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Can Goku achieve ultra ego?

Goku is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Throughout the series, he has achieved many transformations that have allowed him to reach new heights of power, such as Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue. In the latest Dragon Ball Super story arcs, Goku attained a new godly transformation known as Ultra Instinct. This immensely boosted his abilities and made him able to match up to the strongest enemies. However, there is an even greater transformation that Goku has not yet achieved – Ultra Ego. This raises the question – can Goku attain Ultra Ego and what would it take for him to reach this level of power?

What is Ultra Ego?

Ultra Ego is a powerful transformation that was introduced in the Dragon Ball Super manga during the Granolah arc. It is used by Vegeta, who unlocks this form after training under the angel Whis. Ultra Ego allows the user to continue building up power as they fight, essentially having limitless stamina and continuously growing stronger during battle. It also bolsters the user’s physical strength and speed tremendously.

When Vegeta transforms into Ultra Ego, his appearance changes – his eyes turn silver and his hair rises up and turns bright white. He also gains a glowing white aura around his body. The form represents Vegeta overcoming his previous self-limiting pride and ego to break his limits. To achieve Ultra Ego, one must have extreme self-control over their emotions and ego.

Could Goku unlock Ultra Ego?

There is definitely a possibility that Goku could attain Ultra Ego, but it would require some work. Here is what Goku would need to do:

Train under Whis

The first step is that Goku would need to receive proper training from Whis on controlling his ego. So far in the manga, only Vegeta has received this specialized training, which was critical for him to achieve Ultra Ego. Goku would have to commit to learning Whis’ teachings on self-control and channeling one’s power more effectively through ego management.

Master self-control

Additionally, Goku would have to demonstrate incredibly high levels of self-discipline over his emotions and battle instincts. Whis mentions that even the slightest bit of ego or self-doubt can prevent a user from attaining Ultra Ego. Goku is often prone to letting his emotions get the better of him in battle and can lose self-control when fighting strong enemies. He would have to exhibit Vegeta’s level of stoicism and self-mastery.

Push past his physical limits

Unlocking Ultra Ego requires extreme physical strength, endurance and inner power. Goku would have to intensely train and continuously break through his bodily limits to generate the immense energy Ultra Ego demands. Even while exhausted, he would need to keep exceeding his stamina to fully master Ultra Ego. This intense physical regiment would push Goku beyond his previous strengths.

Let go of pride

One of the biggest obstacles for Goku would be overcoming his pride and ego like Vegeta did. Though Goku is not as overly prideful as Vegeta, he does have a strong sense of self-confidence and can be quite cocky at times. To achieve Ultra Ego’s selfless power, he would need to temper these personality traits and battle in a purely egoless manner.

Benefits of Goku attaining Ultra Ego

If Goku managed to reach Ultra Ego somehow, it would grant him tremendous boosts in power that could be invaluable in future battles. Here are some of the key benefits Goku would gain:

Near-limitless stamina

Goku has always pushed his limits when it comes to his stamina and energy. But Ultra Ego would take this to the absolute max, allowing him to keep fighting and growing stronger as long as a battle wages on. This endless vigor could allow him to outlast virtually any opponent.

Strength growth during fights

Not only would Goku’s stamina seem limitless, but his actual speed and strength would continuously increase throughout any fight while using Ultra Ego. This means Goku could start a battle at one power level, then quickly grow exponentially more powerful as it drags on.

Calm mindset

The mastery over ego required to attain Ultra Ego would also grant Goku a tranquil, focused mindset in battle. He would be able to strategize and assess situations clearly, instead of making brash moves. This would complement his ever-growing power.

God-level heights

Ultra Ego would let Goku reach godly heights of power far beyond his previous transformations like Super Saiyan Blue or even Ultra Instinct. His strength could possibly rival that of a Destroyer deity. This would allow him to challenge cosmic-level entities.

Challenges Goku would face trying to unlock Ultra Ego

Despite the benefits, Goku would have some major difficulties trying to reach Ultra Ego:

Requires angel training

The specialized training from Whis that was necessary for Vegeta to attain Ultra Ego could be hard for Goku to receive. Angels like Whis rarely train mortals in advanced god-techniques, so Whis may decline to guide Goku in this regard.

Letting go of ego

As mentioned earlier, Goku would struggle heavily with tempering his pride and battle ego enough to unleash Ultra Ego properly. He has a strong personality that would make it extremely tough to exhibit Vegeta’s level of self-control.

Mastery takes time

Even if Whis agreed, it took Vegeta quite some time to master manipulating his ego enough to use Ultra Ego. Goku would likely need extensive training for years before properly being able to utilize the form.

Physical limits

Pushing past his bodily limits enough to meet Ultra Ego’s immense demands could simply be more than Goku is capable of. His Saiyan biology may top out before he generates enough power to achieve the form.


In summary, it is certainly plausible that Goku could gain access to Ultra Ego if he received special training from Whis and dedicated himself to exceeding his personal limits both mentally and physically. However, it would likely be an extremely difficult transformation for Goku to attain due to requiring complete ego control and possibly more strength than his body can produce. While fun to theorize about, only time will tell if Goku will ever achieve the incredible abilities of Ultra Ego seen from Vegeta. But if anyone can find a way to surpass expectations and reach new heights of power, it’s Goku.