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Can an artificer make a car?

As an artificer in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, the possibilities for invention and crafting are endless. With the right skills, tools, materials and a bit of creativity, an artificer could potentially create something as complex as a car. Let’s break down the requirements and capabilities to see if this would be feasible.

What is an Artificer?

An artificer is a master of magical invention and crafting. They have an intuitive understanding of how physical objects work and can imbue them with magical properties. Artificers are often tinkerers and inventors, using their talents to craft wondrous items to help them on adventures. Their abilities allow them to temporarily enchant objects and create a variety of magical gadgets.

Some key artificer traits and abilities:

  • High Intelligence, proficient in tools and skills like Arcana, History, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Sleight of Hand.
  • Cast spells using tools as spellcasting foci, able to imbue items with magical infusions.
  • Create temporary magic items with Arcane Jolt, channeled through tools.
  • Construct a magical mechanical servant called an Eldritch Cannon.
  • Craft permanent magic items.

With this impressive toolkit, an artificer has great potential for innovation and creation. Their talents lend themselves well to the idea of building something as complex as an automobile.

The Capabilities of an Artificer

So what tools and skills might an artificer utilize to construct an automobile?


Artificers are proficient with various artisan’s tools like tinker’s tools, woodcarver’s tools and smith’s tools that would aid in crafting parts and mechanisms. They also have expertise with thieves’ tools for fine handiwork.


Artificers have access to a range of spells that could help conjure or manipulate raw materials as well as assemble and animate the vehicle. Spells like Shape Water, Fabricate, Animate Objects, Creation and Control Construct could all come into play at different stages of the building process.


Artificers can temporarily imbue nonmagical objects with magical infusions to give them enhanced properties. For example, they could make tools work more efficiently, grant a protective ward or even allow an object to fly. Very useful for construction and making the vehicle work.

Arcane Jolt

By channeling Arcane Jolt through tools, an artificer can create temporary magic items. This could be used to animate mechanisms, provide force or movement and power the vehicle temporarily to test functionality.

Eldritch Cannon

At higher levels, an artificer can create an Eldritch Cannon, a magical robotic servant. This construct could aid in the assembly process with tasks requiring great speed, strength and precision.

Requirements for Building an Automobile

Constructing an automobile from scratch, even with magical assistance, is an enormous challenge. Here are some key requirements an artificer would need to achieve:

  • Frame and Body – The chassis, panels, framework that provide structure and enclose the cabin.
  • Engine – The power plant that generates kinetic energy, likely combustion based in a fantasy setting vs electric.
  • Fuel System – Delivery system to provide combustible fuel to the engine.
  • Drivetrain – Components like transmission, shafts, axles, wheels to transmit power from the engine to the wheels.
  • Steering System – Mechanisms to turn front wheels for directional control.
  • Brake System – Components like pedals, pads, calipers to slow and stop the vehicle.
  • Electrical System – Wiring, battery and ignition to start the engine and run lighting, gauges, etc.
  • Suspension System – Springs, shocks and linkages supporting vehicle weight and absorbing impacts.

Each complex mechanical system has many intricacies that would need to be designed, crafted, assembled and made to function cohesively for a successful automobile. Magic could aid tremendously but expert craftsmanship would still be essential.

The Process of Magically Constructing an Automobile

Here is an overview of how an artificer might approach building an automobile using their skills and magic:

Design & Planning

With knowledge of mechanics from their talents, the artificer would need to design schematics mapping out the frame, engine, drivetrain, suspension, etc. Spells like Augury could provide insights into the feasibility. Detailed planning is critical.

Procuring Materials

Metals, fuels, fabrics and other raw materials would need to be obtained. Spells like Creation, Minor Conjuration and Fabricate could assist by summoning or transmuting materials as needed.

Constructing Components

Smithing, crafting, and shaping parts and mechanisms. Artificer infusions would allow for enhancing tools and an Eldritch Cannon could help with heavy or complex fabrication.


Using specialized tools and magic, the artificer would assemble the chassis, engine, drivetrain, steering, suspension, electrical systems, etc. Spells would allow levitation, perfect alignment and rapid fabrication.


The artificer could imbue various components with magical infusions as needed – Increased speed or durability for the wheels or damage resistance for the body, for example.

Testing & Refinement

Trial runs using Arcane Jolt to temporarily power the vehicle would allow testing and identifying needed improvements. The process would repeat through many iterations and design changes.


After meticulous construction, enchantment, testing and refinement, the automobile would be complete, ready for extended magical animation and fueling.


Building an automobile from scratch is an immense challenge but D&D’s skilled artificers possess an impressive array of talents that make the possibility far more realistic. Their mastery of mechanics, tools, temporary magic creation and spellcasting provide workarounds for many obstacles. The process would still require formidable expertise, exhaustive planning, highly advanced fabrication capabilities and painstaking testing and troubleshooting. With persistence however and years of dedication, a sufficiently talented artificer could indeed construct a magical machine we would all recognize as an automobile.