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Can Garp beat Gol D. Roger?

This is an age-old debate amongst One Piece fans – can Garp the Fist, hero of the marines, beat Gol D. Roger, the pirate king? They clashed many times during their primes, with their battles shaking the Grand Line itself. Even though Roger ultimately turned himself in, it was never clear if Garp could definitively beat him in a fight. Let’s analyze their powers, abilities and feats to see if we can determine who would win in a hypothetical all-out battle.

Garp’s Powers and Abilities

Garp has immense physical strength and endurance, befitting his epithet “Garp the Fist.” He has been shown destroying large rock formations and canon balls with his bare hands, and easily lifting and throwing objects heavier than himself. Even well into his old age, he could smash through walls and cause impact damage with his punches.

A key part of Garp’s fighting style is his powerful punches, enhanced by Armament Haki. He can knock out powerful foes with a single Haki-infused punch. During the Paramount War, he knocked out Marco despite his regenerative devil fruit powers.

Garp also has excellent durability and endurance. He was unfazed after being slashed by Captain Morgan’s axe hand. At Marineford, he withstood repeated attacks from Marco and Sengoku’s shockwaves. This extreme durability is likely a mix of his tough body and proficient use of Armament Haki.

In addition to his physical abilities, Garp is a highly skilled and experienced combatant. He has been fighting since the days of the Rocks pirates, and clashed with legends like Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki in their primes. He is adept at both armed and unarmed combat.

Garp also has access to all three types of Haki. His mastery of Armament Haki has already been mentioned, and he can imbue it into his fists for devastating effects. He has shown adept Observation Haki, being able to anticipate movements and attacks from foes. He also possesses Conqueror’s Haki, though he has not been shown using it much in combat.

Gol D. Roger’s Powers and Abilities

As the pirate king, Gol D. Roger was undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the One Piece world during his prime. He conquored the Grand Line and reached Laugh Tale through a combination of immense strength and an indomitable will.

Roger wielded immense physical strength and swordsmanship skills. He was a highly skilled swordsman, using blades to clash against powerful foes like Whitebeard and Shiki. Even without a blade, he had incredible strength for punches and grappling moves.

Much like Garp, Roger had immense endurance and durability. He could take major punishment and continue fighting through sheer willpower alone. This allowed him to keep fighting even after taking wounds that would debilitate or kill normal people.

Roger was also incredibly fast and agile. He could react and respond instantly to dangerous situations, avoiding fatal blows by a hair’s breadth. In terms of movement speed, he could cover huge distances in the blink of an eye.

Another key aspect of Roger’s strength was his Conqueror’s Haki, which was immense even by the standards of Conqueror’s Haki users. Only the very strongest willed individuals could withstand his Haki, showcasing its potency.

Like Garp, Roger was an extremely experienced combatant through years of fighting at sea against powerful rivals and marines. He could take on multiple enemies at once with both strategy and overwhelming power.

Head to Head

When directly comparing their powers and abilities, a few key factors stand out:

Physical Strength: Both had immense superhuman strength, but Roger’s appeared to edge out Garp’s based on destructive feats.

Endurance: They both had insane endurance and durability. This category is too close to call.

Speed: Roger has the edge in speed and agility based on how he dodged attacks at the last second.

Haki: Garp likely has the edge in Armament Haki mastery, while Roger clearly has superior Conqueror’s Haki. Observation Haki seems roughly equal.

Combat Skill: Also extremely close, but Roger may have a slight edge from clashing with more top tiers in their primes like Whitebeard and Shiki.

So in a direct match-up, Roger seems to have small advantages in strength, speed and combat skill. However, they seem nearly equal in endurance and Haki. Garp’s ridiculous tenacity and willpower could allow him to keep fighting even if outmatched in some categories.

Considering Other Factors

When considering a hypothetical fight between the two, we also have to think about some other factors that could influence the outcome:

Mindset: Roger fought with passion and loved challenging strong foes. Garp is serious about fighting but may hold back against old rivals.

Age: If both were in their primes, Roger may have an advantage as he was slightly younger than Garp.

Tactics: Garp’s reckless straightforward style could leave openings for the craftier Roger to exploit.

Devil Fruit: Roger did not have one, while a strong Logia or Paramecia could give Garp an edge.

Location: On land Garp has the advantage, at sea Roger’s experience could allow him to control the terrain.

Considering these factors, a fight between the two legends could go either way depending on circumstances. If both are bloodlusted and fighting all-out in their primes, Roger likely wins extreme high diff due to small edges in multiple categories. In a friendly duel, Garp’s lack of killing intent could allow the brutal Roger to gain the upper hand.


While extremely close, when considering all their portrayed powers and abilities, Gol D. Roger in his prime would likely be able to defeat Garp in an all out fight. His edges in strength, speed, agility and Conqueror’s Haki give him small but crucial advantages that could allow him to take down Garp after a long and arduous battle.

However, Garp should never be counted out – his tenacity, experience and skills mean that he could certainly take down Roger under the right circumstances. If he had the element of surprise or a powerful Devil Fruit, he could gain an advantage over the Pirate King.

Their multiple duels during their primes likely ended in a stalemate or narrow victory depending on various conditions. In the end, when both were fighting at their fullest, Roger came out as the slim victor, cementing his title as the Pirate King. But he never would have made it there without being pushed to his limits by his greatest rival Garp.

Fighter Strengths Weaknesses
Garp Immense endurance and durability, Armament Haki mastery, simple but devastating fighting style Lower speed and agility, weaker Conqueror’s Haki, straightforward tactics
Roger Superior strength and power, Advanced Conqueror’s Haki, craftier fighting tactics Overconfidence, less Armament Haki skill

Possible Battle Conditions and Outcomes

Condition Advantaged Fighter Likely Winner
Prime Roger vs Prime Garp (bloodlusted) Roger Roger extreme diff
Current old Roger vs Current old Garp Garp Garp mid diff
Roger with sword vs Garp with fists Roger Roger high diff
On land battlefield Garp Garp mid-high diff
On open ocean battlefield Roger Roger mid diff

While Roger took the edge in their primes, different circumstances could favor Garp. His tenacity and guile means he should never be underestimated, even against the strongest foes. If we could see these two legends clash in their prime once more, the world itself would shake at the titanic battle!