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Are there 9 Hashira?

In the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer, the Hashira (or Pillars) are the most powerful and skilled demon slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. They are the elite warriors who directly serve under the leader of the organization, Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Originally, there were 9 Hashira in total, with each one representing a different Breathing Style and weapon. However, over the course of the story, the number of active Hashira changes due to events that transpire. So to answer the question – yes, there are originally 9 Hashira, but that number fluctuates throughout the story.

The Original 9 Hashira

Here are the 9 original Hashira at the start of the Demon Slayer story:

  • Giyu Tomioka – Water Hashira
  • Shinobu Kocho – Insect Hashira
  • Obanai Iguro – Serpent Hashira
  • Mitsuri Kanroji – Love Hashira
  • Muichiro Tokito – Mist Hashira
  • Gyomei Himejima – Stone Hashira
  • Sanemi Shinazugawa – Wind Hashira
  • Tengen Uzui – Sound Hashira
  • Kyojuro Rengoku – Flame Hashira

Each Hashira has mastered a distinct Breathing Style and wields a signature weapon. They serve as the pillars who hold up the Demon Slayer Corps with their immense strength and combat experience against demons. The 9 Hashira system was originally established by the Sengoku era leader of the organization.

Fluctuations in the Number of Active Hashira

While there are 9 Hashira positions, the actual number of active Hashira fluctuates throughout the story due to various events and circumstances. Here are some key points where the number changes:

  • Kyojuro Rengoku is killed in battle against the demon Akaza, leaving only 8 active Hashira for a period of time.
  • To fill the open Flame Hashira spot, Kyojuro’s younger brother Senjuro Rengoku briefly serves as the new Flame Hashira before retiring.
  • Muichiro Tokito dies after battling Upper Moon One, bringing the Hashira count down to 7.
  • Mitsuri Kanroji retires from being a Hashira, further dropping the number to 6.
  • Obanai Iguro dies along with Mitsuri after fighting Muzan Kibutsuji, leaving only 5 Hashira by the end.

So while 9 is the ideal number of Hashira meant to be in service at a time, deaths, retirements, and unfilled spots result in fluctuations where there are less than 9 active at various points.

Unique Aspects of the Hashira System

Here are some key things to know about the Hashira system in Demon Slayer:

  • Hashira are the highest rank in the Corps below the leader Kagaya Ubuyashiki.
  • They have incredible combat ability – the minimum requirement is to be able to defeat a demon of the Lower Moon rank on their own.
  • A Hashira must master one of the Breathing Styles and make it their own unique version.
  • They wear special haori jackets over their uniforms to signify their rank as Hashira.
  • The age range of Hashira varies greatly, with some being teenagers and others adults.
  • A Hashira cannot formally retire until a suitable replacement has been found to take over their name and role.


In summary, yes there are originally 9 Hashira positions in the Demon Slayer Corps, each represented by a Breathing Style. However, the actual number of active Hashira varies over the course of the story due to deaths, retirements, and unfilled vacancies. While 9 is the ideal number, fluctuations result in there being less Hashira than that at certain points in the story. Nonetheless, the Hashira remain the most elite and powerful slayers within the organization. Their skills and Nichirin blades are crucial to the war against the demons plaguing the land.