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Are pretzel M&M’s seasonal?

Pretzel M&M’s have become a popular candy variety since they were first introduced by Mars Inc. in 2012. Their sweet and salty taste makes them a favorite for many candy lovers. However, some people have noticed that pretzel M&M’s seem to disappear from store shelves for parts of the year, leading them to wonder – are pretzel M&M’s seasonal?

History of Pretzel M&M’s

To understand whether pretzel M&M’s are seasonal, it helps to know a bit about their history:

  • Pretzel M&M’s were first released in July 2012 after a successful market test in 2011.
  • They were developed as a twist on traditional M&M’s with a crunchy pretzel center covered in chocolate and candy coating.
  • Pretzel M&M’s quickly became one of the most popular limited edition and seasonal flavors of M&M’s.
  • Since their debut, pretzel M&M’s have typically been brought back seasonally for a limited time each year, usually in the spring and summer months.

The seasonal and limited time releases have contributed to the perception that pretzel M&M’s are only available during certain times of the year.

Are Pretzel M&M’s Officially Considered Seasonal?

According to Mars Inc., the makers of M&M’s, pretzel M&M’s are considered a seasonal limited edition flavor. Here are some key points about the seasonal status of pretzel M&M’s:

  • Pretzel M&M’s are available seasonally from approximately January through September each year.
  • They are usually off shelves during the Fall and Winter months.
  • Each seasonal release of pretzel M&M’s has unique packaging and promotions centered around a seasonal theme like summer.
  • Seasonal flavors are produced in limited batches to maintain demand and hype.

So while they have become a popular year-round product, pretzel M&M’s are intended as a seasonal candy by Mars. Their limited availability makes consumers eager to get them while they can.

When Are Pretzel M&M’s Typically Available?

Knowing that pretzel M&M’s are considered a seasonal candy, when specifically are they usually on store shelves?

  • January – Pretzel M&M’s are sometimes reintroduced for the new year with special New Year’s themed packaging.
  • Spring (March – May) – Pretzel M&M’s are heavily promoted around Easter and as a spring seasonal candy.
  • Summer (June – August) – Special patriotic pretzel M&M’s are released for 4th of July and the core flavor is sold all summer.
  • Early Fall (September & October) – The last batches of pretzel M&M’s ship to stores before they are off shelves for the winter.

The most reliable times to find pretzel M&M’s in stores are during the spring, summer, and early fall months. They are typically off shelves from November to February.

Notable Exceptions

While most years follow the typical pretzel M&M’s seasonal pattern, there have been some exceptions:

  • In 2014, pretzel M&M’s were available year-round for the first time.
  • 2016 was the first year that pretzel M&M’s were off shelves for the entire winter.
  • In 2020, shortages due to the pandemic resulted in pretzel M&M’s being missing from stores for much of the year.

So while pretzel M&M’s are intended as a seasonal item, their availability is ultimately at the discretion of Mars Inc. and can vary from year to year.

Why Are Pretzel M&M’s Seasonal?

There are a few key reasons why Mars elects to produce pretzel M&M’s as a seasonal candy:

  • Ingredient Supply: The unique pretzel centers used in pretzel M&M’s are supplied by an outside company. Limited batches ensure a steady supply.
  • Consumer Demand: Seasonal products create hype and urgency to purchase them before they sell out.
  • Rotating Selection: By swapping pretzel for other limited flavors throughout the year, Mars can offer consumers variety.

Keeping pretzel M&M’s as a special seasonal item allows Mars to better control production, create excitement around the product, and focus the rest of the year on other limited flavors.

What’s the Best Way to Get Pretzel M&M’s Year-Round?

For die-hard pretzel M&M’s fans who want access to them all year long, there are a few tips:

  • Stock up when you see them in stores during peak seasons, especially if they are on sale.
  • Check online retailers like Amazon that may have a longer on-hand supply of seasonal items.
  • Look for pretzel M&M’s around the holidays when seasonal candy is prevalent.
  • Search online swap groups to trade other limited editions for the elusive pretzel version.

While buying in bulk when pretzel M&M’s are in season is your best bet, you can occasionally find them other times of year through patience and persistent searching online and in candy specialty stores.

The Bottom Line

So in summary, while they have become an immensely popular product, pretzel M&M’s are considered by Mars to be a seasonal candy. They are produced in limited batches and available primarily from January through September each year. A true pretzel M&M’s fan may be able to find them sporadically during their off-season, but the best strategy is to buy a lot and savor them when they hit stores each spring and summer. Their seasonal status makes pretzel M&M’s a particularly special treat to enjoy during certain times of the year.

Table Summary of Pretzel M&M’s Availability

Month Availability
January Often Available
February Usually Unavailable
March Available for Easter
April Widely Available
May Peak Availability
June Summer Releases
July Featured for 4th of July
August Still widely available
September Last call before fall
October Very limited supply
November Mostly unavailable
December Off shelves for winter


In conclusion, while pretzel M&M’s have become a beloved candy product, Mars still views them as a special seasonal treat. By producing them in limited batches and strategically timing their releases, Mars can build excitement and hype around pretzel M&M’s. True fans should mark their calendars each spring and summer to stock up while making sure to savor them before the pretzel M&M’s disappear again until next season. With a little planning and persistence, you may be able to find a pack or two during their off-season as well. But the best strategy is to embrace the uniqueness of pretzel M&M’s as the perfect seasonal candy.