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Can Grogu still become a Jedi?

Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda, is one of the most beloved characters from the Star Wars universe. As the protégé of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, many Star Wars fans are curious whether Grogu can still become a Jedi after the events of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

Who is Grogu?

Grogu is a young alien of the same species as the legendary Jedi Master Yoda. He was born around 41 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) and was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When the Empire rose to power and executed Order 66, Grogu narrowly escaped the Jedi purge thanks to the selfless actions of his protector. He went into hiding for decades, eventually ending up on the planet Arvala-7 where he was discovered by the bounty hunter Din Djarin.

Din Djarin rescued Grogu from the remnant Empire during the events of The Mandalorian series. To keep Grogu safe and learn more about his powers, Djarin took Grogu to the planet Tython in hopes that he would connect with a Jedi through the Force. This led Luke Skywalker himself to find Grogu and offer to train him in the ways of the Jedi.

Grogu’s Jedi training with Luke Skywalker

In The Mandalorian season 2 finale and The Book of Boba Fett chapter 6 flashbacks, we saw Luke Skywalker take Grogu for Jedi training along with other Force-sensitive pupils. It’s unclear exactly how long this training lasted, but we know it was long enough for Grogu to learn new abilities and create his own lightsaber. He formed a close bond with Luke as his new mentor.

Unfortunately, Grogu struggled with the temptations of attachment which is forbidden by the Jedi code. He missed his father-figure Din Djarin and was shown reaching out to him through the Force. Luke sensed Grogu’s conflict and ultimately gave him a choice – either commit fully to the Jedi path by renouncing attachments, or leave to be with Djarin. In an emotional moment, Grogu chose to leave for Mandalore and reunite with Djarin.

Why attachments are forbidden by the Jedi

In order to understand Grogu’s inner conflict, it’s important to know why attachments like father-son relationships are traditionally forbidden by the Jedi Order. There are a few key reasons:

  • Attachments can lead to strong emotions like fear, anger, and hate which may turn a Jedi to the dark side if they feel the need to protect what they are attached to.
  • Possessive attachments can lead to controlling behaviors and the inability to let go, which also promotes dark side tendencies.
  • Serving the will of the Force requires objectivity and selflessness. Attachments to people or things compromises a Jedi’s objectivity.
  • Compassion should be given to all, not just individuals a Jedi may be attached to. Non-attachment underscores a Jedi’s universal compassion.

These tenets of non-attachment have been a core part of the Jedi Code for centuries. All Jedi knew that forming attachments and passions could lead down the path of the dark side. But of course, Grogu is still just a child who cannot be expected to fully abide by these concepts. Even Anakin Skywalker struggled greatly with attachment and possession, leading to his turn as Darth Vader.

Grogu’s choice and consequence

By choosing his attachment to Din Djarin over committing to Jedi training, Grogu has deviated from the traditional path expected of potential Jedi. However, this does not necessarily mean he cannot become a Jedi in the future. Here are some key considerations about Grogu’s choice and what it means:

  • Grogu is still very young for his species. He may require more time and experience before being ready to dedicate himself fully to the Jedi path.
  • Grogu’s bond with Djarin could be seen as a healthy paternal relationship, not an obsessive romantic-type attachment forbidden by Jedi.
  • Grogu has not turned to the dark side. He simply chose his own path for the time being.
  • Luke Skywalker saw Grogu’s inner conflict but did not forbid him from returning. He may believe Grogu just needs more time.

While Grogu’s choice to leave goes against Jedi Code, Luke Skywalker clearly did not believe Grogu was lost to the dark side forever. Jedi Masters of the past like Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi became more understanding that emotional attachment does not always lead to the dark side. Luke seems to follow their more compassionate path.

Will Grogu’s abilities fade away?

Grogu demonstrated impressive Force abilities during his time with Luke Skywalker. But without continuing his training, will Grogu’s abilities start to fade? Here are some points on both sides of the issue:

Yes, lack of training may diminish his powers

  • Grogu is still very young for a Jedi. He requires nurturing and practice to maintain control of his abilities.
  • The Force is described as a muscle – without constant training it can weaken and atrophy.
  • Grogu is susceptible to fear and distraction. Using powers reflexively requires focus which may be lost.
  • Grogu’s species ages slowly. His training window is much larger, but still finite.

No, Grogu will retain his abilities

  • Grogu has already demonstrated amazing intuitive control of the Force at a very young age.
  • The Force works in mysterious ways. It flows through Grogu naturally so training may not be essential.
  • Even very aged Jedi like Yoda retained their powers without constant training.
  • Grogu may continue to strengthen his powers through real-world experience.

Overall there are strong points on both sides of the issue. While lack of training could jeopardize Grogu losing touch with the Force, his natural strength and connection may be enough to retain his powers. Only time will tell for certain.

Can Grogu still become a Jedi without finishing training?

This brings us to the ultimate question – can Grogu still become a Jedi Knight without completing his training with Luke Skywalker? There are several factors to consider:

Arguments for why he cannot become a Jedi yet:

  • Grogu never completed the Jedi trials which is an important rite of passage.
  • He does not have the discipline yet to commit fully to the Jedi code.
  • Grogu is susceptible to forging emotional attachments.
  • Without further training, his powers and control may diminish.

Arguments for why he still can become a Jedi:

  • Grogu has a very strong intuitive command of the Force already.
  • He has received direct training from Luke Skywalker himself.
  • Grogu is still young for his species and has many years ahead to train.
  • Luke and other Jedi like Ahsoka can still provide guidance.

Overall, while Grogu has enormous potential in the Force, it seems he is not quite ready to become a full Jedi yet without more complete training. However, Grogu has time on his side. He may one day reconnect with Luke Skywalker or another Jedi Master to finish his training. The path of a Jedi must be one that Grogu chooses for himself when he is ready. The Force works in mysterious ways, so only time will tell where Grogu’s journey will take him.

Could Grogu go down a darker path without training?

If Grogu does not eventually complete his training and learn to control his powers properly, some worry he risks falling to the dark side of the Force. Untrained Force-wielders can be dangerous, both to themselves and others. However, there are a few counterpoints to this concern:

  • Grogu has shown no signs of aggressive or dark tendencies – only empathy and protectiveness so far.
  • His bond with Mando is one of nurturing father-son love, not possessive romantic attachment.
  • Luke Skywalker did not seem concerned about Grogu’s inner balance when he chose to leave training.
  • He has support from Jedi allies like Ahsoka Tano who can provide guidance if needed.

Grogu is clearly drawn more towards the light side of the Force. He has found a loving guardian in Mando who can nurture his moral development. While a risk if he never completes training, it seems unlikely Grogu will become corrupted without the proper influence and redemption of friends.

How could Grogu return for more training?

There are a few possibilities for how Grogu could return to complete his Jedi training, if he chooses to do so:

  • Return to Luke Skywalker – Skywalker made it clear Grogu would be welcomed back. He could seek Luke out when he is ready.
  • Train under Ahsoka Tano – Ahsoka never completed her own Jedi training. But she learned enough to provide guidance to Grogu.
  • Self-guided training – Using ancient Jedi texts and holocrons, Grogu could continue his training alone.
  • New Jedi Order – After the fall of the Empire, Luke aims to rebuild the Jedi. Grogu could join this new academy.

The path of a Jedi must be one Grogu chooses for himself. When the time comes, any of these options provide opportunity for Grogu to complete training should he decide it’s necessary. The choice ultimately lies with Grogu.


Though Grogu has incredible potential and connection to the Force, he is likely not ready yet for the responsibility of becoming a full Jedi Knight. His training remains incomplete and Grogu still wrestles internally with Jedi concepts like attachment. However, Grogu has not turned to darkness. He retains a strong command of the Force thanks to natural ability and the training he did receive under Luke Skywalker. With the right influences and when Grogu decides the time is right, it seems very possible he could still one day become an powerful Jedi. But there should be no rush. Grogu is on his own path and the Force will guide him when he is prepared.