects of a loyal partner:

  • They are reliable and can be depended on.
  • They keep promises and follow through on commitments.
  • They avoid cheating physically or emotionally.
  • They defend their partner and have their back.
  • They are willing to make sacrifices for the relationship.
  • They make their partner a priority in their life.

A loyal partner displays consistency and integrity in their actions. They honor the relationship and treat it as precious. Loyalty forms the bedrock of a strong, lasting bond between two people.

Leo Personality Traits

Now let’s examine some key personality traits of Leos to understand what influences their potential for loyalty:

  • Confidence – Leos are extremely confident in themselves which helps them commit.
  • Faithfulness – Leos are one of the most faithful and romantic zodiac signs.
  • Reliability – Leos pride themselves on being reliable and dependable.
  • Protectiveness – Leos are very protective of loved ones and defend them fiercely.
  • Sincerity – Leos are candid when entering relationships and wear their heart on their sleeve.
  • Generosity – Leos will lavish loved ones with gifts, attention, and affection.

Many of these traits certainly lend themselves to developing loyalty in relationships. When Leos fall in love, they often make grand gestures of commitment and shower their partner with attention. They take relationships seriously and put their whole heart into them.

How Leos Demonstrate Loyalty

When in a committed relationship, Leos demonstrate their loyalty in several meaningful ways:

  • They make their partner a top priority – Leos arrange their schedule and social life around their partner as much as possible.
  • They are fiercely supportive – Leos provide unrelenting support and encouragement to their partner’s goals and interests.
  • They fiercely protect loved ones – Leos will not tolerate anyone speaking ill of their partner.
  • They remain devoted – Leos stand by their partner through ups and downs and avoid emotional or physical cheating.
  • They make grand romantic gestures – Leos shower their partner with flowers, gifts, mini-trips and other expressions of devotion.
  • They commit fully – Leos give 100% of themselves to the relationship rather than holding back.

When Leos are invested in a relationship, their partner is truly the center of their universe. Their loyalty comes through in dramatic fashion on a daily basis.

How Loyal Are Leos Compared to Other Signs?

Leos clearly have many traits aligned with loyalty, but how do they stack up against other signs? Here is a ranking of zodiac signs from most loyal to least loyal in relationships:

Rank Zodiac Sign
1 Cancer
2 Leo
3 Capricorn
4 Virgo
5 Taurus
6 Pisces
7 Libra
8 Scorpio
9 Aquarius
10 Sagittarius
11 Aries
12 Gemini

As we can see, Leos come in second only to Cancers when it comes to ranking zodiac signs by loyalty. The typical Leo traits of devotion, faithfulness, and full commitment serve them well in cultivating loyal relationships. Once they find “the one”, their naturally protective and generous nature ensures they remain loyal partners through all circumstances.

What Makes Cancers Slightly More Loyal Than Leos?

While Leos are exceptionally loyal, Cancers just barely edge them out for the #1 spot. Here are a few factors that contribute to Cancers being the most loyal zodiac sign:

  • Their sensitive, nurturing nature lends itself to attentiveness and caring for a partner’s needs.
  • They prize their home life and family relationships above all else.
  • They are very sentimental and hold onto attachments strongly.
  • Their intuition helps them sense their partner’s feeling and needs.
  • They highly value unconditional love and acceptance.

Cancers form extremely strong emotional bonds with partners that compel them to loyalty. Their drive to nurture and protect loved ones keeps them devoted. Their sentimentality also leads them to hold onto relationships. Breaking commitments runs counter to their nature.


When it comes to ranking zodiac signs by loyalty in relationships, Leos definitely live up to their reputation as highly loyal partners. Their confidence, sincerity, generosity, protectiveness and devotion make them remarkably faithful mates. They will stand by their partner’s side through any trial.

Leos are only slightly edged out of the #1 loyalty spot by Cancers. But the rankings don’t diminish how loyal Leos are. At the end of the day, every individual is unique. Focusing too much on sun signs overlooks the complexity of human relationships. Any zodiac sign is capable of cultivating loyalty when they find a partner they genuinely connect with and choose to fully commit to the relationship.