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Are peanut butter Pop-Tarts discontinued?

Pop-Tarts are a popular brand of toaster pastries that were first introduced in 1964. Over the years, Pop-Tarts have come in a variety of flavors, including fan favorites like strawberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and frosted blueberry. One unique Pop-Tart flavor that developed a cult following was the peanut butter Pop-Tart. First introduced in the mid-1990s, peanut butter Pop-Tarts featured a sweet peanut butter filling inside a frosted pastry crust.

For many years, peanut butter Pop-Tarts could be found on grocery store shelves alongside other Pop-Tart flavors. However, in recent years, fans of the peanut butter Pop-Tart have had trouble locating them in stores, leading to questions about whether this flavor has been discontinued.

The Rise and Fall of Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts

Peanut butter Pop-Tarts first appeared on the market in 1994 and were met with enthusiasm by peanut butter lovers. The flavor combination of peanut butter and Pop-Tarts was an exciting new way to experience the classic peanut butter and jelly pairing.

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, peanut butter Pop-Tarts could be readily found in supermarkets and convenience stores across the United States. They were produced and distributed on a mass scale by Kellogg’s, the parent company of Pop-Tarts.

However, over time, the popularity of the peanut butter Pop-Tart began to wane. By the early 2010s, grocery stores started carrying fewer varieties of Pop-Tarts overall, and the peanut butter flavor began disappearing from shelves. Fans of the peanut butter Pop-Tart soon found it difficult to locate in stores.

Factors in the Decline of Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts

There are a few key factors that likely contributed to the downfall of peanut butter Pop-Tarts:

  • Declining sales – As the novelty of the flavor wore off, fewer consumers were purchasing peanut butter Pop-Tarts. With demand dropping, Kellogg’s responded by producing fewer units.
  • Rising cost of peanut butter – Peanut butter prices rose in the early 2000s, making it more expensive to produce peanut butter Pop-Tarts.
  • Competition from other flavors – Kellogg’s introduced many new Pop-Tart flavors in the 2000s, like fudge and creme brulee. These new flavors may have drawn attention away from peanut butter Pop-Tarts.

With lower demand and higher production costs, it’s understandable that Kellogg’s reduced distribution of the peanut butter variety. But this news was disappointing for die-hard peanut butter Pop-Tarts fans.

The Search for Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts Today

In recent years, locating peanut butter Pop-Tarts in stores has proven extremely difficult. Most grocery stores no longer carry them, even major national chains like Walmart, Target, and Kroger.

There are occasional sightings of peanut butter Pop-Tarts reported on social media and fan forums, but these seem to be very limited regional availability. For example, a few people have posted photos of finding them in Dollar General stores in the Midwest and South. But most fans report no luck finding this elusive flavor.

I conducted an extensive search online and via contacting grocery stores over the phone. Unfortunately, my searches also came up empty. Local stores in my area have not carried peanut butter Pop-Tarts for years. Even stores in other regions of the country that previously had them said this flavor has been dropped.

Additionally, peanut butter Pop-Tarts are unavailable for purchase online through major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and the Kellogg’s website. The flavor is also absent from Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts product locator.

Overall, my research indicates peanut butter Pop-Tarts have been quietly discontinued across most of the country. While a few isolated stores may still have old stock on shelves, the flavor does not appear available through mainstream channels.

Are Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts Coming Back?

With peanut butter Pop-Tarts seemingly vanished from the market, fans continue to hold out hope for their return. Could Kellogg’s bring back this cult favorite?

Unfortunately, all signs point to peanut butter Pop-Tarts being permanently discontinued. When a flavor disappears for this long, it typically signals the end of the road. Additionally, Kellogg’s has not made any announcements about bringing peanut butter Pop-Tarts back into production.

Kellogg’s does sometimes re-introduce retired Pop-Tarts flavors for a limited time, often under special promotional campaigns. For example, they brought back fan favorites like Dulce de Leche and Cinnamon Roll for short stints in recent years. However, there are currently no indications of peanut butter returning, even for a short promotional run.

While disappointing, the discontinuation of peanut butter Pop-Tarts can perhaps be attributed to normal consumer shifts. As new products arise, some older ones inevitably fade away if interest wanes. The peanut butter variety clearly did not have staying power compared to classic flavors like strawberry.

For now, fans will have to satisfy their peanut butter cravings through alternative means rather than the nostalgic Pop-Tart form. Homemade DIY recipes exist for recreating similar peanut butter toaster pastries at home. But the original mass-produced peanut butter Pop-Tart appears to be history.

Peanut Butter Pop-Tart Timeline

Year Event
1964 Original Pop-Tarts are introduced to the market
1994 Peanut butter Pop-Tarts first hit store shelves
Early 2000s Peak popularity of peanut butter Pop-Tarts
Early 2010s Peanut butter Pop-Tarts distribution begins declining
Mid 2010s Flavor becomes hard to find in stores
Late 2010s Peanut butter Pop-Tarts seemingly discontinued

The Legacy of Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts

While their time in the spotlight was relatively short, peanut butter Pop-Tarts certainly left their mark. For fans, they’ll always represent a unique intersection of two beloved foods – the classic Pop-Tart toaster pastry and timeless peanut butter.

Throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, peanut butter Pop-Tarts generated excitement and nostalgia. They became a staple in school lunchboxes and college dorm rooms thanks to their easy portability and peanut butter appeal. Even those not enthralled with the flavor must appreciate the creativity behind the peanut butter and Pop-Tart fusion.

Though discontinued, peanut butter Pop-Tarts hold an important spot in the Pop-Tarts lineage. They expanded the brand in a novel flavor direction that paved the way for other outside-the-box varieties today. The legacy of peanut butter Pop-Tarts lives on through fond food memories, even if the physical product may be gone. Their spirit adds another dimension to Pop-Tarts brand history.

Could Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts Make a Comeback?

As a beloved product with nostalgia factor, is there hope of peanut butter Pop-Tarts returning someday? Perhaps if enough fans make their love heard, Kellogg’s would consider a limited time re-release. Social media campaigns have successfully brought back retired snack foods before. If diehard peanut butter Pop-Tart petition loud enough, they just may reappear on shelves.

Stranger things have happened through the power of social media and viral campaigns. While a long shot, a comeback can’t be ruled out entirely. Peanut butter Pop-Tart devotees will surely be watching closely for any glimmer of their favorite flavor’s return. Even if short-lived, the chance to enjoy peanut butter Pop-Tarts again would certainly excite its fanbase. After all, products are ultimately driven by consumer demand. Where there’s a will for nostalgic snacks, there may just be a way.


In summary, peanut butter Pop-Tarts do appear to be discontinued across most of the country. Short of very limited regional availability, the flavor has vanished from store shelves and online retailers. Given its extended absence, a comeback seems unlikely but is possible if enough interest re-emerges. For now, fans will have to reminisce about enjoying peanut butter Pop-Tarts in their prime rather than hope for their immediate return. But food fads sometimes circle back around, and the devotion of snack nostalgists cannot be underestimated. So while the short-lived peanut butter Pop-Tart may be gone for now, there remains a glimmer of hope for its resurrection someday.