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Can a bet make someone rich?

At some point, most people have made a bet – whether it’s playing the lottery, placing a wager on a sporting event, or taking a risk on a business venture. For some, betting is just a bit of fun. But for others, making the right bet at the right time has led to massive wealth. This raises the question – can a single bet realistically make someone rich?

What constitutes being rich?

To answer this question, we first need to define what it means to be “rich.” There are a few common benchmarks:

  • Having a net worth of over $1 million
  • Making over $500,000 per year in income
  • Being in the top 1% of wealth and income globally

Based on these metrics, becoming rich from a single bet would require that bet to pay out at least seven figures – $1 million or more. Anything less, and you may be making a nice chunk of change, but not necessarily reaching “rich” status just yet.

Examples of big betting wins

While rare, there are some real-world examples of people making millions from a single strategic bet:

  • In 2001, British man Ashley Revell sold all his possessions, betting $135,300 on red at a Las Vegas roulette wheel. The ball landed on red 7, and his payout was $270,600.
  • In 2009, Norwegian chef Pål Plassen bet approximately $556 on 30 football games across Europe. He correctly predicted the outcome of all 30, earning him $556,000.
  • In 2011, reigning WSOP Main Event champ Jonathan Duhamel placed a $500,000 bet on the Buffalo Bills to win their week 1 NFL matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills won 41-7, netting Duhamel a $475,000 profit.

So there are certainly real-world precedents of people winning million-dollar payouts from a single strategic bet. But what are the odds of this happening for the average person?

The odds of winning big from one bet

Matching the examples above requires a combination of huge bets, long odds, and quite a bit of luck. Let’s break down the probability of an average bettor hitting it big with one simple wager:

Lottery odds

Playing the lottery offers life-changing jackpots, but the odds are astronomical:

  • Mega Millions: 1 in 302,575,350
  • Powerball: 1 in 292,201,338

Even buying hundreds of tickets only marginally improves your chances. The odds of a single lottery bet making you millions are extremely slim.

Sports betting odds

Sportsbooks generally try to set lines so that both sides of a bet have an equal chance of winning. Payouts reflect the implied probabilities.

For major sporting events like the Super Bowl, odds on both teams winning are usually close to even, paying out 1-to-1 or less. To win millions from a single bet, you’d need to place at least a $1 million wager upfront.

Placing strategic bets on longshot underdogs can produce big returns, but even 100-to-1 payouts only translate to $100,000 on a $1,000 bet. The chances of turning a small sports bet into millions are very low.

Casino game odds

House edges give casinos an inherent advantage at table games like blackjack and roulette. The odds are stacked against casino patrons:

Game House Edge
Blackjack 0.5% – 1%
Roulette 2.7% (European) or 5.26% (American)
Slots 2% – 15%

Winning millions from a single casino bet would require an extremely unlikely winning streak. Some players have walked away multimillionaires from a hot craps roll, but one-off bets making you rich are very rare.

Entrepreneurship odds

Starting a business with the hopes of cashing out for millions one day is a different type of gamble. The odds of startup success are low:

  • Only around 50% of small businesses survive past 5 years
  • About 10% of startups fail within their first year
  • Only around 1% of startups reach $10 million in revenue and “unicorn” status

However, entrepreneurship gives you some control over the odds, unlike pure games of chance. With skill, determination, and luck, building a business can be a long-term strategy for attaining wealth.

Can strategic betting make you rich?

Looking at the low odds of winning big with a single, simple bet, it seems tough to turn betting into reliable wealth. But what about applying strategy and skill to improve your chances?

Skilled sports bettors and poker players can grind out steady profits over time with disciplined approaches. But variances in sports and cards make huge windfalls on single bets unlikely. Consistently beating the odds requires spreading your risk across dozens or hundreds of wagers.

In blackjack and some other casino games, highly skilled card counters can gain a mathematical edge against the house. But casino surveillance and countermeasures make it extremely difficult to win millions before getting caught. Most table maximums also limit the size of any single bet payout.

When it comes to business, you can apply strategic thinking to slightly improve the odds of startup success. But no strategy can eliminate the substantial risk. Even the most skilled entrepreneurs need some amount of luck for their ventures to survive and thrive.

Bet big to win big

For well-informed bettors in games with fixed odds like roulette, one strategic option is to simply bet big. Wagering your entire bankroll on one spin gives you the slim chance of instant riches. This “all-in” approach is reckless and crude, but can be effective when you have inside information to identify rare mispriced bets.

Placing seven-figure wagers requires already having millions to begin with. For most people, winning that kind of bet would mean risking almost everything on a low probability outcome. While may seem unwise, there are always bold risk-takers willing to chase the massive payday.

Find favorable odds

Casual gamblers playing against the house have negative expected value on each bet. But analyzing odds and finding opportunities with positive expected value – such as exploited errors in sportsbook lines or rare +EV casino promotions – allow you to gradually accumulate winnings.

With enough time and capital, grinding out even small +EV advantages can compound wealth. But realistically, building millions in net worth requires stringing together a long streak of good bets, or taking huge risks for big pops in bankroll. Neither is easy to maintain over the long run.

Diversify and minimize risks

Wise investors aim to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Rather than betting big on a single speculative opportunity, a diversified portfolio of smaller bets helps ensure you don’t lose everything on one oversized gamble.

But spreading your money across dozens of bets also limits the upside. Taking a calculated and diversified approach is prudent investing advice, but reduces your chances of landing that elusive million-dollar mega-payout from a single bet.

The smart way to bet your way to wealth

In reality, sustainable wealth comes from cultivating multiple income streams, not betting your entire fortune on low probability events. Financial advisors recommend balancing investments across stocks, bonds, real estate, and other uncorrelated assets.

For thrill-seekers still tempted to chase the big score, here are a few tips for strategic betting with better chances:

  • Specialize – Become an expert in one betting market with predictable outcomes like poker.
  • Stay disciplined – Follow strict bet sizing and walk away when you hit loss limits.
  • Find an edge – Look for inefficient lines or loopholes others are missing.
  • Have funds – Big wins require having big money to bet upfront.
  • Run simulations – Estimate risk and outcomes before placing real bets.

With unlimited time and bankroll, even slim +EV bets can pay off over the long run. But most bettors go broke over time trying to win big. Beating the odds is challenging even for professionals. Staying mentally disciplined enough to walk away from lost causes requires immense skill and emotional control.

If hoping to strike it rich, putting some fraction of your wealth into high risk, high reward speculative bets makes more sense than staking everything on a low probability gamble. But chasing a life-changing windfall from a single bet is usually a recipe for ending up broke.

The bottom line on getting rich from a bet

While lucky gamblers do occasionally walk away millionaires from a single bet, the odds are not in your favor. Some key takeaways on whether a bet can make you rich:

  • Mega payouts require huge upfront bets or incredibly long odds.
  • Wins over $1 million are exceedingly rare from one simple wager.
  • Positive expected value is crucial – but tough for individuals to maintain.
  • It’s reckless to risk going broke by betting your entire bankroll.
  • Wealth is more realistically built through diversified investments.

For nearly everyone, getting rich by gambling requires beating the odds over the long haul. Even pro bettors avoid ruin by minimizing risk on each individual bet. While winning millions on a well-timed, high-stakes gamble is theoretically possible, it’s realistically not a prudent wealth-building strategy.


Gambling can be an enjoyable diversion and sometimes provide nice payouts. But building real, lasting wealth through betting requires immense discipline, expertise, access to capital, and plenty of luck. Rags to riches tales of winning millions on a single bet make for great headlines, but are not a viable path to financial security for most people.

While placing strategic bets with positive expected value can slowly grow your bankroll over time, sustainable wealth is more realistically built through a diverse portfolio of assets and investments, grounded in patience and discipline. For all but the most reckless thrill-seekers, betting everything on one spin of the roulette wheel is almost certain to end badly. Getting rich from gambing is exceedingly rare – that’s why they call it gambling.